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Horse’s Mouth

March 17, 2022

Horse's Mouth (Issue #231, March 2022)

Horse’s Mouth
March 6, 2022

The ducks are back in the pond – so I guess it’s spring!

Matt Nojonen: “Has anyone ever tried to censor your lyrics? There was a panic about a line in ‘Dudes’ – that was about it.

Tom McGarry: Still too early.

Ed: “Any details on how you were part of the Mick Jones’ video of ‘I Just Want to Hold You’. Sean Lennon being there was a head scratcher.” I just remember walking in and Billy Joel launched into an incredible piano version of ‘Dudes’. Mick had been given a tape of Mick Jagger singing over a riff in Jamaica by Jagger and had been adding bit to it that weren’t working. I got him to strip it down to basics – it wasn’t easy cos Mick’s voice was more attuned to slow songs, but that was why I as there. Sean was nice and Mrs. Joel (at that time) danced on the piano.

Steve Horne: The hearing aids don’t stop the tinnitus, but they take it down a notch or two. Everybody’s different.

Will Moore: “Anything hidden with Mick Ronson?” Dunno – don’t think so.

Donn Deniston: “Listening to a podcast with Rick Ruben and Todd Rundgren when your name came up. Todd was very complimentary and pondered contacting you for one of his long distance collaborations.” Hold that thought.

Paul Abbott: “What’s the story about your involvement with ‘The Dirty Knobs’? How did that happen?” Mike doesn’t remember this, but we met in the Village (recording studio) in LA years ago when Ronno and I were producing a band there. I think he was there with Benmont Tench for Stevie Nicks; Shelly Yackus and Jimmy Iovine were there too. I bumped into them and Mike asked if there was anything he could do for me. I was producing, and had no material at that time, but I never forgot his offer – and recently took him up on it. He then asked me to return the favor – how could I refuse!! He’s a brilliant player and he writes great songs; he plays for the song – not himself!!! What you get from Mike is intelligence and thoughtfulness.

Barry G: “Congratulations on another Hall of Fame snub.” Thank you!!

Mike Costanzo: I assume Chrysalis handled that.

Bill Holmes: Cheers, Bill.

Mark F: “Are you a fan of American baseball?” I kinda had a ten year spell there as a Yankee fan – I mean a real fan. Watched every game – went to the stadium regularly (Columbia owned the team) and we had their box when available. We were opposite the Yankee dugout and Billy Martin then Lou Piniella managed. (I saw Piniella screaming obscenities at Steinbrenner one night – it never made the press.) We saw a few no hitters, Mattingly Winfield, Henderson – I could go on – but then I started to get back into music and lost interest – no more stats for me! I’ve lost interest in soccer as well – too corporate.

Danny G: “Are the songs leaning politically on the new album? I don’t lean – I just tell it how I see it. “What’s the plan?” Things will work themselves out. “World Peace” – by that you probably are referring to Ukraine – I don’t have words for this.

Oour wullie: He wants a gig and he doesn’t care where it is. Now there’s a valued fan.

wAzzA: Join the club.

Mary: “Any lyrics to a song that you regret recording?” Not really – they were valid at the time. Times change – attitudes change – what was ok then is sometimes not ok now. You’re younger – you’re older etc.

Peter Palmisano: Blush, blush!

Jeffrey: Unfortunately, my grandchildren can’t shovel me out because they’re 3,000 miles away – so me ‘n’ Tru it is!!

John D.: Hey MaryAnn – c’mon girl! Sending healing vibes your way. Feel better soon – Trudi ‘n’ Ian xxx

Indy: “Why did you settle in the States – and why Connecticut?” When I left Mott (and taxes in the UK hit 89%) we decided to give the U.S. a go. Always a keen fan of the States. My wife was American, my manager was American, and he found us our first house near to him. We moved to Manhattan for several years, but I was on a bus with Jess and we saw a man shoot another man – at least I did (I quickly covered Jess’s eyes) and then thought that it’s back to the country for us. Our friends, Dennis and Iona Elliott were in Connecticut and the countryside reminded us of England.

Col Spikings: “Just spent 17 days in hospital and read ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Sweepstakes’ vol. 1 – a great read and what a journey. Glad you stuck with it. Now home and reading vol 2”. Enjoy – hope you are feeling better.

Bob Knight: “Don’t know if you’re familiar with Bob Mortimer, very funny man, partner of Vic Reeves. Just reading his autobiography, and he quotes a few lines from the ‘Ballad of Mott’ at the start of one chapter – another fan!” Goodho!! Hope all is well with you, Bob.

Robert Sharpe: “Now you’ve done it. Promising the new album will be a rocker – excited expectations. Don’t be a tease, please.” It’s my version of whatever Rock ‘n’ Roll is.

James: “When did you come to the conclusion that corporations have both parties by the balls in America?” Whatever happened to the monopolies commission?

David Drew: You always think the stuff you’re writing at the time is the best stuff you’ve ever done – it has to be that way.

Jim Bulkowski: “I think you have the most awesome voice in music – who would be an influence to you?” In the beginning it was Dylan. Now it’s just whatever comes out of my mouth – lyrics have a lot to do with it.

Rich J: “I was always amazed at Mick Ronson’s talent; he seemed to suit your sound perfectly. Do you have a favourite performance of his?” Well, ‘Once Bitten’ was a killer for a start. ‘Bastard’.

John R: “Over all the years of touring you must have performed in plenty of places and with plenty of other up and coming bands. Any band that sticks out you either toured with or shared a stage with that you thought would hit it big?” Well, I’m not usually around for the full set of the opening band – I like to clean up at the hotel. I remember ‘Keep Yourself Alive’ and ‘Liar’ – I thought they had a shot.

Lynne: No more tea for you then. I can assure, when I know – you’ll know.

Per Hellmers: Good venue, good backstage, good audience.

Brian loves ‘When I’m President’.

Kyle Telleson: Re: Ronno/Mott. Sorry, Kyle – says video is not available any longer.

Edward Shirley: “Thought about doing a live Horse’s Mouth? Somebody reads you the questions and you give the answers (or not!). Surely quicker and easier.” We’ll see.

Dred Scott: “How are you doing with the tinnitus?” Changes with the weather.

Michael Baseman: Tinnitus doesn’t go away really. Many musicians and others have it; you have to learn to live with it. Some manage better than others.

Michael Wolf: “Waterlow”.

Damien Cavendish says I cropped up on GB news the other day on Mark Steyn’s show.

John Frawley: “Did you prefer playing larger arenas like when I saw you at Cobo Hall in Detroit in 1981 or smaller intimate settings?” I like smaller places where you can see who you’re singing to, but the facilities and support at the larger venues are better.

Dru: Last I heard, not much change.

Richard Boffo: Thanks, P. O. Box 245, Bridgewater, CT 06804-3510

Stephen Bradley: Verdict is out on this one for the moment.

John Romano: Re: ‘Short Back ‘n’ Sides’ Ronno and I were a bit knackered on this one so Mick Jones (Clash) saved the day. It’s a bit odd and different, but we liked it.

Laurent: All the best to you and your wife.

Ernie Dewing: There you go!

Bob Boyle: Not that I recall. We were generally not into repairing. Buff might have done something, but I don’t think so.

Dru: “In 1984 David Gilmour had his pick of any guitarist in the world to fill out his band and he picked Mick Ralphs.” Well Mick lived near Dave Gilmour (and George Harrison) and they use to hang out together. I saw that show in NYC – great. I met Andy Warhol backstage.

Leigh Henry: “Australia!” One step at a time.

Will K: “I’m thinking of becoming a musician myself. Any tips for surviving the industry?” Stay smart.

Sarah Donahue: The Mick one was and is hard work. The David one was a lot easier.

Jim: “Who’s your favourite guitarist that you have not worked with but would like to?” I was watching that guy Derek Truck this morning – he’s pretty special. I have, and am, playing with some amazing guitar players – just not keen on show offs – prefer those that play to the tune.

Owen Kelley: “Rant Band’s Steve Holley recently performed on a new CD by Badfinger guitarist Joey Molland. Have you heard it?” Not yet. Steve’s snowed under with work lately.

George Miller: Don’t know at this point – just trying to finish off the album. New management, new label – it all takes time.

Pasquale: “Happy Valentines Day to you and Trudi. This year it will be 50 years – are you planning a Honeymoon? Where did you go on your Honeymoon back then?” Yup 50 years married to Tru. Time flies … honeymoon back then? No – we were gigging 25 out of 30 days a month! Angie Bowie threw us a party at the Gunter Grove office. David sent us a belly dancer!

Tim Mannion loved the show at the Tabernacle in Mt. Tabor, NJ – and so did we.

David Drew: (Bartini Bar in Babylon!): Loved every guitar player I ever worked with for different, various reasons. Who’s the most ‘loveable’ – the great Ariel Bender!!!

Matt Nojonen: I like to vary it a little; sometimes you can get stale. It’s nobody’s fault.

Rick Graves says some of the records I’ve been on are getting expensive. I told you I was good!

Hal: Gary was a strange one, I only met him briefly back stage. He was different. I watched him do ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ from the side of the stage – he did it on his own and he was nervous, but he pulled it off beautifully. What a singer and song! RIP

Jack: Cazal.

Ron Harris: Not yet.

Dave Griffiths MBE: “Hey Ian, what were you doing on Thursday, 13th April 1972? I’ll tell you – MTH were playing Newcstle City Hall. Ticket were 65 pence – and now the kids pay a couple of quid cos they need it just the same! A ticket for the gig forms part of a display in the Discovery Museum in Newcastle! I took a photo of the ticket.” Nice one.

Pat saw Gary Brooker at the City Winery in 2019 – Fantastic!

Charles Sweeney: I’m feeling fine except for the irritating you know what. Say hello to Scott; lovely chap.

Steve Meyer: “Before I get nuked by Putin – a question. Recently discovered Mr. Big/Broken Home/Dicken, bands I missed back then ‘cos I was Mott fixated. Thoughts?” Stan Tippins had something to do with them and he got me to produce. EMI didn’t release the album (too ballsy) but a rather famous producer heard it and congratulated me later. I think it did appear eventually. Good lads. Dickens was 100% DUCK!!

Jeffrey: Oh dear … So sorry about this. Send our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Hunter Tremayne picked up all the clues – new album is called – ‘Just in Time’ – right?” Wrong.

David Morgan: I think you should cheer up a bit!

The Magic Christian: ‘When I’m President’ is very similar to the biblical story of Elijah the over comer who will come before the coming of the lord to right all things. Was this your inspiration in writing this song?” I’m a rational being.

Victor Martinez: I know the next two will come out on vinyl. Hopefully, eventually, they all will.

Rob Rawlings remembers Gary at Hammersmith too. How you doin’ Rob? How’s Fay?

Matt Nojonen: Don’t worry about it!

Brent: I shall endeavor!!

Neil McCormack: Buff and Pete were tied together from school onwards. Anyway, I was knackered.

Ross Murdock: “Did you guys actually do a gig in an abandoned gas storage tank in Switzerland?” Actually, it was a ‘converted’ gas storage tank – but that was the night we split up. I have the poster.

Jeffrey Scott Strawn: “You sly one! Blown away by ‘Dirty Job'”.

Dru: “A few of your favourite footballers.” I saw Pele score a hat trick when he was playing in New York – way back when. Two were free kicks – the ball semi-circled – right of the defenders and then left into the net. Pele just laughed both times. Kevin De Bryner the guvnor for me. Class of his own.

Frank Cino: A lot of re-organizing to do. I don’t know.

Dale Smejkal: “Just finished both volumes of ‘R&R Sweepstakes’ – thank you for sharing. What’s left on your bucket list?” Dunno – things have a habit of happening. We’ll see. By the way, it was Campbell Devine who wrote it, so it’s him you should thank!

Peter Jordan: “Did you ever come across ‘Sweet’ or any of the and members?” I remember the singer and the bass player coming up to Ronno and me in a restaurant in Sweden one night. They were known for great ‘B’ sides.

Jim S on opening for Tull and Traffic. Yeah, we opened for both bands early on. I remember doing Texas and opening for Traffic and Mountain (big places). Tull I remember the Warehouse in New Orleans and in Flagstaff, AZ.

Gary Herman attended a gig in Cleveland a few years back with his daughters. They loved the music and while there they had a conversation with two lovely ladies – turns out – according to the crowd mates in the know – they were Trudi and Sue (Boshie’s lady).

Matt Parrish has been on a bit of a WHO kick lately and saw that Ronno worked with Roger on his ‘One of the Boys’ album. “Were you guys mates?” Nah – the only time I met Roger was at Ronno’s Memorial gig. He was really nice about ‘Saturday Gigs’ – seemed like one of the boys.

Dru: “Do you think Fats Domino is a bit overlooked?” Didn’t we do this one before? Fats and Elvis – 1954 – when it all began. He certainly wasn’t overlooked by me.

Gary Gibson: Thanks.

John Wilson: The wife and kids!!!

And so to bed! Thank you all for hangin’ in! Love ‘n’ kisses
The Horse’s Mouth

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