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Horse’s Mouth

May 12, 2020

Horse's Mouth (Issue #209, May 2020)

Doesn’t network television stink! Thank God for Netflix and Amazon.

Rich: ‘Ever considered writing a song about the Trump presidency? Perhaps call it ‘The Day that Freedom Died”. I think the last thing people want is a song about idiocy at a time like this.

George Saadi cleaned his garage and found Todd ‘n’ Ian duets!

Devin Doyle: ‘If you were a young lad today, just entering the music business, who do you think you’d sound most like?’ Somebody better than me!

Ray Banks: ‘Thanks for the music. Get well soon – take it easy.’ Thanks.

Dennis: ‘Did you ever perform the complete version of American Pie?’

Jon Fazzone: Would love to have the Mick Ronson Memorial Concert on DVD. Any thoughts on it ever being released to the public?’ That’s not up to me. I was only part of that – but it was a great night.

Bob V hopes I get well soon – you ain’t the only one pal!! Thanks.

Colin Thayer: ‘What comes more naturally – driving on the left or the right – or does it make no difference.?’ All depends where you’re driving! Todd Rundgren gave me the best advice ever about driving – just don’t hit anything. In actuality it takes about 15 minutes to adjust. Nothing to worry about.

Kevin Shannon wishing us all well from Windsor, Ontario.

Daryl Murphy: The Rockpalaast show in Germany was extremely well put together. We were there for a week and they gave us a large boat (full of booze) so we could swan it on the local lake. We had our own studio backstage to warm up in before we went on. It aired late at night on most European stations so it would be the only show left on the air. 21 million viewers and nearly ten thousand in the live audience. Quite a big deal at the time when most Euro rock shows were pathetic.

Sarah Donahue says it’s predominately men asking questions so she’s trying to keep the lady numbers up. Well – both Mott and myself seem to appeal more to guys. Obviously – looks (or lack of) can have something to do with it. We were never gorgeous (maybe Pete the exception!). As far as ‘what do I do when I’m home?’ – I’ve always been working on the next thing – be it record or tour. I like to mess with lyrics – it’s fun. The rest is mainly family stuff. I’m lucky with my lot – they’re all great.

Gary Herman says allergy pills has helped him with his tinnitus. I’ll have a look.

Danny G: ‘Are you feeling better?’ A bit. ‘What’s going on with your new album?’ Well, everybody’s down at the moment – everything is at a standstill. We can only hope the future get a little rosier. John Prine was great and will be sadly missed.

Tom Flynn: ‘What a difference a year makes!’ I was looking forward to being 80 – that’s how dumb I am!!!

Dora Kroese: Thanks, Dora and Steve. We’re ok for masks, Dora – send them to the first responders.

Linda Bridges: Linda’s been following us for 50 years – since our concerts at the Greyhound, Croydon. That was a big night when we left the Greyhound and went into the Fairfield Halls.

Steven Horne: I have a 12 string and pick it up now and again, but nothing comes. Maybe someday….

Matt Nojonen: It’s sometimes hard to read with tinnitus. I’m having a go at ‘As Much as I Dare (Arnold Wester) and ‘The Dark Monk’ (Michael Tedesco). Evenings are spent mainly with Netflix and Amazon. I bet you’d like ‘Babylon Berlin’.

Rich: Mine is of the brain variety. So glad you got rid of it.

Iain Hamilton is on about ‘Murder Most Foul’. Hypnotic. He’s a lucky man – his voice fits perfectly and he’s new again. Good on yah, Bob!

Bob Kleb: I’m sure a million lyrics will be penned about the recent times – 99% obvious. The trick is to find an alternative route. That’s what you always look for. I’m not fond of the obvious – although it probably sells better.

Roger: Moondog Mandel – still upper west side in his studio. If I do the Winery – he’s there. Maddog got fed up with playing and wound up as Dylan’s tech for 14 years. He’s been out with us periodically. Both Division A characters. Actually, Mandel (who also played with Bryan Adams and Dire Straits) is a bit of a genius, but don’t tell him I said that.

Paul Grunill: ‘Any chance of the boxed set version of ‘Salvation’ being released as a one-off?’ Part of the deal with Proper was that it would never be messed with – so I don’t think so.

Bob Boyle: We did a gig with Roy Harper once somewhere in Europe. He bought – what he thought was hash- but was in fact boot polish – and he wanted us to smoke it!!

Rex Patton: ‘I’ve seen it written that Mick sang lead on ‘Rock + Roll Queen.’ I say it’s you. Am I wrong?’ No, you’re right. Mick wrote it; I sang it.

Hey Finn! Good to hear from you! Trudi will like Katrine’s duck story update. Be well! To you and all my mates in Norway – go on! Say it on the radio!!

Mike O says, back in the day, he wanted his hair like mine. He had straight, fine hair and his mate gave him a perm. He was horrified – looked like Shirley Temple! I was in LA and got inveigled into going to Freddy Mercury’s guy. I wanted it straight – and came out looking like Lana Turner after a wild night out – so I know what you mean. How we laughed (especially Trudi).

David Boyes: ‘What memories do you have of growing up in Hamilton?’ My Aunt Nettie and Uncle Willie were great. My Dad’s brother, Jack, and his wife, Elsie, lived next door – and they were great. Equis restaurant in Hamilton was great. Broken down vehicles to climb over, air raid shelter’s half flooded. I slept in the ‘room bed’ outside the dry toilet (clean as a whistle). No hot water. Best mate, Jim Feenie and his Mum were great. Cheiften buses (blue and cream), Allans Factory corrugated roof – (the view!). Ducks on the wall. Grandma (fabulous). ‘Accies fitba’ – too young to really get into it. Left when I was six – very reluctantly! Tenements were great in those days.

Mike West: ‘Ever reconsidered recording ‘Drive in Saturday’?’ Would shaved eyebrows be an option in homage to Bowie?’ Actually, I am thinking of shaving my eyebrows off – they’re falling into my eyes.

Phillip (Australia) – thanks, Phil.

Paul Crawley: ‘Hammersmith Rocked in 2009.’

David Frazer: ‘My wife and I walked down the aisle to ‘Too Much’ at our wedding. Any chance of putting it back in the set?’ Too early to say – good song. Congratulations!!

Gary Smith: ‘What’s your favourite novel?’ Treasure Island – (I was 8 at the time.)

Max Carter: I prefer Cazal (I have 4 or 5 pairs). Anything that fits your face.

Simon Patrick Henshall: ‘Listening to Bob’s latest offerings – the man’s a genius. 17 minutes of Murder Most Foul, then multiples which mentions All the young dudes.’

Mark Van Name: I heard somewhere you appeared on’ To Tell The Truth’. Not so.

Dave Tyndall (Father Dave) is back from Syria and soon off to Lebanon. Thank you, but t’s not me you should be praying for!!

Woodall: My memory is not great, but I seem to remember this! Thanks!

Malcolm Lay: Mud bath; scary rain hitting the mikes – I think that was Buxton – correct me if I’m wrong. I said to Stan Tippins, ‘I’m not going on – and at that moment, Charles Shaar Murray came up to us and said, ‘That’s what I like about you Ian – the show must go on!’ And it did. No idea if we were in top form or not. I think they put Pete in a sentry box to protect his hair!

Matt Parish: ‘I rollick and frolic with all the young dudes – from new Dylan song ‘ I Contain Multitudes.’ Surely a nod to you Ian as Bowie’s version pales in comparison to yours…’. Dunno – you’d have to ask Bob.

Whalespoon: ‘Dylan’s references Shakespeare in ‘Murder Most Foul’ and Walt Whitman with ‘I Contain Multitudes’ – any particular writer that inspired you in a similar fashion?’ Bob and the Stones. ‘Come back to the Cat’s Cradle.’ We’ll see.

John Dalton: ‘Are you optimistic about political leaders around the world emerging to meet the challenges of this current pandemic, not to mention climate change?’ Death vs. money.

Fred: ‘Have you met Steve Harley?’ He rang me up once not realizing I lived on a different continent, so we never got round to it.

Tony S: Would have been around the 1950’s.

Wayne Page: Too far back – don’t remember.

Keith Hollinshed on about the Dylan reference (‘it’s a classic)’.

Connor Peters: ‘Favourite Queen song/album? ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ – Buff and I were there during the mixing of BR – quite an experience looking back.

Mark F: Didn’t really know much about John Prine, but I did hear some great stuff over the years here and there. Top class writer and singer.

Richie Cornacchio: Been with us/me since he turned up to the Fillmore East at age 15 (they let you in?). Thanks for your email.

Tony Day: Same to you.

Duncan McGregor says the ‘Garage’ in Glasgow burned down. That was a great gig. Sorry to hear that.

Anthony Moore: When its over – Australia!!

Matt Nojonen: Not as much of a reader these days, Matt, but I do like David McCullough.

J. ‘Listening to ‘The Artful Dodger’ for the first time. You made a great American record.’ Ta.

Geoff: ‘Watching rerun of Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert – were you the only act not to play a Queen song, and if so why?’ Dunno.

Jim R. likes ‘American Music’ and ‘YUIORTA’.

Carl: I’m not bothered about the writing of it – I just unsure about the studio part.

Jerry Ross: We’d have to check it out in stages – no idea at this point.

Nigel Stradling – that would be telling! Hi Nigel ‘n’ Judith xxx

Rudd Master Bonaire: Thanks for the Paradiso, Amsterdam. Wow – I didn’t think anybody was awake for the one!

Hal: Re: Dylan lyric reference – ‘All the young dudes’. Like I said – you’d have to ask him (which nobody ever will!!). So, who knows. I’ve met him a couple of times. He was always gracious. It probably just fit the lyric!

Joe: VocalZones.

Randall Davis: I don’t think this will ever happen, Randall. In fact, Proper Records have said from the off that this is it. No changes, anywhere. Sorry mate. Maybe you’ll find it in a bin somewhere!!

Morris Murray: ‘In Your Own Backyard’ – Guy Stevens brought it in to Morgan Sound and said, ‘You have to do this song!!’ So we did.

Brian La Pan: ‘Overnight Angels’ can’t be remixed – you can see through the 2′ tape.

Matt Parish: ‘Did you ever work with Leon Russell?’ I asked him to produce me and he said he couldn’t because he was in the middle of a total mess with Denny Cordell and Shelter Records. He sent me a Bobby Womack record suggesting him, but I wanted Leon. Listen to ‘In the Ghetto’ on the first Bonnie + Delaney album. The piano is the best I’ve ever heard (closely followed by ‘Watchin the River Flow’). Elton nicked off him and acknowledged it openly.

J.: ‘Did you find your stint as a Ringo All-Star to be enjoyable?’ Well – it was a bit of an eclectic bag, wasn’t it! Everybody was very nice. I got on great with Greg Lake. Sheila E was unbelievable. Ringo was an absolute gent (and funny as hell). Barbara was great, too. The only thing I found weird was it was so well organized there was a lot of down time. Usually the Rant Band spend most of the day getting from A to B. On the top of the line tours – you’re flying private – and travelling is so much quicker – and then you’re left on your own for hours on end.

Paul: Chords to ‘Dandy’? Go figure them out – that’s the fun of it!! (Clue – easier on the piano).

MG Driver: ‘Did you ever have to take a leak – big time – in the middle of a shows?’ Y’know, I don’t think I ever did. Correct me if I’m wrong anybody.

Jeff: He’s a great actor.

Gary Dedoussis: ‘New Stones song sounds familiar – think credit is due.’ I don’t hear it.

John Feodorov: Well, I moved to the U.S. in 1975 – so I guess prior to that I’d been more influence by the UK and after that the U.S. would start kicking in. You write where you are. I never quite got reggae – I was in Barbados and I started writing that way. It made sense there – brought it back up north – it didn’t make sense anymore!

K. Baggott: Work it out with Rick at Guitar Hangar. OK.

George Saadi: ‘Addicted to Love’ is, in my opinion, the perfect song. Simple – beautifully played, beautifully sung, beautifully produced -great studio (Power Station). It’s got the lot.

Richie Cornacchio: Feels ‘When the World Was Round’ appropriate in these troubled times.’ Now I’m Nostradamus Hunter!!!

Colin Thayer: ‘What do you think of ‘Murder Most Foul’?’ I think he’s still miles ahead.

Daphne: ‘How much of a role to you have in developing backup vocals in your songs?’ We just wait till the track is done and the vocal is on it and then look for ways to enhance. Could be me – could be Andy York – could be James Mastro – ideas get thrown out there until we’re happy.

Rutger: ‘Have you ever wanted to do another Mott album?’ The problem is the business end of the thing. If it was easy, I’d think about it, but it’s not easy, so I don’t.

Stuart enjoyed Mott’74 at Birmingham Symphony Hall (so did we).

Bryan Everitt: Well, thank you, Bryan!

Stuart Bramwell: Some musicians listen to their stuff – I’m not one of them. Once it’s done – it’s done.

Steve Rager: ‘What impact have streaming music services such as Spotify + Amazon music etc. had on your career? Do you see them as a positive or negative for the music industry and why?’ I guess there’s no going back and it keeps it going.

Seth Purvin: Yes – but he did it all in one song.

Mike Flanagan: ‘Any plans for a movie of ‘Diary of a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star”. There has been talk from time to time. It would not be an easy movie to make. Did you meet Marc Bolan?’ He popped into a session at AIR one night. I think he’d been in Air 1 with Roxy Music and we were in Air 2. He was ‘big’.

Lucille Nicholson: Mick would take a song like ‘Sweet Dreamer’ and slowly expand upon it. It grew to about 13 minutes long. I finally figured out a way to infiltrate a bit of gospel on piano and he let me do it. Before that, when I wasn’t playing on it, I would listen backstage and more often than not – tear up. It’s very emotional when you hear something so tone perfect. I got the same feeling with David Sandborn (‘You Nearly Did Me In) and Boshie’s solo on ‘Black Tears’. The feel, plus the tone – real – not some act.

Anthony Caminiti wants an online performance. Not at the moment.

Mr. Andrew Stonestreet: Thanks for hangin’ in!

Mike Flanagan: ‘I think I know the answer, but I just want to as it: Mod or Rocker?’ I guess the latter – through and through. (Don’t tell Brighton.)

Def Leppard Report Website: Dear Ian. With Joe Elliott being such a big fan of yours (me too), what is YOUR favorite Def Leppard song.’
Song: Sugar. Album: Slang !

Seth Purin: Who knows.

So – here we all are. All I can say is stick it out

I simply cannot figure out the courage of some people.

The Horse’s Mouth

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