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Horse’s Mouth

June 18, 2020

Horse's Mouth (Issue #210, June 2020)

If it ain’t one thing, it’s another…..!

Paul Tisseman: Ronno was a Gibson/Fender guy and Mick was a Gibson guy. Guilds are fine – it’s just a question of ears.

Andrew Dow: ‘Was ‘Captain Void’ off ‘All of the Good Ones’ aimed at anyone in particular?’ As far as I can recall, that particular song came out of a moog or some kind of synth (Oberheim, maybe) sound. The lyric came later – just to suit the music. Fabricated – no particular target!

Tripp: ‘Have you used Zoom for playing music with the Ranters?’ Nah. We hung out on zoom last night. All the Ranters plus Andy York, Tommy Mandel, Tony Shanahan and Morgan. It went on for four hours! DiBrizzi told the MC role and Mastro wore a black Beatle wig – unrecognizable! My voice – which after multiple tests – was finally coming back – has disappeared again! Gee, thanks guys!! The Zoom playing thing is complicated. There’s delay involved – not so much in slow songs, but in faster ones. I’m really not keen.

Simon Lyons on about the Weeley Festival – 40 years ago. All the best with the book.

Edward Pearce: ‘Old school monitors or in ear?’ Old school monitors every time, but, unfortunately, you wind up with ear problems. In ear are more sensible, albeit, more sterile.

J: ‘Why isn’t Frankie Miller more well known or frankly, even know at all?’ Frankie had serious health problems for years, so he couldn’t get out much. Great singer – great writer. His songs have been covered by some of the greats. I don’t think ‘fame’ bothers him at all. Too smart for that.

Peter Quinnell: Thanks for the info, Peter – duly noted!

Rutger likes ‘Cold Water High’.

Rick Armstrong: ‘Have you ever thought of writing a music theater libretto around ‘The Hoople’? Truthfully, I really don’t know what one of those is. Sounds much to clever for me!

John Dalton wants more hymns. Actually, there’s one on the go.

Mike Flanagan: ‘Did you ever change a concert set list based on the reaction of an audience?’ Nope. Only time I might change a set list is if an amp blows – technical stuff. I can’t go to Cleveland and not play ‘Cleveland Rocks’ but that’s about it.

Robert Kidd: ‘Do you remember Redcar Jazz Club up in the Northeast of England?’ Oh yes! There’s a tale attached to a particular gig that Mott and Deep Purple share to this day.

Rick and Lisa Clark: I cannot imagine. So glad to have been a little help. It takes time – hang in!!!

Tom Greff: ‘How’s Ariel and Morgan doing?’ Morgan is in fine fettle in Japan and the Great Ariel Bender is sticking it out in Blighty with Ruth.

Lynne is wishing me a Happy Birthday. Thank you, Lynne. (Henceforth I shall just put HB.)

Sara: HB xoxo: Cheers!

Mark Garcia: Their producer, Bob Ezrin, rang me up and said they were short of lyrics on a couple of songs and I was the only chap they would allow to write them. So, I popped down to the studio and they gave me the songs. I wrote the lyrics the same day and took them back the day after. I remember, Jack Bruce being there. Hanoi liked the lyrics – and that was that.

Pat: ‘Which is your most underrated album? One missed at the time?’ As far as the public at large are concerned – all of them!!! (Just kidding – I don’t know.). Actually, a couple of them suffered because of record company take overs, firings and shake ups, – a lot of bands got lost in those changeovers. Polydor seemed to change people every 5 minutes.

Bob Kleb: I loved Clarence Clemon’s playing – huge, beautiful tone. He did a session for me on ‘ATGOAT’ – just let him do his thing – never advised or steered. He figured out his solo and that was it.

J. ‘Sorry about Little Richard.’ For me – The one.

Wade: I wrote ‘China’ and Ronno sang it because it suited his voice perfectly.

TKOM ‘How big was Richard Penniman?’ The greatest. ‘Favourite song?’ – a lot – I’ll go with ‘The Girl Can’t Help It’.

Donald Mease: You’ve had quite a day there, Donald. There’s a label in England called ‘Angel Air’ – they might have it.

Mike Costanza: ‘R.I.P. Little Richard. No one will ever make love to a piano like that again.’

Rick Goward: ‘Little Richard influenced son many – got any memories?’ Saw Little Richard in 1957 at the Kettering Granada – Sam Cooke opening. I’ve got the chills as I write this.

Paul Stanich visited us in Chappaqua (yes – that Chappaqua) 43 years ago. He remembers Spirit (our dog) and says Hi to Trudi. That’s some memory you’ve got there, Paul!

Steven Carpenter: ‘Do you want to tour in the future?’ Well, obviously – but it depends on a couple of things. We’ve got time to figure that one out. If things come together, as we all hope – yes.

Jeffrey: Actually, the Mott vinyl records are doing great business. Well surprised!

Doug Brent: ‘Fan since ’72. Didn’t see you until 12 years ago in Louisville with the Rant Band. A few years later saw you in Nashville – wife converted! Recent work fantastic.’ That’s what we like to hear.

JC Finn: ‘What was the first album that you lowered the tuning a semi-tone down?’ Dunno – maybe ‘Rant’. As you get older those high notes get a little harder to hit.

John Frawley: ‘Did you see Little Richard live?’ (Yes, as I’ve explained in a previous mail). ‘Hymn for the Dudes’ haunting – great arrangement – Thunderthighs doing backing vocals – intro still gives me the chills. Can you recall what portion of the song Verden Allen got the credit for?’ Yup – the intro!! (it comes again under Ralpher’s solo.)

Jeff Scott ‘Any chance of an online Rant Band show while we’re all shuttered in.’ Nah – but like I said James organized a ‘surprise’ four hour chat last night. Lotta fun.

Matt Nojonen: We’ve seen most of these too. Seen so many you lose track.

Bob Defandorf: Your kid has got taste!

Dave Grant: ‘Read em ‘n’ Weep’ for real?’ Yup.

Jim Wysocki knows how to separate the pretenders from the real deal. Pity more people can’t.

Laurent Moitrot nearly shook hands with me in Glasgow (loved that gig). Breaking news: he’s got his first LP coming out. Good luck with that Laurent!

Shena White: ‘Where can I buy your song ‘The Teacher’ – it’s wonderful.’ It’s actually a movie soundtrack and I think it’s on Amazon and Apple under – ‘I’m the Teacher’.

Bob Steingraber: ‘Ever consider doing ‘The Outsider’ on tour? Ronno’s playing untouchable (gives me the goosebumps) that said, I’d love to hear Boshie give it a go.’

Mark P: ‘Who was ‘Boy’ written about?’ It wasn’t written about any one particular person. It was written about a few.

John McQueen: Thank you.

Tim Livingston: ‘Did you ever meet/work with Joe Strummer?’ We met; but never played together.

Hal loves Campbell Devine’s volume one of moi and waiting for part two.

Steve Hynds: ‘and Boshie’s solo in ‘Black Tears’ – at last – recognition for perhaps the greatest guitar solo I ever heard.’

Stonefly: James Mastro knew Jeff and he was up for it, so we went to Chicago and he did some harmonies. Beautiful tone in Jeff Tweedy’s pipes.

Steve Shaw: They all have various other projects.

Yvette Rodriguez: Hey, Joe and Juanita – hang in there!! Best to all the little ones.

Mgdriver: ‘Can’t think of a song that you sweat in – do you?’ There’s been a few over the years, but I’m not a fan of cursing – it’s kind of cheapo.

Duncan McGregor says it wasn’t The Garage that burned down – it was the ABC O2.

Bob Jones: ‘Ever meet Johnny Cash?’ Nope.

Alec Henry: ‘Favourite concept album.’ ‘Tommy’ comes to mind.

Shawn in San Diego: It’s all down to Corporate. Where did the Monopoly Commission go? Started in the ’80’s – that’s my take.

J: No idea, but it was a lot.

Colin Lindley: ‘Was ‘Irene Wilde’ real?’ Yup.

Matt Parish: Nothin’ to do with me, mate!

Dave Griffiths MBE: Sounds like fun….why not.

Bob Boyle on the sad passing of Phil May of the Pretty Things dying in emergency surgery from his motorcycle accident.’ Didn’t know this. Condolences to his family and his fans.

Richie Cornacchio: Nah – they’re too good for me.

Ray Sabetto: You might want to check some of the newer hearing aids; some lessen the noise quite well. Cheap ones won’t do it.

Eamonn Ward: They you.

Laurent: I remember Freddie saying, ‘Can you hear that bum note 17 bars in?’ I’m like, ‘Fred – it’s an orchestra and I’m only just hearing it now.’ They’d been at it for three days solid. Haven’t seen Roget much lately, but just got a birthday card from ‘Bri’.

Stephen (KC). Cheers.

Honaloochie B: Thank you

Bob Potts: Wants an autographed copy of ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ Sweepstakes. I don’t think I signed any for volume 1. I’ve just signed 500 for volume II – Omni is the publishing company.

Joseph Jackson: They’re on side 4 of ‘Welcome to the Club’ a live album. First 3 sides recorded during a week of gigs at the Roxy in LA.

Alan Workman: Cheers.

Phillip Holmes: Goodluck with it.

Connor Peters: Both great in different ways. Stones.

Phil Huband: 1 – Yes. 2 – I’m not that technical – I just know it when I hear it.

Jeffrey: ‘Yikes – just read about Brian May. Hope his recovery goes well.’ It is.

Mick Costanzo: ‘Everybody’s recording themselves in their kitchens. Ever get the urge?’ Nope.

Stefan Harary: Try us again in the fall?

Derek Warren: Cheers.

Steve Kettell: HB

Tom Doeing: HB – yeah, I was looking forward to being 80!!

Keith Nickless: HB

Oour Wullie: Stay safe, hero!!

Liz K: ‘Wow – it’s been a year already – what a magical 4 days HB’
Cheers, Liz

Rick: ‘Mark Bosch has been on fire the last three times I saw you and the boys (City Winery NYC). How did you find him?’ James Mastro.

Rob Mend: Nice one.

Ian Richardson: Pete Phillips was a great drummer. Played for Duane Eddy on one British tour and was regularly drumming for Screaming Lord Sutch. A character – last scene living in Leicester with wife and kids.

Hal Burte , Gary Dedoussi, Brian Feeney, Shug Laverty, Jim Scully, Kevin from Newcastle: HB – thank you all.

Tony S: ‘Often wondered how bands transport their gear round the world.’ Mott did it the hard way. Richie and Phil – loading the gear on and off planes and driving trucks. If the Rant Band go international the gear is hired out and delivered to the venue. If it’s the U.S., Mercedes vans do the trick with a crew.

Phil T: HB

David Drew: Cheers, David. Good luck with the re-opening of your bar – Bartini Bar in Babylon, Long Island, NY.

Shinobu Kokubun and says we’re both ‘Rabbits’.

Francis L: HB – thanks.

Rob Stronach: HB from Australia. Ta.

Danny Rogan: HB – 81 actually.

Scott S.: ‘Bowie mentioned he wrote ‘Drivin Saturday’ for MTH. Ever consider doing it with the Rant Band?’ Nah.

Mark Hughes: HB (thanks – and good idea!)

Dave Rowe: HB – ta

Brent Coursey: Hey, they’re all out. There. I’m glad you like it.
Tamra: HB!!! Etc. etc. – ta!

Ray Mackie, John Channing, Thomas Brect (from Germany), HB and thanks all.

Constance Van Beek: Thanks, Connie

Chris White: HB – you know it.

Keith Hollinshed: ‘HB – How’s your health?’ As Curtis Sliwa would say – aaah – I’ve had better days!

Steve Parsons: HB – Hope you’re being spoilt rotten.’ Yup.

Julian Richards: Mick Brown takes care of this for us.

Bill Adair, Jeffrey, Babinga, Hal Burte: all Happy Birthdays. Thanks.

David Abrams: Hey Stephen – David tells me you’re another Gemini – 22nd June, I believe. So this puts the shoe on the other foot. Happy Birthday of the 22nd!! Ian x

Max: Well, I’ve known Campbell for years and he know more about me than I do. I’d never get round to doing it myself, so it was a fun experience. He just asked me a bunch of questions now and again – all in all pretty painless. Not really into ‘marketing’. It’s kinda ruined the world.

Debbie Brautman: Didn’t work for me, but thanks.

Steve Rager: ‘Cream’ by a mile. Lester Bangs was a trip.

Nik + Nora C: How lovely!

Patrick Curran: HB – playing your music all day.’ I couldn’t do that!

Mary Drews: Misses ‘the vibe’ – clever girl – you just hit the jackpot!

Jo Rishton: HB – We’re ok, thanks.

Yucca Flats: Thanks!

Mike Costanzo: Keep ’em comin!

Richard Urquhart: Thank you, Richard!

John O’Rourke: Thanks.

Steve + Dora: Thanks.

Fred Petterson and the Hat People: Hope it’s a false alarm. Love to all the mad hatters!!

Fred: Ta.

Irina says I’m FAB and HB!

Neal ‘n’ Linda McAvoy – say HB and best to all the Ranters.

By the way – I’ve seen all the messages on the various sites and I just wanted to thank all of you for taking the time. It’s not been the greatest fun recently, and you’ve lifted me like you sometimes say, I lift you. Stay Well!!!

The Horse’s Mouth

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