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Horse’s Mouth

August 26, 2020

Horse's Mouth (Issue #212, August 2020)

Nice weather – pity the power’s out. Why don’t they put he wires underground? Thought this was the greatest country in the world?

Frederick Miller: Do I have any nutritional, psychological and or pleasurable recommendations? There’s no secret in longevity – it’s all out there. People just don’t want to know. I just feel bad for people who are genetically endangered – that’s not fair. As far as pleasurability is concerned, you try to get yourself into a situation that you hitherto just dreamt about!! Good luck!

Malcolm Harrington: ‘I see you with lots of different guitars, how many have you got?’ (p.s. ver big Ronson fan, also). I’ve got a few. My favorite would be the Maltese Cross that Joe gave me. It sounds even better than my Les Paul Juniors. Unfortunately, I can only use it with Mott as it’s too powerful for clubs.

Iain: ‘Fan since ’72 (thank you). Thought you might be interested to know ‘Backsliding Fearlessly’ was played recently on Radio Caroline!’

Dan Baker: ‘What’s your thoughts on Trump?’ I think he has an unfortunate personality.

Dana Basich: ‘Picasso’ – tremendous tribute – thank you.’ Thank you.

Richie Cornaacchi suggests I do a version of ‘Stagger Lee’. Actually, I think a band I was in before Mott (the Apex in Northampton) use to do that one.

Dok says to checkout Anthony William the medical medium as tinnitus can be connected to the Epstein Barr virus.’ Thanks.

Perry Ganter: Yeah – well – Mick was Mick! We were always hung up waiting for him after a show – sometimes it surfaced!! Sorry about that!

Tony Schultz: ‘Was catching up on your posts and saw you were a Ringo All Star. You mentioned Sheila E as well as I think Beck. When was this? And any memorable experiences?’ The Ringo tour was in 2001. Sheila E was in the band (and was magnificent), but not Beck. Well, having Ringo on your answering machine asking if you want to play with him was pretty spine chilling. Lovely chap – lovely family.

Jeffrey: See intro.

Jeff Midnight: ‘What are the most important qualities to look for in a produces?’ Do you like what they’ve done before – is he aware of your music. Does he genuinely like and talk about stuff you’ve done? Does he have a plan? Is there a ‘connection’ when you meet with him? Plus, you don’t want them too bossy – you want to get your say in too.

Donald Mease: Explain.

Bryan: ‘Any truth that the late Lynsey De Paul gave Luther the name ‘Ariel Bender’?’ Yep. We were in Germany doing a TV show and she was on it. She saw Mick Ralphs walking down the street outside the studio bending every car ariel and then winding up with his head in a horse trough. She said, ‘Ariel Bender’ and we through mmmmmm.

Wade Harten: Any truth in a story that you auditioned for ‘Uriah Heep’?’First off – the only band I ever auditioned for was Mott. What happened was super agent, Jeff Franklin, rang me and said they wanted me; he told me what the money was, and then Ken Hensely sent a bunch of albums with the tracks marked that he wanted me to sing on. I wasn’t keen, so that was that. I know Mick Box (who seems like a nice guy) intimates this didn’t happen – but it did.

Alec Henry: ‘Where is the plaque you sing about in ‘River of Tears’?’ We played a place outside LA called the Canyon Club. The plaque was on the wall by the elevator in the hotel we stayed at.

Kevin Landry: That’s soccer players for you!!

Steve from Tulsa: Getting the BD archives is pretty amazing!

Mike Flanagan: ‘Who did Mick Ronson learn harmonica from?’ Dunno – he never played it with me – never came up.

J. Scott: On ‘Faith No More’ Derek Smalls credits a lot of people he looks fondly on ‘except for Ian’. Does he mean you?’ Doubt it; don’t know himNever heard of him.

Phillip Horen: ‘Where can one find a list of your concert tours from the 80’s?’ Try Justin Purington’s fan site.

Phillip: ‘I thought ‘Silver Needles’ was about Marc Bolan?’ Nope.

Danny G: Cheers.

Wade: There’s always a way round everything – we shall see.

J: ‘Mick Ralphs was a great ‘effin guitarist (having listened to all Mott stuff).’ Course he was. He’s actually quite perky at the moment – still likes a joke. I’m a huge Ralph fan – unselfish player – melodic. I remember doing the backtrack for ‘Whizz Kid’ and thinking ‘how the hell can he make this work – but listen to it!!

Matt Nojonen: ‘Have you heard the new Boomtown Rats album?’ Nope.

Mike Flanagan: (1) ‘Have you ever been forced to leave the stage due to bad behavior?’ One time (I think it was Newcastle Locarno?) they brought Alsatian dogs out on stage – a really stupid thing to do; and then there was the Albert Hall mess. I don’t remember ever having to get off stage. I got arrested for swearing when we did a gig at Wolverhampton.’ None of that anymore! (2) ‘How did you and Trudi meet?’ A mate of mine was driving – Trudi was in the front seat with him an I was in the back seat with one of her mates. I though – the seats need changing – and eventually they were!

Steve Eaton: I have no idea.

Kirk: People do stuff and we’re not aware of it – haven’t got a clue.

Thomas Greco: Thanks for putting up with me!

Alan/Portlandia: Stan drove the van – coming back from Leeds around 2 am. Stan had his foot down – suddenly a cop in the middle of the M1 was waving us down. ‘That’s it’ said Stan, he’s caught me cold.’ We stopped, Stan rolled the window down and this huge helmet (plus head) loomed inside, almost touching Stan. He looked all around slowly, then nose to nose with Stan he said, ‘Got a fag, mate?’ And that was that.

Dibiase: ‘How is the Ralph? Have you talked to him lately. He is such an underrated player and writer. Hope you’re feeling better.’ As above.

Rick Goward: ‘Now that Liverpool’s done it I seems to recall you mentioning your favorite team but I can’t recall. Who do you follow?’ Shrewsbury Town – our history’s remarkably similar!

Tollis Pompeo: Proper Records, UK.

Danny Rogan: I can’t help you with ‘Sea Diver’ as it’s on the black notes and the power is off here at the moment – and I don’t remember!! Keep fiddling.

Tony Day’ Music Sales/Omnibus (UK) publish the book, and I did sign copies.

Gregg Smith: (1) He’s in a better place than he was – geographically. (2) Who knows – we’ll know more when this virus has gotten under control. If and when that happens – everybody an their mother are going to be out there.

Peter New: ‘Boy’ is on my firsts solo album It was about several different people.

Don White: Mott never recorded at Rockfield. They did, however, rehearse there or the 2009 reunion shows.

Matt Parish: Good one, Matt. Nice title!

Pat says great new McCartney doc on Youtube. First episode is called Liftoff. Steve Holley is interviewed in a later episode—-really insightful.’ Good ho. ‘What was it like playing and singing other people’s stuff with Ringo’s All Stars?’ Pretty scary, actually; never really done anything like that before – plus, I was a side man – not the main man. I learned what that was like. Greg Lake and I had a great time. He even talked about forming a band. He loved basic rock and roll, but I was already committed to the ‘Rant’ album and the Rant Band.
Pat: ‘Hi Ian is it safe to say your case of tinnitus may have been a blessing is disguise? John Prine was touring in Europe in February. He contracted Covid and died in April. His death just makes me feel so lucky to still have you. Sure, I love Dylan, but wouldn’t see him 5 nights in a row and still want more. Thanks!! John Prine: ‘The song’s the boss and if I get hold of a pretty one, I din’t want anyone messing with it….that’s my kid.’ I know how he felt! Great songwriter – sadly missed!

Mary: ‘What is the meaning of ‘Man ‘O’ War’? What was the thought process?’ It was one of 4 songs I had to drum up for a double album – 4th side – the rest was live at the Roxy. I don’t remember what was behind it – not keen on the song – too made up.

Ivo: ‘Just to say that I look forward to your next album, with the Rant Band. MOB. WIP and FC rank among the best records I’ve heard in the last decade or so! What comes first in your songwriting, lyrics music or do they come together?’ Music first; wish it was both together – that’s a blessing which happens rarely.
J: Can’t say I’m an authority on that.

Stonefly: Re: Bob Dylan/Mick Ronson. I was with him down at Paul Colby’s Other End the night he got the gig. ‘Did me and Mick ever do a Bob song together?’ Nah.

J: Too far back.

Seth Purvin: Thanks.

Rick Goward: Tell DD I said hi. Wait till we’re over this mess. Thanks for the roadieing.

Andy: ‘Can you remember how/why Mott did ‘Lay Down’ on ‘Wildlife’?’ ‘Wildlife’ was Mick’s idea, but ‘Lay Down’ was my idea – I just loved the song.

Bob Boyle: ‘Did Mott do any shows in ’73 with Ian Lloyd and the Stories for their LP ‘Traveling Underground’? Nope.

Paul Rivers: To tell youth truth, it was a totally forgettable experience. I may have sung ‘Memphis’ live – I don’t remember.

Roland: No idea.

Michael Colter: Enjoyed ‘Stranded’. ‘Do lots of fans become ‘that kid in the glasses’ when facing their hero?’ Dunno.

Colin J Coghlan: ‘Do you still have the brown Guild SG guitar I’ve seen in quite a few videos over the years?’ They were around for a while – I think we were given them but got wrecked.

Javier Saenz: ‘How’s your health?’ Not bad – how’s yours?

Stuart Stuck: ‘Saw you and Ronson open for the Kinks at the Cobo sucks…you blew the roof off the dump!’

Toby Proctor: ‘Any comments on John Price after his passing’ I don’t listen much these days, but I remember thinking he was right up there when I was still listening.

Elaine Eaves: Cheers.

Edward Shirley: ‘When Elgar finished ‘Pomp and Circumstance March No 1 (Land of Hope and Glory)’ he commented that he had a tune that would ‘knock em flat’. Is that how you felt when you’d written ‘All The Way From Memphis’?’ Nah – I thought it had a chance – the lyric was a long time coming.

Patrick Cairns: ‘Just watched an interview with Sinatra from 1975. He was doing a residency at the Uris and was saying how perfect it was for him sound wise. Seemed like he was loving it there. Similar experience for you?’ I don’t remember any problems. The first days sound check took forever, but we were ok after that.

J: Glitter twins – J. – Glitter twins!

Thomas: Put it this way – I tried hard on all of them – some came off – some didn’t. They’re all my babies.

Lynne: Thanks for the offer – and congratulations. We’re ok for tea.

Phil Holmes: ‘Check out ‘Nothings’ doing Sweet Angeline’ on You-Tube.’ I would if had electricity or internet.

Andy of Blythe: ‘Any improvement in the tinnitus?’ Either better or I’m getting used to it – I think the former. Seems to go with the weather (I think).

Rob: Yes – Todd and I did a tour and it was great fun. Todd’s intelligence is scary, but once you get over that one – it’s fine. Ronno did a few I think. Michael Shrieve was on drums – he was professional at 15 playing for Santana if my memory is correct. I remember Todd ‘n’ me doing ‘Eight Days a Week’.

Anthony Caminiti: ‘During this pandemic have you and your wife had help from friends or family to get stuff so you don’t have to venture off of Hunter Manor?’ Friends and family – we’re 3,000 miles away from our UK family and Jess is in Brooklyn (100 miles away) – still working! So it’s mostly phone stuff. We have a couple of close friends here and that’s about it. Trudi has her mates who ring daily.

Frank Sapio: Didn’t we do this once before? I don’t remember any 36-50. I don’t find Fun much fun.

David T Gray: No, idea.

Nanci: True story. He was hopeless with money.

Char: Never met him.

Mark F: I can’t remember them all now but I once counted the jobs I’d had before turning pro and it was 44!!

Matthew: Not really – The Rant Band would come up to the house with Andy York and we had ’em down before going into the studio. Recording’s not cheap. Neither is mastering. Everybody has to get paid. I want us in and out as quickly as possible.

Rick: Fair play it was not. All in all, we’re pretty cheap in comparison. That’s just my opinion.

Matt Nojonen: Haven’t had a beer in ages. It was always Double Dimond back in the day. If I do. it’d be light lager. My brother, Bob’s the ale man. He knows all about it.

Ed O’Neill: ‘Just listened to Clapton’s Tulsa time’ and couldn’t help thinking of ‘Memphis’. Ever notice?’ Never heard it.

So – this will be on its way when the power and internet comes back on. All the best to you stuck in flats with kids – it must be pretty hard going.

Don’t mix with lots of people. It seems to build according to crowd size. It’s crap for kids too – all that energy – hope they can find somewhere to channel it.

Yours as per usual

The Horse’s Mouth

p.s. A few years back the cable company laid their wires ruining pretty much every road in town – I don’t get why they didn’t bung the electricity wires down there and share the cost. Trees down all over the place – fortunately, this time, none of ours.

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