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Horse’s Mouth

March 20, 2021

Horse's Mouth (Issue #219, March 2021)

The Horse’s Mouth
March 8, 2021

Aren’t your fed up with opinionated people moaning about opinions?

Beavis: Golden Earing ‘Radar Love’ – opinion?

Caroline ‘n’ Luc: ‘I live with my hubby in Belgium. Due to lockdown the hairdressers here have been closed since November. Whenever anyone asks us what we look like, I say, I look like a bag lady and Luc looks like you.’ I’m cutting my own hair; I just chop off bits that stick out. Susie Ronson usually cuts mine, but Covid and geography get in the way.

David: ‘In ‘Dudes’ when you sing ‘hey you with the glasses’ – do you try to make eye contact with someone wearing them?’ I doubt it – you can’t really see much out there. The actual conversation took place at the Rainbow Theatre in London.

Jackson: ‘Did you ever play with Sammy Hager or Ronnie Montrose?’ Nope.

Dru: ‘Was Tommy Mandel’s emergency surgery one of the craziest things you ever experienced?’ Yup. Tommy went greener and greener until our tour manager, John Rosbrook came to me and said we’ve got to get Tommy to a doctor. Steve Popovich in Cleveland was contacted – and they saved his life.

Donald Mease: 1. ‘I’ve had a thing for Deborah Harry, too…you’re not related, are you?’ I like Debbie – great lady – totally unrelated. 2. ‘I saw Tracie at Hammersmith Odeon when in line for a CD and I saw Bonny Bramlett in my mind and I’ve always had a thing about Bonnie – are we OK?’ Get the job. 3. In the sow in London – any plans for releasing?’ Complicated.

Damien: He had this tiny camera, so you never knew what he was up to with it, but nothing authorized.

Barry: ‘I just watched ‘Rolling Thunder’ on Netflix. Mick seemed out of place at times. Someone on the tour asked Mick what he thinks of Dylan. They said he replied, ‘ I don’t know – he never said a word to me.’ Did Mick ever say if he enjoyed that tour or not?’ I think he loved it – he had a lot of other friends – New Yorkers and West Coasters. Bob Dylan doesn’t say much to anybody – that’s his way. It was a big tour and people were busy, but I know he got off on Mick’s playing.

Dave Gaviota: So, I’m the only one you waited for after – how nice!!

Danny Sutton: ‘Any thoughts of putting a book out of your lyrics?’ There’s talk.

Bruce Shedden: ‘New tunes in the near future?’ We’re on it – it’s just awkward at the (covid) moment.

John Pearce: ‘Did you gig with Alex Harvey and if so, what was he like?’ Well, Alex either liked you – or he didn’t! Glad to say I came out unscathed!

Tom: I don’t know what the title will be as yet.

Cdub: ‘Chatting with mates about the latest Dylan album and subject moved to who’s still on top form who was writing in the 60’s. Dylan, Young came up – mentioned you and the consensus was ‘F___ yeah’ – you’re in classy company.’

Ooer Wullie: Not a bad idea, but I’m not thinking in those terms at the moment. The ‘Willie’ bites back!

Stonefly: ‘What was your take on Alice Cooper – the band?’ They looked incredible back in the day; we did the Philly Spectrum with them. As players back then – the were ok – and they obviously got a lot better as time went on. Lovely chaps – all of them. I think Dennis had a pretty big role ideas wise for the stage show. He’s still a creative ‘ideas’ man to this day.

John Dalton: ‘Recently, I revisited ‘Lisa Loves Rock + Roll’ and was struck by the great reggae + calypso vibe of the song. How did that track come about, and was Mick Jones influential in shaping the sound?’ Well – we all loved – and love – Lisa, so I wrote it and Mick Jones did his thing and that was it.

[Just interrupted by the DiBrizzi Report. Once a week DD keeps me up on all the latest – Dennis fashion.]

Rob Davis: One was autobiographical – the other one wasn’t. Go figure!

Brad Anderson: Probably from a remarkably good joint.

Luke Dempsey asks if I go back and salvage old lyrics – or lines? No, I don’t, actually. Because that was then and this is now.

John G Frawley: ‘Are there many overdubs on ‘Welcome to the Club’?’ I remember mixing it with Ronno – I don’t remember any overdubs – that’s not to say there weren’t. I just don’t remember doing any.

Connor Riley Peters: Which did you enjoy more from a studio recording perspective- being with Mott, or as a solo artist? I enjoyed a lot of both.

Antonio Pellegrini: ‘What was it like working with Mick Ronson?’ Pretty amazing.

Wayne Klein: ‘Your favourite birthday gift?’ Thoughtful ones.

Jeffrey: Of course, now we’ve got it – nothing happens!!

Michael Boyle: Not heard Sharon Tandy’s version, but to me Lorraine’s version is unbeatable.

Robert Kleb: ‘I moved from south Jersey to the west coast of Florida in December. Now relaxing in the palms and sun gives time to listen to you.’ Oh, gee thanks! We’re buried in snow up here!

Mark F: ‘February made us shiver in the Midwest – plenty of snow. Do you use a snowblower to clear your driveway?’ Our driveway is 1/8 of a mile long! We need plowing help!!

Keith Johnson: Can’t remember.

Paul Wilner: ‘Mott played Detroit’s Masonic Temple in 1974. Queen was scheduled to open and had to cancel due to May’s illness. Kansas was the opening act and Detroit was pissed. Any memories if Detroit responded any different to Mott’s set after this change in opening acts?’ Not that I recall. Mott were pretty big in Detroit. Paul says Queen returned six months later and this. time Kansas opened for them.

Pat Beirne: ‘What’s your take on European musicians visas?’ I remember touring Europe before the UK entered Europe. It as a pain in the ass. Customs everywhere and they didn’t like ‘hairies’ back then. They’d take your passports and. Give them back just as. The ferry left the dock! Sanity will, eventually, prevail – one hopes!

Anthony Troman: I have heard your version and it’s got balls!! That means no one will watch it, but it will remind them of Great White who they’ve already watched 20 million times. Excellent video to boot!! Well done chaps!

Jeffrey: ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ – only you would do this.

Iars Andersson: ‘What’s the rest of the band doing during these dark times?’ DiBrizzi is in Florida, James has two shops to look after, Paul’s with his family on Long Island and Steve and Boschie are housebound (as am I).

Nigel Drake: Yes, it is sad and nerdy, Nigel, so I’ve obviously forgotten what you’re on about! Nigel says no one’s ever worn shades as convincingly as me – before or since. So, for that, I’m in your debt. Now I feel badly about the first bit. But it’s a long, long time ago.

Seth Purvin: ‘In 1982 I was at the Peppermint Lounge to see Bananarama. I distinctly remember seeing you on the stairs – your hair was fabulous.’ Am I supposed to answer this? OK – thanks. ‘Do you remember saying, ‘The future is a magical thing – don’t f__k with it?’ No – but that’s good. ‘Did you ever own a Nudie suit?’ No, but Ronno did – and Bob Dylan bought it for him.

Michael Arsenault: You’re welcome.

John O’Rourke: Come to Texas!! When it melts – get a. generator!

Keith Lloyd: ‘Which song took the longest between getting the first idea and then recording it?’ ‘Ships’ comes to mind. I think I messed around with that for 5 or 6 years.

Stefan Harary: We’ll see!! (part two)

Philly Bob asks if I get paid for doing the Horse’s Mouth? Nah.

Andy: Well, GaGa’s what 32 ish. Let’s see if she can still remember them when she’s 81ish. Actually, it doesn’t take long to get back on the bike. ‘Alice’ is not easy.

Frenchie: ‘Will you release more songs in the future?’ Yes.

Dave Piner: ‘Ever been sued for ‘stealing’ from an existing song?’ No – but there are a few people I could sue.

Hunter Tremayne: ‘Reading Rock ‘n Roll Sweepstakes and thoroughly enjoying it! Loved the story about visiting your Dad and him giving you  £ 200 when you were broke. When I was broke I walked all the way from Camden Town to Boreham Wood and my Dad only gave me a fiver!’ That’s all I thought I’d get from my Dad – well, maybe twenty – I was in shock. Another piece in the puzzle of life!

Mark F: Nothing recorded so far, for obvious reasons. It’s gonna take a while, but we’ll get there. It’s good.

Stephen Myles: ‘I was playing the Gold album and was reminded that I wrote to Dale Griffin many years ago when he worked for the BBC. I got a lovely two page letter back which was above and beyond the call of duty. You miss these guys after all the adventures?’ Buff was great with fans. Always remember him sitting in the coffee shops for hours with fans at the Hyatt (Riot) House hotel in LA. Wasn’t trying to hit on them – unfailingly polite. Buff was really nice that way. Do I miss them? Of course. But that was then.

Ronnie Mack says they love me in San Diego. I didn’t know that.

Michael Wolf: I escaped!! In the basement writing.

Barry: Not seen this – I’ll have a look.

J.C. Finn: ‘Did you meet Gary Holton of the Heavy Metal Kids? I believe he did some stuff with Casino Steel.’ There’s a brilliant producer in Trondheim, Bjorn Nessjo, and he worked a lot with Gary Holton and Casino Steel. I’ve done a couple of albums with Bjorn too, but I never met Gary although Bjorn and Casino would talk about him.

Tim Hewston: Appreciated – much appreciated.

Dave Herman: Mott’s rhythm section were never ‘dumped’. When MTH split they carried on. ‘How easy was it to get Luther and Morgan back?’ Morgan has played continually ever since – and he was definitely up for it. Luther worried a bit because he hadn’t really played much over the years – he took a little convincing. Our English promoter, Mick Brown, went down and sat with him and then he was OK with it. He loved the Rant Band – they both did – and we all had a great time doing the gigs. I’d forgotten the force and the fun these two chaps bring to the table. It felt good. There is a central spirit to Rock ‘n’ Roll. Most bands don’t have it (even if you think or they think they do). That’s why MTH still exists in some peoples minds. Both versions had the central spirit in their different ways – originals and the ’74’s.

Cornacchi: ‘Anything you’d like to accomplish left?’ Dunno,

Paola Mosca: ‘What kind of person was David Bowie?’ I don’t really think like that. With me, it’s the next song.

Don from Houston TX: The quotations you’re referring to were Guy’s ideas.

Constance Van Beek: Yes, we saw Morgie doing his magic things. Thanks for the best wishes etc. Same to you. Trudi says hi.

Matt Nojonen: We never worked with ‘Spirit’ but Pete Watts and Ralpher loved them. We went out and bought Acoustic Amps to be like them – but we weren’t like them, so we went back to Marshall.

Maria Antonietta Falchi: What memories do you have of the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert?’ Quite a lot, actually. The rehearsals (a week at a film studio) were great. Lots of famous people doing lots of famous stuff. 4,000 crew – a room full of TV’s connected to many countries around the world. Disagreements followed by agreements. We spent the first half in the Royal Box. Said hello to Liz Taylor! Roger was on fire; Brian was sad- but he did great. Bowie knelt and said the Lords Prayer (which I though was a little out of character!). Roger seemed to be running everything – pretty amazing. One and a half billion watching; 76,000 live. I’ve got a picture of ‘Dudes’ downstairs on the wall. etc. etc.

Greg Walsh: Goodho!

Bill Kuecher loves ‘Schizophrenic’. ‘Did you know in the studio that the music would be relevant in 2021? ( don’t remember what I thought). FM radio WXRT Chicago will still play, ‘You Nearly Did Me In’ ‘. And you know why!

Mike Costanzo: I completely agree with Peter Frampton – Stan Tippins is the king of tour managers. If there was no mayhem – he’d immediately create it!

Paul Brolan: Re: Cheverton Rd. You know, I don’t remember the number – sorry. There was a hole in the kitchen – we put wallpaper over it.

Mikie: Why not send it to the Appreciation Society – they have stuff on there all the time.

Riccio: ‘What was it like on tour with MTH?’ Great.

David Riske: OK

Michael Flanagan: You go in with the best of intentions. I’m not keen on singling them out. You say you like one and all the other get jealous.

Pete from Winnipeg: It’s been ok. Gave me time to get used to tinnitus. Gave me time to write. Don’t do gardening. I think the first gig we did in the U.S. was with Jethro Tull in Detroit.

Jonathancullinane: Fond of ‘Man Overboard’.

Chris Bayley: Sure, I forget words now and again -no teleprompter for me. I just scat and hope for the best.

Bill Steffan: Sister Rosetta Tharpe – yes – I couldn’t remember her name at the time. So relaxed – great player personality. Probably Keefs idol!!

Bill Arscott likes ‘Short Back ‘n’ Sides’.

David Shasha: I didn’t know that. How nice – good luck with the book – respect to Dana.

Paul McGuire: A lot going on around that time. Mick probably more involved than me. What a great band and singer. Still got it!!

That’s it – I’m gone. Dinner’s ready.

The Horse’s Mouth

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