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Horse’s Mouth

November 16, 2020

Horse's Mouth (Issue #215, November 2020)

The Horse’s Mouth
November 8, 2020

From the depths of Hunter Towers!!!

Keith: No idea regarding Pittsburgh – you can see how it is.

Mike Flanagan: Top Gear? No idea. ‘Did you fancy playing or watching spectator sport as a boy?’ Football mad then; not so much now.

Stefan Harary: Much appreciated – we’ll have to see….. Glad you both did so well.

Jeffrey: the usual….

Fred: Any way of getting Mott’s ‘Lounge Lizard’ on vinyl (studio version)? I’m the last person to ask.

Gee: Wouldn’t be without ’em.

Frank McEnaney: Your welcome. Newcastle always was a great rock city. How’s Steve Bruce doing (under the circumstances)?

Alan Inkpen: Sure – don’t believe it. Thanks, anyway.

Jim Patterson: First song I ever had covered was ‘Seasons Song’. An actor (Nicol Williamson) did it for Columbia. That’s how I got out of the factory and into Francis Day and Hunter Publishing – 15 quid a week.

Kevin Baggott: So far, so good.

Seth: Watch out for a tribute. The large chap in the video was a very nice man who owned a pet shop in Manhattan – can’t remember his name.

Steve Horne: Confirmed. Lovely when sober; nasty when pissed. We harmonized – I was on mile and he was 40 feet away! I met him in a coffee shop in New York and I said, ‘Do you fancy doing a record today.’ He said, ‘why not’.

Alec Henry: The Jupiter intro has always been great. Who’s idea was that? The great Overend Watts – all his idea. Glad you got the vinyl – they’re doing really well.

David Mark Campbell: ‘Just listened to ‘Strings Attached’ and heard the songs in a whole new and vibrant light. Thanks for getting me through my teenage years.’ A pleasure.

Matt Nojonen: Probably a bit of everything you mentioned. John is a pretty intelligent chap. Steve’s very down to earth. 50/50 right time – wrong time etc.

Rob Mend: Actually, there is a guy who would do a great job as Guy Stevens in a movie. Similar outlook – similar face – Richard E Grant.

Robert Lochrie: ‘What did Mick think of your guitar skills?’ Well, both ‘Micks’ were lead’ players. Then you have rhythm players – different thing – unless your Keef or Ron. Both Mick’s liked my rhythm playing. Luther loved it recently. Greg Lake had a great rhythm sound. Couldn’t play lead for the life of me. Good thing I didn’t get in the way. Pushin’ and shoving – with the drums. It’s fun.

Ted Arbeiter: I think when Stanley Bowles was at Q.P.R. he played our stuff as a D.J. at games and then went out and played. My teams (Shrewsbury/Northampton) tier 3 – both crap at the moment.

William Houghtaling: Generated! Thanks, anyway.

Wade: ‘Apathy ’83’ – I would imagine it was the year.

Kyo: We enjoyed Tokyo very much – especially thanks to Ross Halfin and Kaz. Good memory – glad we popped by! Morgan was great on MTH ’74.

Martin Sheard: Song writing’s coming along well – who knows.

Dru: Guess so.

Oour wullie: ‘More lockdown restrictions here and things seem to be getting worse, so depressing. Been working at transferring patients to and from the covid centres and doing long hours – so fed up with it. We so need a vaccine soon. Hope you and family are safe and well.’ My hats off to you and your work mates. Stay safe!!! (I know you will; you’re not daft!).

Fred Burkhardt: ‘Is ‘Read ’em ‘n’ Weep’ for real? Yup.

Greg Becker: ‘How the hell did you get all those musicians together for ‘Alien Boy’?’ Well, Jaco was staying with us and he wanted in; I invited Chris Stainton, so he came and stayed. I hadn’t got a clue about drum sounds, so I asked Aynsley because he had – Aynsley was great; first in – last out. David Sanborn came in and made me cry! I never cry, but David Sanborn had that effect on me…masterful!. I met Cornell Dupree when we were recording at Electric Lady. A guy was sitting quite comfortably by a 2 inch machine. We smiled briefly and I thought that maybe he was a new tape op. After about an hour, he said quietly, ‘My name’s Cornell Dupree – I believe you wanted me to play something?’. I nearly died of embarrassment. He did three takes of ‘Britannia to Jack’. We kept the second one because by the third take he knew the song too well – just superb!! Trudi met ‘Queen’ on the plane coming over from the UK quite by chance, and so they all got off the plane and came down to ‘Electric Lady’ where we were recording. I was scared stiff – I was producing it, too! Most enjoyable to make, but most didn’t get it at the time

Colin Thayer: ‘Do you have recollections of Scottish, female singer, Barry St. John – who died recently aged 76 – credited on ‘The Hoople’? I’m sorry to hear about this – I didn’t know. Barry was a great lady – I’m not sure, but I think the first time we met was at the Star Club in Hamburg in the mid-sixties. She was tiny – with a big voice. At the time of ‘The Hoople’ she was married to Howie Casey – the best Rock ‘n’ Roll sax player in England. I remember Trudi and me visiting them in south London. Great days. Class act – and she could swear like a trooper!

Bobby Mac: ‘Any memories of Buxton Festival ’74?’ Rained all day but I think the hotel was good!

Ron Stubbs: Noted.

Stefan Cedervall: Is it just me or was Fox a little out of sorts last night?

Scott: Don’t remember this- sorry.

Scott McCrumb: We’re on it.

Gavin Wordsworth: ‘Why play Bingley Town Hall?’ Dunno – cos we felt like it?

Janet Kaplan: Aaah – such fond memories!!

Kenneth Cancilla: How nice of you. Thanks.

John Dalton: ‘How did the Pointer Sisters version of ‘Who Do You Love?’ come about?’ No idea – somebody must have played it to them.

Gavin Black: Never met Tom – met Mike Campbell and the organist in LA when I was producing a band at the Village Studio with Ronno. They were up for something, but unfortunately, I had no material at the time and then geography got in the way. ‘What’s your favourite Dylan album and why?’ I can only say when I first heard Bob Dylan I didn’t have a clue what he was on about, but I just knew he was right.

Mike O: Alejandro and I have never recorded together, but we have shared the stage a few times. He’s been to my house. One of the few people I can watch for an entire show.

Andrew Dow: Think, Elton.

Don in Houston TX: That was Tony Defries (the manager). He’d pull a gig with no compunction whatsoever, and you had to go along with it. Glad you’re still with us!!

Ryan Roman: We don’t do that stuff here, Ryan, but hang it!

Rob Mend: ‘Just put ‘Brain Capers’ up as ‘Lost Classic #168…hope you like it!’ How nice!

Wenger: Keep them for yourself, Jean Marc, – I have plenty!!

Jeffrey: Yup, Steff broke her ankle (or rather her beloved puppy did). I daren’t call her in case I laugh. Trudi says she’s on the mend but still in pain.

Wayne Benz: Distraction is the name of the game. I know a lot of people have it in one form or another (it runs in my family). Aint got anything else at the moment so I. guess I should consider myself lucky. The future? We’ll see. We now have Covid to deal with now.

Matt Parish: ‘Not sure you’ve seen this – just brilliant!’ Thanks, Matt.

Rick: I don’t think like this – this is Campbell Devine territory. I just write new ones.

Peter Denham on Alex Harvey: ‘What was he like as a person?’ Opinionated – very opinionated (and why not?!). I’m half Scottish – so I was in!

Michael Layne Heath: Guy Stevens, probably.

Andy: Pretzels – never – chips – along time ago. Chocolate – couple of days ago (ginger).

Connor Riley Peters: ‘Did you ever contemplate fronting the Doors?’ I was asked by their touring agent, Jeff Franklin, if I’d be interested. I just looked at Jim and then I looked at me and I thought – they’ll lose half their audience! I mean, I wasn’t bad lookin’ but I wasn’t in that league!!

Chris: It varies. Sometimes you ask for a specific act to open. Sometimes it’s the promoters. Sometimes, bands really want to open for you and pay for the honor. It’s not easy supporting. I’m not too keen, but it’s part of the job sometimes – especially on the way up.

Phillip Holmes: ‘Ever share the stage with the original guys from Alice Cooper?’ Yup. I remember Philadelphia Spectrum for one. Dennis Dunaway and his wife, Cindy are mates of ours.

Phil Judge: Regards to your Dad!

Kennett: All of the above. A set needs balance – it needs an opening salvo – the backend has to build – not too many slow songs (always been a problem of mine) and maybe a little groove in the middle. I’ve seen bands start with their best stuff – that’s not a good idea – maybe one, but not more. As for ‘Still Love Rock ‘n’ Roll’ – I went off it.

Nigel Blackaby: Maybe it was about you!

Andreas Waespi: ‘To support you as an artist and my favourite musician through these really difficult times I bought ‘Stranded in Reality’. Nevertheless, I have already all your classic solo albums (except the unreleased recordings). I can tell anybody it’s worth it and I hope more fans will do the same. Wish you all the best. Stay healthy. Kind Regards, Andy from Switzerland.’ This one I’ll pop in full. Thanks for the plug, Andy.

Dusty Street: Wow – the famous Dusty Street!! How are you? Yeah, I’ve been writing – doing really well if you like that kind of thing. Just not keen on zooming. It’s one step at a time. Trudi’s fine, as are the Ranters. Lovely to hear from you! X

Peter: ‘Hi Ian, I’m a 21 year old kid who was raised on your music. I recently came across some old set lists of yours from the early 2000’s. After showing my mum and dad, I was told that I was conceived after one of your shows. Naturally this traumatized me, but I thought I’d share with you the horror and the laughter of this story and thank you for music and your role in my creation. If you could pick a song to open a show with – what would it be.’ Well you sound fairly well educated, so I guess congratulations to me and your parents. ‘Once Bitten, Twice Shy’ has always done it for me.

David T Gray: David is asking for memories of working with the E-Street Band. All good – all good. Lovely chaps totally involved.

Chris Hludzik: No idea about this. I usually get what’s sent to the P.O. Box so I’ve no idea what happened. Sorry.

Stonefly: It could be the track was ‘sped up’ a little – a common enough practice back then. Find the nearest note (it will either be a little sharp or flat) and work from there. It’s an easy enough song chord wise.

Mike Scerri: ‘Just read an article that John Bonham was looking to join Mott….is this true?…just imagine, eh?’ Nah – he just wanted to get up and play ‘Dudes’ with us the first night on Broadway, and that wasn’t possible.

Sheila: U.S.

J.C. Finn: We had a holiday place in Worthing and we all had a meeting there – late ’80’s. I can’t remember why it never happened – we were all there (original members).

Done and dusted!
No twerping!
Be twerpless!!

The Horse’s Mouth


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