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Horse’s Mouth

June 17, 2022

Horse's Mouth (Issue #234, June 2022)

The Horse’s Mouth
June 10, 2022

How wonderful it is to be told (in no uncertain terms) by multitudes – just how antiquated one is.

I thank you all most humbly (it’s gonna happen to you, too.) …

“Happy Birthday” will now be HB – because it’s too long.

Dennis Walsh doesn’t want ‘Sweepstakes’ to end – it hasn’t.

Stonefly is reading a book called “Pougemahone’ by Patrick McCabe. He says I’m mentioned throughout and MTH as well. Was I aware of this? Nope.

James Ellis: “I read you saw Buddy Holly live! Wow!” Leicester De Montford Hall. Three of them round a reslo mike. Double bass – snare – guitar – that was it. And I couldn’t hear the bass or the snare – just Buddy – who had a rather tall amp and six Strats – all different colors. First time I ever saw a Strat.

Paul Wolfe asks if I ever crossed path with Gary Brooker. Once – at Ronno’s memorial. He was different. He did ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ on his own on piano and he was nervous. It was great. Met up once with Matthew Fisher, but nothing came of it.

Ralph Cohen: “oh dear, Mrs. Aspinall. After all I’ve done for your husband! If I’m ever there – point her out to me!!

Scott Mc Crumb: “Ian, take Cleveland Rocks and Crash Street Kids while growing up in Ohio, and one could write ‘Pumped Up Kicks’. Music plagiarism/Copyright infringement?” Dunno.

Anders Chevalier: “I think it’s about time for a collected lyrics release. Any plans ahead?” Trudi and Campbell have been talking about it for a while.

David Ratcliffe: “BTW from the occasional remarks you make about your missus, I have a feeling she takes good care of you. She sounds like an absolute treasure. Please tell her ‘Thank you’ from the rest of us. I hope you always remember her birthday and anniversary!” It is deeply etched!! You don’t mess with Trudi, however I’m absolutely sure I’d have been long gone without her. She’s the one. As far as bizarre song titles go – I’d blame Guy Stevens for most of that.

Chris Gouin says I’m the reason he started playing guitar. Nice.

Howard: They don’t solve the problem, but they really do belittle it.

Jeffrey: Re: ‘Soundtrack of our lives’ comment. Thanks, Jeffrey

John Dalton I’ve grown bored with soccer. The rich teams beat the poor teams – it’s all money – corporate. Yes, there’s the odd upset, but overall – I’m over it. I might watch Liverpool and I can’t watch Shrewsbury Town – so …

Barry: Mick got a bill at the end of the Rolling Thunder tour – seriously!

Keith Hollinshed: “Any thoughts on. Gigs – hope they are sit down venues.” Still haven’t figured that one out yet. Covid, insurance – it’s difficult to plan at the moment.

Dru: “Have you had any significant back flare-ups since that was a major issue?” Back is fine as long as I don’t go roof jumping.

Michael Outram: “I suppose the big question is when are you going to release your new album.” As of now, it looks like November. The first part of a two-part album.

Scott Bowers: Long time ago, but how cool was it to tour with Ringo?” It was great. I came home one day and that famous voice was on my answering machine. A Beatle on my answering machine!!! I was a teenager again! Oh – and it didn’t end there.

Scott Albert: Was the chatter before ‘Mommas Little Jewel’ planned or improvised?” Dunno, but I don’t remember anything ever being ‘planned’ – we’d just do it.

Edward Shirley: “What was ‘Rose’ in the song like; I’ve always thought of her a druggie.” At the time, she was the only clean one of the family as far as I knew.

Paul: “Saw Simon Kirk at Darryl’s House and he talked about you and Mick Ralphs and played ‘Ready for Love’. I was thinking you might pop by.” I didn’t know he was on.

Mark Eaton: “Another round of R & R inductions and you’re not mentioned. Are they kidding?” Musta pissed someone off!

Anders Akerstrom likes ‘Boy’ and the latest stuff. Cheers.

Dru: ‘Did you like ‘Sweet’?” To be honest I never listened to them, but they had a good reputation. Ronno liked their b sides.

Alan Graham: “Listening to ‘Rest In Peace’ – quite moved as I usually follow the melody not the lyrics, but you nailed it on this one.” I think the fact that most people don’t bother too much with lyrics is a pain in the ass, but what can one do!!

John Frawley: “HB and many more Hope your health is okay. Looking forward to the new album. Any idea on a release date?” November.

Scott “So, I have always been a huge George Harrison fan. A friend asked me why…I told him it’s the lyrics and he told me to check your later work. Personal opinion – your lyrics show frustration like Harrison’s only with a rock edge. What do you think of the comparison.?” Well – he’s a Beatle!! Seriously – dunno.

James Pair III: “So it’s debated – I’m one of the biggest Ian fans! ‘Whizz Kid’ was my world at the time. I also idolized Buddy Miles ‘Them Changes’. Any insight to his brilliance?” I am not worthy!!

Julie: “Hi – my Dad has followed you since the 80’s and he made me love your music. How can you make such good music? Any tips?” Hang in – don’t give up. Be yourself (after you’ve copped a bit off people you like).

Timothy T Peterson: “Did Ronno get over the Spiders pay issue by Bowie or was it still a point of tension between them?” Mick never bitched – he kept it inside. You want to blame somebody – blame management.

Oour Willie fe the close: I don’t do lists Willie – they’re all my babies.

Mike: I’ve seen photos where you appeared to be sitting in with the British Lions on one of their concerts. How did that happen? Was it pre-planned?” No recollection of this, although I obviously knew the guys. I would probably be ‘Dudes’, but long forgotten.

Fred Jardin: First, let me thank you for the noble work you are doing!!

Laurent Moitrot: “The French guy here. Did Queen ever get on stage with Mott?” Of course!! ‘Dudes’ never sounded better. Brian still gets up with me occasionally. Good mates.

Ronald Sexenian: “How’s my hero of all time feeling of late?” (Even better after that intro.) “My fav album is ‘The Hoople’ and other fav album is ‘White Riot’ (The Clash).” OK.

Bryan: HB – ta!

Ole: “Hope to see you in Norway again.” Ditto.

Tom Caulfield: (our Australian affiliate!) 63 today – congrats. Darrell Bath was in the band at that time. Darrell was a walking lyric – only he didn’t know it – I did.

Richard: Any Winery shows? Not at the moment, although the excellent Alejandro Escovedo is covering for me this year with the Ranters. For all of you going – have a great evening.

Anthony Prendergast: “Would you ever sing in a karaoke bar?” “I Wanna Get Outta Here’.

Michael Wolf: “How about a zoom concert for the faithful?” I don’t think it’s the same. ‘Ever crossed paths with ‘Yes'”. Yes – I hung out with Jon Anderson one night at the Marquee and then the Speakeasy. Never did understand that band. One long beginning – one long end – not much in the middle. I have to say, I was talking to Taylor Hawkins (bless him) recently and he was a huge ‘Yes’ fan. It’s all opinions. Too muso for me. Having said that, ‘Yes’ were great musicians.

Lewis P: “I saw a lot of memorable shows re: Celebrity Theater, but Mott the Hoople and Bruce Springsteen brought down the house!” Nice one.

Dru: I thought Bob Neuwirth was great in ‘Don’t Look Back’ – very entertaining.” That’s how Ronno got the Rolling Thunder gig – Suzi started talking to Bobby Neuwirth. Then Dylan said to Mick ‘We’re going on the road – wanna come?”

Seth Purvin: “How about writing a paragraph about each of the songs on the new album and perhaps print the lyrics as well – something to fill the 12″ cover.” We have more than enough that will fill the 12″ cover.

Seth Purvin II: “Are you following the Johnny Depp fiasco?” Suffice to say the John that Trudi and I know is a gentle, sweet, talented and thoughtful musician. That’s what we know.

Gareth Toms: In a recent issue of Classic Rock, Steve Vai picks MTH Live as his favourite live album saying that it represented that live ‘aroma’ of a concert. Adding, after complimenting you and Bender, “It was back then when nobody was trying to impress each other with how great they could play. Me? I used to jump around my bedroom to the ‘get your arse off’ section, before going down the pub on a Friday night.”

Bob Boyle: Drama, drama, drama!

Janey: You’re welcome –

Bob Boyle II: “In 1975 Gilbert Godfried first began as house m.c. at NY’s CBGB’s introducing punk artists like the Ramones, Patti Smith and Richard Hell. If you’ve got any pictures – you’re sitting on some cash.” I was a huge Gilbert Godfried fan. Met him – he was really shy and awkward. I’d have to go out and get some air half way through his show – he was hilarious. Sadly missed.

Peter Jordan has been revisiting ‘Wildlife’. Tells his thought on predestiny. Never really thought about it – dunno.

Rob Donison is on about the Hall of Fame. It’s a corporation – it does what it wants.

Tony S: “Ever hear from Benmont Tench these days? You, Petty and Reed are my faves.” Only ever met him once in LA at the Village Recording Studio. He was with Mike Campbell – both lovely people.

Dave Griffiths MBE: “Did you ever meet Dave Tedstone who was a guitarist in one of the bands that morphed into MTH?” I never met him, but his name came up quite a lot. He was respected by Pete and Buff.

Claire: “Watching my 10 year old and my 14 year old dancing to ‘Cleveland Rocks’. 3rd Generation IH/MTH fans. They can recite the lyrics to nearly any of your songs – just like their parents and Grandparents!” Goodho!!

Richard J.A. Hilborne: noted.

Greg Becker: I think the Mott’ album was where it all came together (and then promptly fell apart!!)

Mark F: “How much do I need to save for a private gig?” Not doing anything live at the moment, Mark. I have done private gigs in the past and it can be fun (and expensive!).

Wayne Hall: Recently purchased Ellen Foley’s ‘Night Out’. Did you write ‘Don’t Let Go’ for her or for you?” For me – she did a great job on it though.

Dave: It’s weird these days.

Gary Raine: “Always love seeing you with the Rant Band. Playing ‘Short Back ‘n Sides’. I know Mick Jones was involved, who is a massive fan. Do you have fond memories of that album?” The way I remember it, Mick jones saved the day. Ronno and me were in a bit of a run and Mick Jones brought some sorely needed energy to the proceedings. Nothing was sacred – if it sounded good – it went on the record. He’s a good lad that Jonesy bloke.

Tripp: “When was the last time you kicked a piano off the stage?” Oh that would be way back in the early days when I used to sling an RMI around a bit. Broke a few toes in the process. Our scariest one was when Morgan pushed a grand piano off in a moment of passion. I think it was the Isle of Wight.

Joe Faraci: ‘This month, Chris Carter gave you accolades on his British Invasion SIRIUS show, which you may have heard. First for saying ‘I Wish I Was Your Mother’ is the greatest Mother’s Day song of all time. Then this week in honour of your birthday, he played a trio of your tunes. Says that you are the only star he would go 3,000 miles to see and your’re the greatest. (Blush) You may not have the most fans, but we are the most fervent. HB – where am I taking you for lunch?” Thanks to Chris and your good self.

Dan Hartman: I had a CAT scan and my guy says I’m fine.

Derek Warren: “Don’t know if you’ve seen it, but here in the UK we’re having bank holiday and street parties to celebrate your birthday. Queen Elizabeth’s trying to get in on the act saying it’s her platinum jubilee at the same time!” Some people will do ANYTHING……..

Habiba: “What’s your favourite song from ‘You’re Never Alone With A Schizophrenic?’ It’s one of my most favourite albums ever.” It’s all pretty good.

John McMillan: “If you were to do an album like Bowie did with ‘Pinups’, what songs would you do?” I wouldn’t do that. “Do you miss living in England?” In some ways, yes; in some ways, no.

Paul Kenton: “I always thought the lyric (in ‘Standing in My Light’) : I wish you luck on your very last chance, was in fact, I wish you love on your very last chance. I think this is a much more profound lyric. Could you consider changing the lyric after all these years?” You don’t know who that was about!

Borut Mlakar: “Best groups ever are ‘Ten Years After’ and ‘MTH’. Did you ever hang with Alvin Lee? What was he like?” Nah, Alvin was kinda insular. Their bass, Leo Lyons, played my old bass all the way through and probably still does. Sold it to him for 35 pounds!

George Martin: HB to us.

Bjorn Svange: “HB – Trondheim loves you! Recordings?” On the way.

Edward Renehan: “Thank you for ‘Gun Control’.” You’re welcome!

Andy Smith: Hey Andy – Dennis Dunaway doesn’t live that far from me. We get together now and again – truly a one off, unique musician.

Wade: “I would love to hear you recite your poem for Guy Stevens.” I just did.

Kevin (Newcastle) – on Marc Bolan. Did some great singles – thought he was kind – and he was for a while.

Lynne says her tomatoes are starting to bloom.

Nick: HB Looking forward to the new stuff.

Dave Crisfield: HB

Shinobu Kokubun: HB

Stache: “HB Was Link Wray an influence?” No, but he was great.

Damien: HB

Matt Nojonen: Good, good, good.

Jerome Preisler: HB

Dan Carson: HB

Keith Nickless: HB. (Yes)

Jon White: “Fan for 50 years. One of the best, ‘Dead Man Walkin’ – but tough to listen to.” I’m just glad I wrote it.

Michael & Jeanette: HB. Fans since ’73. Great!

Claire: HB

Rick: I don’t think I’ve ever had a song in an ad!! I take that as a compliment!!

Chris Hludzik: I met Bruce Dickinson on his radio show. He said he should never have done ‘Dudes’ because he got a load of flack from ‘our lot’. A seriously intelligent chap – I like him.

Ian Walker loves Ronno – mentions ‘Sea Diver’ – great arrangement. Yet, it is ‘sweet savage grace’.

Phil T: HB

Irini: HB

Bill Adair: HB

Hunter Tremayne: HB, Squire! (You sound like Morgan!

Mark Hughes: HB

John Channing: “HB – Was listening to Rick Derringer and Friends – any memories of the show?” I do remember that gig. They wouldn’t let Iggy in backstage – I had to go and get him. Rick had all his gear stolen – that’s why we did it.

Chris Hartman: HB

Keith L: HB

Neal McAvoy: Viva macho x for. Of yes.

Keith Hollinshed: HB

Tripp: HB

Chad: HB

Wullie: HB ‘och the noo

Shug Laverty: HB

Amanda: “HB Thank you for your words and music keeping me sane in an insane world.”

Jeffrey: HB

David Shasha & wife: “Sto lat (Polish for a hundred years).” Thank you!

Bill C: HB

Claire: “At the end of ‘Rest in Peace’ what are willow pattern pictures?” Dunno, china?

Will K: “The story about Morgan walking into the first rehearsal with a drink in his hand true?” Yup – that got him the gig (that and his chops). I love characters!!

Francis L: Re: ‘Gun Control’ It’s good to explain it to kids – they might be a little too young to get it. HB

Andrew Stonestreet: HB & enjoying moi on the back porch.

Indiana: “The R&R Hall of Fame = your serious opinion?” Haven’t got one.

Carlo Matthews: “When was the last time you wrote something that sent a real tingle down your spine?” Frequently, recently – and it’s not all due to me.

Pasquale: “HB – from sunny Italy.” Thank you. I’m hearing November – but that could change.

Dave Turner: “How long did it take to write ‘God Take 1’?” Dunno – that’s way back. It wasn’t that hard once I got into it – maybe a week?

Bart: “Why do you sing ‘like Britt’ when so many around you did not?” I just sing what the song tells me. It’s not always been ‘Britt’ or maybe it has!

Dru: HB

Daniel Griffin Halferty: HB

Ray Mackie: HB

K Lucas: “HB – bring back Luther!!” I think you mean the great Ariel Bender!! Who knows …

G. Mick Smith, PhD: HB – Now writing a novel. Contact the publisher.

Hal: HB. CSM Management.

So here we are another year older and deeper in sh_t!!

Thank you all – not only here, but on the appreciation site and elsewhere for remembering my exalted age.

Now let’s get back to business!

Love ‘n’ kisses
The Horse’s Mouth

P.S. those who don’t think I write this site are dips.

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