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Horse’s Mouth

August 8, 2021

Horse's Mouth (Issue #224, August 2021)

The Horse’s Mouth
August 5, 2021

R.I.P. Martin Kahan. Martin directed my video ‘All of the Good Ones Are Taken’.

How’s it goin? Well, I hope – not too bored …

Jim Bagley says me and Bruce don’t rely on old stuff.

Mary asks me what’s my favorite movie? Don’t really have one. The last time a movie really ‘hit me’ was ‘Zhivago’ – and that was pre MTH!!

Tom Noltimier: ‘Talk about ‘In Your Own Backyard’.’ Dion song (Dennis DiBrizzi plays with Dion and me). Guy Stevens wanted us to to this. I remember it being on an Island sampler and we did it on Beat Club – a weekly German show. Good song.

Johnny Jeppo: ‘Recently revisited the ‘Schizophrenic’ album; did Chrysalis drop the ball?’ Dunno – it did ok – got to 32 in the U.S. – sold a fair amount of copies. I think they blew it by not releasing ‘Cleveland Rocks’ (they said it was too local).

Ole: New album this year? Working on it. Expect something different.

Dru: What appealed to you about Bernard Edwards as a producer? The Power Station album – great sound – Ronno didn’t like the idea, but we did it anyway. LOVED Tony Thompson’s drumming – angular. In hindsight, Mick was probably right – it does sound ‘produced’.

Jeff: ‘Happy Independence Day!!’ Same to you, sir.

Jimmy Stephen: ‘The ‘too Springsteen’ version of ‘Just Another Night’ should have been on ‘The River’. That would have been great!’

Tim Dalton: Trying to get in the urinal at your show at the Music Hall in Cleveland – it was full of girls!! Seems Joe Elliott was taking a leak!

Michael Franklin: ‘Love your work (64′ Australia). Can’t find an A minor harp.’ Start googling – there’s plenty of them around. Good lyric!

Jimmy Andrews: ‘What were the creative differences that led Little Steven to leave the Iron City Houserockers – that you and Ron were producing?’ I’ve seen this before and I have no knowledge of this happening. Too far back for my old memory bank.

Matt Giarrizzo: ‘I have read you look like David Byron. What’s your opinion of him?’ I don’t have one.

Dru: ‘ ‘Short Back ‘n’ Sides’- sonically – it’s a beast.’ ok

Craig Russell: ‘I have seen you in concert over 15 times in Cleveland.What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done on stage?’ Broke a few toes with the old RMI – got off the stage and smacked somebody. That’s about it.

Bob Hill – fan of 44 years – It’s favorite song time again. Bob likes ‘Soap ‘n’ Water, ‘Irene Wilde’ + ‘Walkin’ With A Mountain’. My favourite song is yet to come.

Mark Tomlinson: Cherry Red’s is an indy label but if Defries owns the copyright – then only Defries can do something with it.

Dave Griffiths MBE: Your friend is correct. My Aunt Edna is still going strong in her 90’s. We remember Eric from when they lived in Henley on Thames. Good times.

Nick Malcolm: Neuromod – I’ll check it out, but pretty much everything on google is suss. At least it’s not an ad!!

Wayne Klein: ‘Any chance of a couple of songs before the years end?’ I wouldn’t think so, but that’ not due to me. Several things have to be worked out. There’s material.

Glenn Eckert: Thanks for writing ‘Shrunken Heads’. You’re welcome.

Bob says seeing Ronson playing guitar was like seeing Willie Mays when he was a kid. Good analogy.

Rick (Welcome to the Club – cover!) Hey Rik!! Glad to have been of service, Sir. Remember it (and you) – well.

Mike Costanzo: ‘This morning (7/11) on CBS’s ‘Sunday Morning’ show, they did a story on the Royal Albert Hall. Apparently they considered a short ban on pop after audiences damaged the place after some shows. Anyway, when they mentioned this they showed vintage film of Hendrix on stage stabbing speakers with his guitar and … Mott the Hoople led by none other than yourself! Guess you’re still the bad boy of rock ‘n’ roll to some – Legend endures.’ We didn’t do anything – the crowd got a bit rowdy and broke a couple of boxes. Sold out and we never got paid because of it.

John Nebergall: ‘Ever heard of Billy Vera? Authentic – no frills.’ I’ll have a look.

Jim: ‘Any possibility of Cleveland, Youngstown, Pittsburg area 21/22?’ Dunno. I really don’t.

Janey Todd: Well, Trudi doesn’t exactly court publicity. She’s never been keen on being in the public eye. I tried to get her up on stage in San Francisco for her birthday – and she wouldn’t have it. As for how we ‘fell in love’ – that’s not something we’re keen on delving into publicly either. Suffice to say we’re coming up to the 50 mark. She’s alway been the one.

Todd Cardille: ‘Which area in rural England would be a good place for a MTH rocking American couple to retire to? Have you been to the Devon area?’ Devon’s beautiful – my daughter, Tracie, spends most of her time in Devon.

Phillip Tremayne: ‘What are your memories of the Van Dike Club in Plymouth. Saw MTH there on numerous occasions, as I did at Plymouth City Hall on the Island tours?’ Sorry – long time ago!

Dru: ‘At the time – were you liking the music coming out of London – 76-1980?’ The punk semi era!! Lotta fun. Always thought Gene Vincent was ahead of his time. Not good for us pre ’76 chaps. I don’t know who coined the phrase ‘New Wave’ but it was a master stroke – at least temporarily! ‘Recently, picked up a copy of ‘Shrunken Heads’. Jack the mechanic is on fire!’ Yep. Jack knows how to do it right.

Jeffrey: Actually, a great summer so far. I don’t know why – it just is – where we live.

Sammy – glad to have been of assistance. Information is much easier nowadays – if you can distinguish!

Bernie Bahrmasel: How lovely. Thank you Bernie.

Carlo Mathews: ‘Do you have any future collaborations in mind?’ Yes, we do.

John Reali: ‘Never got much on your personal life – probably on purpose. When not touring did you delight in the common activities of a married man – change diapers – work in the yard/garden – do the dishes – that kind of thing?’ Well, music is not just about touring – you have to write songs in order to tour. I can’t write on tour – it’s a different head; so most of what you hear on the road is the product of basement enslavement. As for diapers – I found it easier whilst having two cigarettes either side of my mouth. Not good for baby or me so that didn’t last. I’ve done my share of yard work. I cleaned the gutter of one house in my early 70’s (the back of our house was 32 feet high!). The machine does the dishes – that enough for you?

Robert Decilla: ‘Any plans for City Winery NYC?’ They have been in touch, but nothing is for certain at the moment.

Erron Geer: Will ‘Rant’ ‘Shrunken Heads’ and ‘Man Overboard’ ever be released on vinyl?’ Dunno.

Bobby Joyce: It’s all a bit dodgy at the moment geographically. Have great nights!! I’ll be there in spirit.

Art Lefebvfre: Canada? It’s all still up in the air.

Brad Davis: Thanks, Brad.

Paul Alvarez: ‘Did you cross paths with Genesis or Peter Gabriel?’ I met Peter in New York once when he was label hunting and I recommended the lake he wound up on. Met Phil Collins a couple of times – lovely chap (and courageous).

David T. Gray: Never been to Oban that I can recall.

Roland: ‘Need a Hunter gig (a few as I tour too); don’t forget us in the Southwest of England.’ One thing at a time – one thing at a time … Roland says I’m part of him and I’m thinking – which part!

Roland Tocups: ‘Mods ‘n’ Rockers – did you or your fans have any allegiance?’ No – never mattered. We played – they came.

John Dalton: ‘The Wembley Stadium DJ selected ‘Sweet Caroline’ as a National Team anthem during Euro 2020. Hard to fathom considering the history of great English classics that could have been selected. Oh well, no accounting for taste.’ Nah – nowadays it’s more a taste for accounting.

Daniel Morgan: I have a picture of that gig on my wall.

Bobby from Memphis: ‘Please come back to Memphis. Memphis loves you!’ Er, really? I wrote ‘Truth’ for Ronno. He liked slow grooves; then another one for the movie ‘Teachers’ called ‘I’m the Teacher’ – check that one out.

Dru: ‘Does it embarrass you when Joe Elliott says you’re a better writer than Dylan?’ It’s his opinion – it’s not my opinion – but that’s OK!!

Jerome Preisler: So sorry to hear about Gary. You can send the book to c/o Jesse John Music, P.O. Box 245, Bridgewater, CT 06752.

Dave Phillippi: ‘Welcome to the Club’ best live album ever!

Joe Faraci: Someone beat you to it! Thanks, anyway

Deano: Happy Birthday, mate!

Alan Portlandia: that would be the ‘Brain Capers’ sessions. I’m only guessing as I haven’t seen the photos.

Steve Bell: ‘After recording ‘Your Never Alone’ was there ever any talk of trying to get the E-Streeters to go out on tour with you?’ No – Bruce was always pretty busy and we had found our own guys.

James Pair III ‘Tripp’: ‘Being a superb pianist yourself (cough!) did you ever exchange ideas with Nicky Hopkins – Ian Stewart – or Ian McGlagan? Seeing some lineups from old shows you shared the same bill as the Faces. Was Mac a friend of yours? Who other than JLL did you admire as a rock pianist?’ Never met Nicky Hopkins; Ian Stewart actually stood up from the piano at a Stones rehearsal in Woodstock and invited me to join it!! I chickened out!! Ronno sat down and played this slow groove thing instead. Incidentally, sorry to hear Charlie Watts can’t tour with the Stones. I’m sure we all wish him well. Mac was a lovely chap – a mate of all – very warm and friendly. Favourite pianist – a no brainer – Leon Russell.

Geoff Pearson: Haven’t talked to Phally in ages. Stan sees him quite regularly.

Jack: The Horse’s Mouth is just what it is – people ask questions, I get them – write the answers in long hand and Trudi types it into the computer and sends the column to Justin. Very old fashioned and rightly so. I don’t know how many questions I get – never counted them. I will ignore identical questions. We rarely get daft-ones – more repetition – which is understandable. There’s been a few crazy ones, but nothing like you get on the internet. All in all – it’s pretty positive. That’s why I still do it.

Steve in Detroit wants a t-shirt saying, – ‘I heard it on the Horse’s Mouth’.

Mx5: ‘Just had a bottle of Hendrick’s gin – Scottish! Ever tried it?’ I was never good on gin – got aggravated.

John Frawley: ‘What is ‘sweet instant Christian’ ? How long have you lived in Connecticut?’ A sly clown. 20 odd years.

G. Mick Smith, PhD wants me on his podcast. Not the right time.

Bernie Bahrmasl enjoys the Chicago gigs. Goodho!.

Brian C: ‘Any shows you remember being particularly nervous about?’ Well MTH were notorious for being lousy on gigs that ‘mattered’, and great on shows God knows where. I remember Radio City being a disaster due to the venue’s electronics failure. When it’s not your fault and you’re playing Radio City – you’re nervous. I remember Pete rolling me on for the encores in a wheelbarrow. Stan ‘restrained’ me afterwards!

Dru: ‘Was Ronson a good pianist?’ Mick was excellent on keyboards.

Dan Hartman: I think we were gigging and we had to pick Slick up on the way. Incidentally Slick was staying in Jackie Gleason’s old place.

Nick Malcolm: ‘Request – make next one more belligerent, sparky.’ You may well enjoy the next one!

Geoff: ‘Apart from your dislike of O.A. are there any other songs you won’t play because your wife or the band don’t like them?’ Not that I’m aware of.

Conner Riley Peters: ‘Have you ever had any interaction with Robert Plant or anybody else from Led Zeppelin?’ I’ve sung with Robert and hung out with Jimmy – both extremely nice people.

Barry Robertson: I don’t really know Andy Powell.

Edward Pearce: Was that the one where it rained continuously? Pete demanded a sentry box because of his hair!

Paul McCarthy: No idea.

Rutger Hogkvist: Loves ‘Ripoff’ – thanks.

Hal says Earl Slick has a new album out and has nothing but superlative things about me in several interviews (thanks, Slickie!) He also says Gary Kemp listed his top 5 songs for London in Mojo and you were No. 1 with ‘A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square’!! (Thank you Gary – I grew up imagining London with that song). ‘Any plans for a new album?’ We’re doing it as we speak. However, this one is different and being done in a very different way – so bear with me.

Mike Bunyard: Wrong again!!

Sari Zirin: Nice one.

Stonefly: I’m not a collector – Trudi’s the collector. I’m not allowed access because she says I give stuff away that I shouldn’t.

Bob Boyle: ‘Kiss first got together on Mott Street in NYC.’ I’ve heard many times they were fond of MTH.

John Pearce: ‘Any memories of the Glasgow Apollo?’ It was the place to play at the time – very high stage. The first thing the manager showed us was the back door in case we had to escape! You didn’t have to be great, but you had to mean it.

Tom McGarry: Re: Podcasts. Gary Kemp has been in touch. I’ll talk when the album is done and I have something to say.

Thanks you to Connie for the ancient artifact – much appreciated.


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