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Horse’s Mouth

July 10, 2021

Horse's Mouth (Issue #223, July 2021)

The Horse’s Mouth
July 1st, 2021

Here we go again……

Martin Jones: What are you retiring for you lazy sod!! Have a great one!

Jeffrey: re: Ringo’s greeting. Lovely.

Barry: ‘Do you remember producing the Iron City House Rockers with Mick?’ Don’t remember much about it – long time ago. ‘If you google, it says Steve Van Zandt produced it with you providing arrangements and Mick helping with production. Says Steve left after 5 tracks over creative differences with you and Mick – was there a problem with Steve?’ No idea – it’s so far back. Get along great with Steve – he played the sh__ out of ‘Dandy’. So much of google is conjecture.

Alice: ‘H.B.’ You’re late! Tinnitus ok.

Ed Musiak: ‘HB’- you too!

Martin Averweg: Traveled from Germany and enjoyed MTH’74 show in London.

Seth Purvin: Thanks

Matt Nojonen’s grandaughter is asleep in photo – Deep in the Arms….!

Michael K Lurvey: ‘What exactly did you like better about ‘When the World was Round’ ‘? Lack of global corporations.

Bob Vondruska: ‘H.B.’ Tut tut!

David Parry: ‘If you put a band together of any musicians that ever lived for a one off gig – who would you choose?’ We get this one now and again and it’s pretty impossible to answer. I’ve played with great people – and then there’s people you admire. Tough one.

Flo Kaczorowski: Thank you.

Rick: ‘Roger Daltry does Johnny Cash as a warm-up before going on stage. What do you do?’ Nothing – but I always turn up for sound checks!

Stonefly: Harmonies are usually at the back end of recording along with hand claps – accessories. Marc Clarke is the guvnor of harmonies. Just go home and leave him to it.

Keith Hollinshed: ‘Hunter-Ronson at the Dominion. The BBC has about 2/3 or the gig; ‘Stranded’ has about 4 tracks. The whole concert was recorded and filmed. Any chance of a full release?’ Dunno. I watched ‘Wings’ about a month ago and it was great. We should look into it.

Pat: Thanks.

Tony Shultz just came across a blurb of you and Robert Plant ‘dueting’ at the Arthur Lee benefit years ago. Did you and he get on well?’ I remember we did an Everly Brothers tune and I asked him who as doing the high part and he said YOU are! And I did! Very smart guy.

Steven H. Heath: ‘What would be your Desert Island?’ Anything that was handy.

Lenny Scolletta: ‘Ever heard Mick Ronson’s ‘Indian Summer’ release a few years back? I thought it was brilliant.’ I’m with you.

Brian Karmelich: ‘Have you ever done a solo acoustic show/tour?’ Nope.

Hunter Tremayne: ‘It’s your birthday today (no it’s not); this is how awesome your fans are. I took this girl out to a Chinese Restaurant in Soho in London. She asked me if I liked poetry and I recited the whole of ‘Shades Off’ to her. Immediately after, a bloke two tables away said, ‘That’s by Ian Hunter – that’s a great ‘effin poem.’ He then winked at me and said, ‘Have a nice night, Ian’- and I did!’ So, you owe me one.

Marty G: ‘Any update on the condition of Mick Ralphs?’ Mick’s holding his own. I write to him to keep him up to date regarding what’s going on with the Rant Band etc. If I phone him, he speaks so quietly – and my ears are – crap! He’s much happier where he is now, but I can’t give out any information as to his whereabouts.

Matt Nojonen: ‘Who’s your favourite Beatle?’ They’re all great. ‘Who’s your favourite Stooge?’ Moe. ‘Was Swing music in your house when you were a kid?’ No.

James: ‘Are we doomed. To be enslaved by psychopaths?’ If we don’t watch out – yes.’

Paul (Toronto): ‘Many artists who leave successful bands subsequently find their careers on the downturn. In my opinion your songwriting over the last 46 years is stronger than virtually anything you did with MTH.’ Well, thanks, but that’s not necessarily true. I remember Fred Heller (Mott’s manager) telling me exactly what was going to happen if I did a solo album – and he was right! Numbers wise – I sold maybe one third of what the ame album would have sold had it been a MTH album. People were very fond of the band – they didn’t like it to splinter, but at that time – I had no alternative.

Patrick Cairns: ‘I’m a fan of you – the Beatles – the Stone – Dylan – the Kinks – and the Who – in that order. I will accept no substitutes.’ Fine by me!!

Don in Houston: ‘Please come to Texas – avoiding hot months.’ You bet!

Claire: ‘I agree with ‘Wade’ who said he was pissed off that you haven’t been inducted into the Hall of Fame. You should be honored for a lifetime of incredible music and amazing lyrics.’ I’ve found award shows a bit silly, but the good thing about them is you get to meet people you respect.

Jhon Pearce: ‘Did you ever meet Alex Harvey?’ I think I’ve answered this a few times before – but, yes, I met Alex. I was tolerated because I am of Gaelic blood = he even stated I should be Prime Minister of England during one withering ovation as to the state of the British Government at the time!!

Claire: ‘Artists in the biz rarely have marriages that last. How have you and Trudi managed to be the exception?’ She was the one.

Scott S. ‘Was at the 2001 Park West show when Jeff Tweedy played with you. Best sounding show we’ve ever been to. Plus – got to meet James Mateo – excellent, as always.

Check out ‘My God’ by James Mastro. It’s great.

Connor Riley Peters: ‘From your career catalog of albums (Mott ‘n’ solo) which do you consider the best?’ Dunno.

Tim: ‘Couple of ‘Guns to Your Head’ questions. ‘ Two favourite Beatles song?’ (‘Let It Be’ + ‘Twist + Shout’ – too many to choose from!) Two favourite Stones; two fav Dylan.’- impossible! This opinion stuff can get you into a load of trouble!!

Mikie: google it. ‘Dudes of Daggerville’ – good title!

Philip Tremayne: ‘Commercial success aside, did you prefer MTH up to ATYD or ATYD’s to the end”. You can’t compare. The original line up had ‘that’ sound. Phally playing that massive Leslie organ sound and Mick liked to play on the low end too. MTH’74 is a whole other ball game. – genius over there on the keyboards and the crown prince court jester on guitar – great fun. It was great working on stage with every one of them.

Geff Ratcheson: ‘Finally got off the fence and purchased ‘Stranded in Reality’. He’s not happy with the remaster of ‘Welcome to the Club’ ‘It’s gone from a DR12 to a Dr8 (LOUD) + is very screechy form the overuse of compression. I’m going to be keeping my old Chrysalsis copy. Thanks for the years of great music, though.’ Sorry to disappoint!

Andy Carr: ‘What’s shirt shine?’ Fancy shirt.

Mike Burnett: ‘Just finished reading ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Sweepstakes’ on the Norfolk Coast – cracking read! Ever thought of going out there with some chums and doing a Little Richard/Jerry Lee/ Elvis Rock’n’ Roll set live? Saw Screamin’ Lord Sutch and he blew me away – that whole ’60’s scene is fascinating.’ Well, it kinda was because all the bands and singers you heard on the radio and the saw on the tele weren’t much good live; and all the great live bands weren’t on the tele or on the radio. I got to see great bands in small rooms for next to nothing (Ready, Steady Go, being the exception).

G. Mick Smith, PHD: ‘Do a pod cast with Campbell Devine – so the questions aren’t daft.’ Good idea!

Michael Wolf: ‘Do you have a studio in the house that you live in?’ Not technically. I used to, but it split my head in two. I’ve still got it stored away – obsolete now. Andy York’s got the Pro tools gear and we take it from there. ‘Have you ever interacted with Supertramp?’ Nope. ‘Was Roger with Ringo when you gigged with him?’ Yup. ‘My Wife says this is not you – it’s just a ghost writer – is she wrong (again)?’ Yup.

John Dalton: ‘Are you considering selling your music catalog as others have done?’ Nah.

Paul Callow: ‘Have you ever met a Beatle?’ I toured with Ringo. Came home one day and the answering machine light was on – played the messages back and a voice said, ‘Hi Ian, it’s Ringo’. Still get a buzz.

Richard Weaver: Belated – an understatement, Sir! Thanks for remembering us. Ian ‘n’ Trudi x

Thomas Greco: I saw the Who – they were pretty loud. I mean, if you’re going to stand by the speakers with any band – it’s not going to be quit – is it?

Stan: ‘Why do you seem apologetic about’ Alien Boy’? The musicianship was incredible – diverse, yes, but incredible. If I had one album to choose it would be this one. No apologies needed – thanks.’ I’m not at all apologetic about ‘Alien Boy’ – I love the album, but as Joe Elliott says, it was a little too soon for my following at the time. Columbia Records and radio didn’t know what to make of it. See, you’re supposed to do the same thing (with hit singles) time after time, after time ad nauseum. Marketing etc.

Jimmy (Kingston, Ontario): Come to Canada!!

Gary Dedoussis: ‘Please give us a heads up if and when you’re back on the road.’ You will know. (Says he doesn’t want to miss the boat.)

Graham: Could be – that’s a long time ago.

Pat Beirne: ‘Who was the most difficult musician you ever worked with and why?’ You know I can’t think of anybody. It’ been a. great ride. I’ve had plenty of disagreement, but I never found anyone difficult overall.

Kurt DeKemper: Have you been back to Indianapolis since ‘Just Another Night’? I don’t. think I have – and I haven’t forgotten it either. That’s one I will never forget!

Brad Davis: What’s the make? Let me know.

Eye You: What songs/bands do you think are overrated and what bands don’t you really care for? Your opinion.’ I’m not out there watching band like I did years ago. I’m not in here listening to band – did that too. But you’d be amazed at how many big bands were actually crap – see – I know!! How do I know? I was born at the right time. Ever hear the Dave Clark 1 (and the 1 wasn’t Dave Clark).

Wade: ‘Did Corky, Mick, Felix and yourself have a name for your band for what is now known as the Secret Sessions? Never went that far. ‘Do you think Mick would have liked ‘Another Fine Mess’? Od course he would have!! Clever you!

Christopher White: How lovely!!! Wish her and her intended a happy future.

Steven M: Salute to a true genius (oh, this is gonna be good!). And it was! Kudos to Kevin. Boy that was good! Thank you. Phil Holmes: ‘How many songs (and what were they) did you have ready for MTH before you broke up?’ You had ‘Lounge Lizard’ (correct) and would you have put ‘Foxy Foxy’ and ‘Saturday Gigs’ on the album as well?’ I just remember a lot of stuff was written in the studio during the recording of my first solo album. We had stuff, but we threw it out as Mick and I progressed. I don’t think we did any potential Mott songs apart from ‘Lounge Lizard’.

J.C. Finn: ‘Have you ever played ‘When the World Was Round’ live? Yes. ‘Any chance of playing it at future concerts (maybe). And, personally, I think it’s fantastic, too – plus that great video.’ Marketing, marketing, marketing – is everything.

Rich Wink: Please say you’ll tour again – I’d like to see you just once!! We’ll – you’ve had 50 years – where were you?

Peter Checksfield: I remember one of our fans decking Tony Blackburn. I remember Elton John being very nice to us. I remember the lack of logic re: ‘the bar’!! All in all – it was a horror show – that’s it.

Matt Parish: Cheers, Matt.

Ilks: ‘Had a chance to speak with Todd Rundgren on the Utopia Tour a few years ago at Massey Hall in Toronto. He was very complimentary about you.’ As I am of him.

Chris: Hah – haven’t played the base in ages – still got a Fender round here somewhere. The bass players I’ve had over the years have been so good I gave it up. Not a bad instrument to write on though. Keeps it simple.

Frenchie: Open G

Hay Lang: Mick Ralphs

Dave Griffiths MBE: Actually, Andy York was going to do the solo for ‘Black Tears’ as we didn’t know Boshie that well at the time – but Boshie was insistent. Said he’d been thinking about it for a while. He just blew us away. I teared up!! Brilliant – and Andy loved it. I generally have left great players to. Get on with it. That’s why they’re there. Not keen on a million mile a second thingies. Bowie let Slick go for it on ‘Station to Station’ – there you go. The cousin bit confuses me.

Mark F: Do you know how many of the lower 48 States you have played in?’ Can’t say; you tend to play where you ‘sell’ – so it’s up to the promoters. Never counted.

Dru: ‘Graham Maby is a great bassist.’ and a lovely guy.

Bob Boyle – You got me there, Bob.

Dru: ‘I know why you don’t think ‘Short Back ‘n’ Sides’ has the best material on it. Sonically – it’s a beast.’ Mick Jones/Bill Price – lethal!

Craig Russell: Jumped off the stage and smacked someone – splitting my pants in the process! Youth is wasted on the young.

Bob Hill: My favourite song, ‘what I wrote’. Sorry, Bob – they’re all my babies!

The End (for now)
The Horse’s Mouth xxx

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