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Horse’s Mouth

July 23, 2020

Horse's Mouth (Issue #211, July 2020)

Dog Day after Dog Day…….

Michael Wolf: ‘Ever meet any of Floyd?’ Dunno – can’t remember. If I did it would have been way back when Ralpher was playing with Dave Gilmore in Manhattan. I remember meeting Andy Warhol backstage -he was very sweet.

David Wisener: Well it did get through to me – glad to have been of service!

Pat: ‘Happy belated birthday.’ About time too!

Daniel Hartmann: ‘Was on the fence with buying ‘Stranded’ box set. Received a bonus at work and my wife suggested I buy something for myself – so I did. Between the audio and the video tracks it’s perfect entertainment for a pandemic.’ ‘Sorry about the cost, but the licensing for the box set was the reason it was so expensive.

Graham Little: ‘Ever done ‘Dancing on the Moon’ live?’ Yup.

Dani Vaucher: ‘I came across the video of the ‘Freddie Mercury Memorial Concert’ at Wembley. Is that the biggest audience you’ve ever had?’ I think there were 76,000 in the stadium and over a billion watching all of the world. So, yes – I think it was. We sat in the Queen’s box for the first half!

Brad Hollenbeck: ‘Any plans for MTH ’74 re-run?’ Nobody has any plans at the moment.

Claire: Thanks! We’ll check it out.

David Abrams: ‘I’m only getting this now, David, so I’ve missed your Dad’s birthday. So, Stephan!! Happy Birthday, and many more. I have a mate in the same boat. Hang in there!!!

Max: ‘Did you enjoy Campbell Devine’s biography experience?’ Yeah – it was fine – he knows his stuff and I just let him get on with it. He’s very through and like I said – it’s good to know what you’ve been up to! My memory is not great – so now we know!

Debbie Brautman – tried all that and it doesn’t work for me. Glad it’s helping you.

Steve Rager: The only one that rang legit to me was Creem Magazine. Ben Edmunds was a great editor and Lester Bangs a great writer. David Fricke comes to mind but I’ve forgotten a lot of them. In England I liked Charles Shaar Murrey and Roy Carr. Nick Kent was good too, but he was a mess.

Nik + Nora C: ‘In honor of your recent birthday we had a magnificent light show and the sweet smell of rain. May your day be filled with magic!’ Well, I wouldn’t say it was magic, but we did a 4 four Zoom chat with the Rant Band, Tony Shanahan, Andy York and Morgan Fisquire!! Lost my voice.

Patrick Curran. – played my stuff all day.

Mary Drews is very happy with what we do!!

Jo Rishton: Yup – lock down full on.

Yucca Flats: Thank you.

David T Gray: ‘Congratulations to Hamilton Accies on winning SPFL reserve league!! Does this give you hope for building on further success?’ Dunno.

Seth Purvin: ‘ ‘Death of a Nation’ – UK or USA?’ I was having a drink with Prince Charles and the Queen…..

Matt Parish: So sorry about Jerry. It’s horrible when you lose your best mate – I’ve lost two.

Alan Beale: Bought ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Sweepstakes’ – now he’s into Mott again. Good ho. ‘Did you see any of The Rolling Thunder Review shows?’ Yup.

Steve Greenhalf: ‘Did ‘Dudes’ cause you to re-evaluate how you went about composing songs?’ It did in the way that you need hits to keep going – but musically. I was more of a rocker – although I then knew the level you had to be on; every note had to count. Hits ain’t easy – or everybody would be having them!

Lee Ann: If you mean ATWFM – we usually do it.

Philip Holmes: So, we’ll all look out for it; the album’s called ‘Lovely’.

Ian Mant: ‘Why did the MTH album cover change from the iconic ‘head’ to the 4 members? Was this because of Verden leaving?’ BECAUSE OF CORPORATE FINANCIAL INVOLVEMENT. I won’t name the person responsible, but I met him and told him what I thought!!

Steve Jones (not that one): ‘Thanks for 50 years of songs and gigs – tip 5 songs ever by you or any artist?’ I don’t like question like these – opinions! They don’t matter and change all the time. ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ comes to mind. How simple is the genius of ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’. Lorraine Ellison’s version of ‘Stay with Me Baby’ – orgasmic. ‘Brown Sugar’. ‘Baby I’m Amazed’ – etc. etc. It doesn’t matter!!!

Michael Duke: Yer welcome!

Wayne Klein: I don’t think today’s artists would be interested in collaborating with me.

Gerry: Australia!!

Pasquale: ‘Do you remember a jam session in the eighties with Ronno, Steve Stevens and some of Duran Duran?’ Nah – Steve auditioned for me before Billy Idol).

Colin Thayer: ‘Not sure you know who Richard Coles is (he was in the 80’s band the Communards who found God and is now a popular celebrity vicar in the UK. Anyway, he tweeted a happy birthday message to you and states that your antics in Jimmy’s End, Northampton, are still remembered 60 years later. Any truth in that?’ So – not the songs – just the antics – I see.

Colin Thayer: ‘Ever crossed paths with Morrissey?’ Yup.

Matt Nojonen: I love the song ‘Avalanche’. It’s like finding a $100 bill in a pocket of an old pair of jeans.’ Good analogy.

Mike Haller: ‘Do you remember Hunter/Ronson plaing Montclair College in NJ?’ No.

Alex Smith: Australia!!

Kari McShane: Leeds!!

Neil McCormack: ‘Have you had a chance to watch the surreal little films of Pete Watts that are on U-Tube?’ Yup – that was Pete! I’ve always loved those movies – typical Pete.- totally unique – a one off.

Rob: ‘Will there be a box set for the remaining Mott albums after Island with rarities, etc?’ No idea.

Mary: ‘I’ve been depressed recently and your music helped me through it a lot – thank you!!’ C”mon girl – cheer up!!

Mike Fitzgerald: ‘Is there an audio book of ‘Diary of a Rock Star’?’ No.

Mark F: After Mick Ralphs left for Bad Company did you follow ‘Bad Company’s ‘music at all?’ Nah – and I don’t expect they followed us.
Don’t get me wrong – Mick’s the Guvner – and you can’t beat Paul’s voice. It’s just horses for courses.

Jeffrey’s got 350 records.

Kev McDempster: ‘Ever considered doing an updated version of ‘Hymn For the Dudes’? Still determined to get that interview with you one day!’ Not with questions like that you won’t!

Gary R. Battista: Your thoughts on the reissue of ‘Iron City Houserockers’ Have A Good Time ?’ Great band; great album.

John Dalton: ‘Do you remember your outdoor gig at Pier 84 in NYC on 9/11/81? You and Ronson clicking on all cylinders.’ As I remember it wasn’t Ronson playing – it was Robbie Alter. I remember, because I went to see Mick later that night. It was a great gig – Lots of people (7,000).

Mike Flanagan: ‘How do you define perspective? We hold you in the same regard as you do Little Richard.’ Opinions, Mike, opinions. But thank you for that!

Wayne Nyurface: (yeah, right) – yes, putting one together. Dylan – the best ever?’ By a looong mile, mate.

Nicholas Malcolm: ‘Ian, please find Douglass Brinkley’s interview of Bob Dylan if you can. Stuff on Little Richard – near copy of your words.’ I taught him all he knows!!

Oooer Wullie: Bout the same – workin’ on it. One has to find a way.

John Reh: ‘Ever worked or collaborated with Dan McCafferty of Nazareth?’ No.

Matt Nojonenn – and old and crumpled sat by the fire, saying nothing.

Brent Coursey: No – no – no -we’re still going!!!

Seth Purvin: Mr. Churchill would say F…it – which wouldn’t necessarily be the right answer. It’s war. Hope to live through it and on to the next. A lot of real heroes and heroines involved.

Andy of Blyth UK: ‘What was the Deep Purple story?’ You’re asking the wrong Ian.

John Penrice: ‘Fovourite guitar (electric)?’ It depends on the song.

Tony S: My recollection is that I sold it to him.

Drew Cantrell: Did you know Dylan says, ‘While I cannot frolic with all the young dudes’ – an awesome shout out.’ Yup.

Margaret Finch: Doesn’t interest me. I have to be with people in a room. I’ll wait!!

Steve and Dora: Stay well!!

Wes.Beckner: I like most of them. 2 or 3 could be better!!

Wayne in Vancouver: ‘Re ‘Women’s Intuition’ – Stones would have nailed it.’ Yeah – somebody should play it to them – bout time for a cover.

Matt Giarrizzo: I think the Beatles played the Star Club in or around 63/64 – we turned up – maybe 67ish. I did, however, hang out with Tony Sheridan who was still there (the 5th Beatle) and later on with Roy Young (the 6th Beatle).

Pol Miller – I’ve tried a lot of stuff, taken a lot of stuff – and it’s improved somewhat, but there’s no logic and no answers. As far a live goes, Joe Elliott and Mike say they’ll sort it out ear wise. They know stuff I don’t know. Really, I should have used in ear monitors years ago, but I didn’t – my fault. You get used to it, but sometimes it flares up for no particular reason. The. Rest of me is fine. Certainly have had enough tests. Not much happening anyway at the moment, so give me some slack on this one
Bob Kleb forgot my birthday!! Now he’s giving me all these compliments to make up for it, but I’m not havin’ any!!!

Wayne wants a recommended a list of music – sure – Dylan’s catalogue and if you need a laugh – Bill Burr.

Frank: Stuff happens.

Keith Hollinshed: ‘Have you heard Dylan’s album? It’s excellent!’ It is.

Adrian: ‘Have you seen Brothers Four, Four Strong Winds’ at UNCL. The faces in the audience I find haunting.’

Tony Day: Yes, you can.

Andy: Thanks, Andy.

David Simmons: Glad you got sorted.

Carlo Matthews: I’ve had this one before a few times. I’ve always said, Leon Russell. As for underrated artists – there’s lots of reasons why they can be underrated. Perhaps they want to be underrated – lass hassle at the Mall.

Dan Sebald: 1)Safe to say TOTP was a few of the worst days of my life. Horses for courses. 2) Not a bad idea, but I’m not keen on the venue and the songs not quite up to it.

Clive + Karen Gazeley: ‘Why not publish the Horse’s Mouth as a book?’ Maybe.

Daphne Brulee: ‘If you could walk on a stage at this moment and play, where would it be and whom would you most like to have at your side?’ Now there’s a loaded question. I really liked Barrowlands – that felt true. I can’t say who I’d like with me – there’s been different people in different stages of my life and I’ve admired 99% of them for different reasons. Needless to say, I’m happy with the guys I’m with now. We have great times together, but there were great times before. Like I said, a loaded question.

Glenn Sutherland: I saw Buddy Holly at Leicester, Demontford.

Oooer Wullie: ‘Curious about ATYD on the new Dylan album.’ So am I!

Adam: First Al Jolsen – now me -there’s a compliment.

J. ‘Thanks for inspiring me to dig deeper into Frankie Miller – he’s a gem – both musically and as a person.’ Great sense of humour too!

Mary B: I sometimes think I do sing ‘American’ – it all depends on the phrasing – or the song itself.

Les Gustafson: I believe it was a limited thing and the license has expired.

Troy: Go for it!

Theresa Deckebach: Listening to NPR and the discussion was about changing team names that are racially rude. The suggestion for the Cleveland Indians by the host, Scott Simon, is ‘Cleveland Rocks’. Would you be in favor?’ It would. Be an honor!!

J C Finn: ‘What songs recent or older do you play in alternative turnings eg. Open G?’ Open G. ‘Once Bitten’ was the biggest one. Some of the ballads – G’s a great tuning until you get used to it. I knew Ralpher did ‘Can’t Get Enough of Your Love’ in C – never tried that – too tight.

Connor Riley Peters: ‘What was your favourite moment from Rockpalast?’ Back in those days it was pretty primitive – stupid pop shows abounded – so to do the ‘real thing’ was a privilege. They treated us great – so we performed great. That’s how it should always be.

Tony Accordino: Tony – you’re a hero – it’s a privilege to be told I helped in some infinite way. Thank you!!!

Jeffrey: Yours to yours; mine to mine – that’s how it works.

Banjofred: Yup.

Tom Greff: ‘Did you ever work with or meet Ian Anderson?’ Yup.

Gareth Toms: ‘Re: Deep Purple ‘Redcar gig’ plus jamming with Ritchie Blackmore at the Speakeasy. Which songs did you play?’ The Redcar was resolved at the Blue Boar Café on the M1 some years later. Yes, I jammed with Ritchie – I have to say – he’s a pretty mighty guitar player. I forget what we played at the Speakeasy.

Dan Cuny: ‘What was the reason behind Guy Stevens changing the name from ‘Silence’ to ‘Mott the Hoople’?’ Pretty simple; ‘Silence’ was a lousy name and ‘Mott the Hoople’ was a great name.

David Morgan: ‘I’m eagerly awaiting your next album.’ Well, obviously adjustments have to be taken into consideration. I met with Andy York today – we’re on a provisional route.

Jim Kelly: ‘Anything by the Kinks that really stands out to you?’ Not really. Ray’s a great writer; Kinks’s a great band. Period.

Yvette Rodriguez: hey Joe – Sorry about the stuff – it’s always something! There’s always HOPE. Keep up the good fight. I’m with you!!

J picked up a copy of Hilly Michaels ‘Calling All Girls’ on vinyl. Hilly was way ahead of the new wave.’ Hilly was a pretty remarkable guy. This way – that way- a drummer with a dream. Haven’t heard from him in a while.

Rob Holl: I don’t know. Bowie said it’s boring on the end. Repeats – so I just rapped a bit of stuff and then he was happy – ‘you, with the glasses’…..

George Saadi: ‘I’ve wondered about this for decades – who introduces ‘Welcome to the Club’?’ Dunno.

Steve Rager: ‘In a 1980 interview you said your Dad was a boxer.’ He had a bronze medal from the army – he came 3rd.

Keith: ‘How was working with other great artists during the secret sessions?’ I always remember the engineer was Welsh and John Cale was Welsh – and when John heard something he didn’t like – he’d smack the engineer across the back of the head!’

Phil Holmes + Lenny Keringer: Good luck with it.

Tom McGarry: In the 1995 BBC live album, Ronno plays the most stunning solo on ‘Standin’ in My Light’. I’m wondering how it came about?’ No recollection – as far as I’m concerned – he could do no wrong.

Stonefly: Radios – radio. Never impressed.

Kevin Baggott: OK

Barry Gray: Mick was always loved by MTH. It was a difficult time, but that’s what he wanted to do. I love Mick; always have. Great player – modest. Playing the song.


Stay well – Masks!!! Space!!! Don’t believe idiots!!

The Horse’s Mouth

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