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Horse’s Mouth

April 28, 2023

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #244, April 2023)

April 2023 Horses Mouth

How’s it going?


Rick Graves: Hi Ian! Just wanted to say thanks for including my photograph in your video for, “I Hate Hate.” How exciting to watch it for the first time and see my image scroll across screen. Never in a million years did I think I’d be included in something like this. Hope you liked my homage to your great album, “Shrunken Heads.” Greatly anticipating the new album – can’t come soon enough! Take care, Rick

IH: Quite a performance!


Chris G: Are there any plans to re-release “When I’m President”, “Man Overboard” and “Shrunken Heads” on vinyl?

IH: Not at this time.


Lucien Howlett: Great to hear your new music – amazing, will you ever stop? You have been part of my musical life since c1981 when I plucked one of your albums out of the reduced bin in Woolworths Bognor Regis. The album – Overnight Angels – and I loved it, although not a commercial or critical success?! Whatever, it led to a great decades-long relationship. Will you return to Blighty for some dates?

IH: Not yet – I have to finish part 2.


Barry: Hey Ian, I saw two clips of you on YouTube. I have never come across them before after all these years. The 1st one was you doing Michael Picasso on a VH Show. Best version ever. Brings me to tears ust to watch it. I don’t know how you get through singing the words. And on a happier note. I saw a clip of you and Mick at a radio station in Sweden or somewhere. Mick was telling a joke about camping. Then they put out a sack fill of items for you guys to pull out and react to them. One of the few times you get to see you and Mick together joking around. Never saw Mick so animated. It was great fun watching you guys. Do you have any memories of these two videos? Hint 1st item pulled out was a platform shoe you joked it was small so must have been Dave Hill’s from Slade. You guys looked like you really had fun with each other back in the day. Thank you for all the memories!

IH: Mick Ronson was a riot. We used to share a room on some tours. I’d wake up and he’d be arguing with “The Price is Right’ on the telly!


Jack: Do you pick up a guitar every day?

IH: Nah. Only when something’s going on in my head or when I have absolutely nothing else to do.


Mike Costanzo: I was listening to “Irene Wilde” the other day (for the thousandth time) and it never fails to amaze me how much you nailed being 16 years old. By the time you’re 16, you have outgrown puppy love, and whatever hits you hits you hard. When you’re in love at that age and it doesn’t pan out you really feel like it’s the end of the world. But you go on, and you grow because of it. A lot of songwriters glorified the age like Neil Sedaka (Happy Birthday Sweet 16) and a ton of other “happy stuff”. But nobody captured the awkwardness of it like you did. Sixteen can be a great age but it can also be painful and devastating when it comes to romance. Not having a car or driver’s license doesn’t help either, so your’e basically stuck. I’m 61 now, and wouldn’t mind going back in time and be 17 or 18 again, but wouldn’t touch 16 with a ten foot pole. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: thanks for the great songs, they continue to resonate.

IH: Thing was – ginger hair was not flavor of the month.


Steve Smith: Hi Ian:

Lifelong fan (really, no BS, saw you as Mott on the bill at Morris Civic Auditorium in the early 70s). I’m wondering if you will ever tour solo or with a band again. I live in Grand Rapids, Mi, and we have a lot of venues that would be perfect. My wife and I would be honored to treat you and Trudi to an amazing dinner as well!

Dr. Steve

IH: Sounds good – put a hold on that.


Peter Johnson: Listening to hymn for the dudes the other day, I got wondering about the ‘sweet instant Christian’ and the king. Not quite sure what they were referring to? King – earthly ie Elvis – or heavenly ie Jesus. Christian – literally or metaphorically? Peter

IH: I was being doubtful.


Mario: Your last time with the Rant Band in Spain, playing a few theathers (like 5-6 years ago) is remembered in this country’s “rock” music aficionados (fans) as high class performances. Those kinds which are seen once in a long way… One year later, another big surprise when you came back with Mott’s last rebirth to a rock festival in the Basque Country (north of Spain). Memories of those shows are great in here. How do you remember those? Thanks

IH: With much affection – thoroughly enjoyed it.


Tom McGarry: Superb interview with Billy Sloane and great to hear yet more stunning songs from Defiance part 1. Thanks.

IH: Yeah – done a few with Mr. Sloane. Glad you are enjoying.


Dru: Did you ever find out which party Jimi attended, NYC or London?

IH: Never did.


David Shasha: Hi Ian. Well, Alejandro and the Ranters certainly did you proud in London tonight – and there was a lot of love for you from the audience. Maggi Ronson came with me, and we both send you our best wishes. Looking forward to the new album (and thrilled to be in the I Hate Hate video!).

IH: Glad you made it! Say hello to Maggie for me.


David Hamilton: Well, an obvious one – are there any plans for gigs – including the UK? (how are the ears?) And another one – Love the new ‘Bed of Roses’ but why did everyone have to go to Germany? Is that scene still there? Sorry – that was three. Bye!

IH: Bands went to Germany because their clubs were 7 nights a week. In England – especially in the provinces – you only got 1 or 2 gigs a week (and they paid less).


Tamara Guo: Waiting patiently for the new album. The first 3 tracks you released sound amazing. I wanted to say thank you for including me in your #IHateHate video, what an absolute honor & a thrill to be associated with such an important message from my favorite songwriter of all time. I sure hope you manage some gigs this Fall if not sooner. I did get to see Al with the Ranters last June & just followed their UK/Spain jaunt online…but we travelers miss YOU! All the best to you & Trudi. Cheers, Tamara

IH: Well, we’ve got part 2 to finish first. Glad you like the first three.


Steven Carpenter: You gotta tour the U.S. Are you thinking about this?

IH: Not at the moment – got part 2 to finish.


Jeff O’Sullivan: IAN ..I hope this gets to you. THANK YOU for being the most influential and special musician in my life. In the early 80’s I was fortunate enough to be able to bring many of my college friends to see my favorite musician in New Haven and you gave me your guitar strap and your crew gave us free tickets to the next night in Hartford. I have seen you dozens of times. Before the pandemic, I was able to bring my wife and brother to see you for the first time in Portland Maine. I chased you down in the street and you could not have been more kind to all of us, especially my wife…. your new single is amazing and I cannot wait for the new album to arrive next month. I hope you’re well and I hope our paths cross again. Be well and THANK YOU!

IH: Cheers, Jeff.


Terry Wallace: You have been enlightening my life since 1972. The rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame can piss off, for the much overdue induction of you and your mates.

My sister and I got our rock ‘n’ roll wish come true when we got to see the Mott the Hoople reunion in Cleveland Ohio. It was absolutely glorious.

I had the pleasure of being the Dermatologist for Rick Tedesco’s (Guitar Hanger) parents when they live here in Georgia.

We would always talk about you and your music.

Don’t know if you’re familiar with HUGS 24/7 online radio for independent artists, out of Pennsylvania, but my band, The Henrys, scored two songs that hit #1 and #2.

You can visit our website;

Anywho, you moved mountains in my musical direction and deep grooves in the record of my sound track.

God Bless you Ian Hunter, (the Nazz)


IH: I’ll have a look.


Mick McKenzie: Hi, I’m guessing AJ & the Ranters had your OK for the recent gigs. I hope so, anyhow. They were superb and did you proud. If not the real thing, definitely the next best thing. Thanks again for the music and look forward to the new album. Cheers.

IH: Of course they had my ok. I was proud to be a Ranter.


Michael Flanagan: What were the circumstances of collaborating with Todd Rundgren? We’re you mates or strictly business partners?

IH: We’ve been mates/colleagues since the John Anderson days. We get on great. He’s the beauty – I’m the beast!


Nathan: Have wondered about the type of venue an English “gas tank” is that drove MTH over the edge, i.e. “if this is rock and roll, you can have it”. Is it like an American gas station? Something else?

IH: It was a big, round, metal thing that slowly lowered as the gas was pushed out. 


John: Which of these magic powers would you rather have: never stepping in dog shit again, or never being able to smell anyone else’s farts but your own?

IH: Grow up lad.


Scott: Hi Ian haven’t had a chance to let you know that your history of your music is just remarkable and are so waiting for the next addition defiance part 1 I put ringos dvd with you and all the great stars on and it’s just great greg lake looked like a great man and Sheila e was fantastic keep rockin ian scott from down under

IH: Greg Lake was indeed a great man, and Sheila E – fantastic.


Stephen Pitalo: Do you have fond memories of shooting the video for “All of the Good Ones are Taken” and what are they? It’s one of my all-time favorite music videos.

IH: Yeah – you work your ass off from dawn to midnight – 3 straight days – and then they play it back to you and it’s 3 minutes long. Whizz bang!


James H Pair III: Glad to see JM shared my photo with you. MTH74 in Cleveland. Got a kick out of seeing it behind you whilst plugging the new album. So my question is; Was being “ a people’s band and being fan friendly” important to you for a promotional value or you being kind? I enjoy reading the Horses Mouth hearing from fans that share their stories like mine and how they first found MTH or yourself! Thanks so much for sharing your craft to us all.

IH: It’s not that I’m fan friendly – I’m just normal – if people are nice to me – I’m nice to them.  I’ve been lucky.


Scott: Where are the tshirts for Defiance ??? Great colors and design!!!



Andy Allison: Fantastic to hear you on Johnnie Walker/Radio 2, and great the amount of exposure you are currently receiving for Defiance Pt 1. I have to thank you for the amazing video, ‘I Hate Hate’, in which my granddaughter was included – can’t thank you enough for that. What an inspired idea, and thoughtful to include us fans! My granddaughter thinks you personally selected her picture to be included and you are now both best friends. She was therefore excited to hear you on the radio yesterday (2nd April), and she thought you would mention her. If nothing else, you have another generation of fans, brought up my kids to listen to you and your music, and now grandkids It has to be a positive!

I had the pleasure of seeing and meeting The Rant band in Glasgow, they were brilliant, icing on the cake would have seeing you there too, ( but understand reasons why ). Counting down the days until the new album is out.

Thank you for still making music, and thank you for making my granddaughter happy. To quote her…”Well. that’s me famous now!” If only it was as simple as that! Thank you, and take care!


IH: Geez – I forgot – tell her I’m sorry!


Laurent Moitrot: hello Ian. the French guy here. Just back from the London Escovedo + Rant Band gig. That was a good one. The band was on fire and Alejandro did a good job ! that said the wife (a die hard Escovedo fan) said “good but I prefer when Hunter is singing”. Now about my question : I was listening to some of your older records. Some songs are straight ahead “guitar + bass + drums” and some others have more sophisticated arrangements and structures. Is it something you already have in mind when writing a song or does it just happen like that in the studio ?

IH: It all depends on what you think the song needs. Andy and I discuss it and take it from there. You kind of imagine the finished article and then pursue it.


Tom Cutis: Firstly, I’d like to thank you and Proper Records for the Stranded In Reality box. A magnificent labor of love! Loving the new album tracks. Ordered a signed CD. Love your lyrics and music! A lyric question, tho…a line in Shrunken Heads goes “It used to be 10/Now it’s 10.08”. A friend pointed out the same line, asking what it means. Can you clarify?

IH: You’ve got me there. Sometimes a line comes, and you just go with it. Even though it’s making no sense – it wants to be in it!


Ralph Cohen: Had a natter over a few Herbert’s with Mr Aspinall at the boozer last night and we had a debate over your finest tunes. Which three songs are you most proud of son?

IH: Usually the ones I’m writing at the moment – discovery.


Don Luebbert: Dear Ian Hunter, I am really thrilled about being part of your „I Hate Hate“ video, an instant RnR classic complete with trademark pumpin´ piano. Now I can´t wait to hear the complete Defiance Pt. 1. And if you should decide to make a tour outside the US, you do know that after the success of „Bed of Roses“ you have to play the Reeperbahn again! After all it has been a long time coming with your early days in Hamburg and the gatefold of the Mott album… I would really love to see you on Große Freiheit!! Don (of Kon & Don), Germany

IH: Oh man – that would be fun!!!


Ed Marentette: Ian – Just a thank you for so many years of joy your music and performances have given me. In 1970 I lived in a huge house with 18 students. My roomies and I would buy a record every week, then listen together.

Not having heard of Mott, we bought Mott’s first record simply due to the Escher cover. Listening that night became a spiritual experience for me. Had never heard anything like it, with your unique voice, the mix of both piano and organ, and Mick’s, Overend’s and Buff’s beautiful playing. I listened to that entire record 7 straight times before falling asleep, and have been a huge fan ever since. I’ve seen every iteration of you touring, beginning in 1971 and including Mott ’74.

Can’t thank you enough for the joy and comfort your music has provided(and is still providing) over the years and can’t wait for Defiance. God Bless Mott the Hoople & Ian Hunter!

IH: How lovely!! Thank you, Ed.


Malcolm Lay: This year in July MOTT the album is 50 years old.

This was an iconic album with great songs and production.

Are there any plans to re release it, or to have any celebration by you ??

IH: Dunno; I don’t keep track of these things.


Robert Clayton: WOW!!! Totally blown away after hearing the new tunes!! Bed of Roses is your best song since RANT. My girlfriend loves it too. Hope to see you in New Hope soon!

Query – Where was the Star Club?

How’s the tinnitus going?

Wishing you every blessing Ian. You’re the original rock star! Peace & love Rob Clayton

IH: 1. The Star Club was in Hamburg.  2. About the same.


Elvin PoseyI: I was thrilled to see you answered my question about the warehouse in NOs! As one of my fav songwriters could you check out my website on reverberation and give me some

comments! bad or good! if you like old school rock I think you may like some of it. I’m sure your busy and could care less but that’s okay I totally understand.

IH: I’m not longer good with studio stuff – I leave it to  Andy York and James Frazee .


Tom McGarry: Hi, loving the new tracks and even if it’s an unintended consequence of how they were recorded it’s great that there are no fade outs on tracks but rather a solid ending. Can’t wait till the full album release, not to mention part 2. Cheers.

IH: Yeah, you would have thought there’d be a couple of ‘fadeouts’ under the circumstances – but that’s how good we all are!!!


Albert: Hi Ian,

I saw you first back in 79 in Portland, ME while you were supporting the Kinks. You opened with FBI (I think) and you weren’t even on the stage until the 2nd song. Does that sound right? I’d only heard “Just Another Night” at that point on the radio. But that single show made me a lifelong fan and sent me back into Mott, as well. So thank you! (And I can’t tell you how much “I am what I hated when I was young” hits the mark with me.)

IH: When we opened with FBI Ronno took the stage first – then I came on second.


Fred Jardin: I’m loving Defiance Part 1. I truly hope you tour with this incredible material.

I just heard Pavlov’s Dog from the album.

What a great rocker.

If you were to ever cover a Beatle’s song, which one might you choose.

Cheers! Much love from Nott the Hoople 🙂

IH: Todd Rundgren and I did cover a Beatles song, ‘Eight Days a Week’ when we toured together.


Jane: Listened to your interview with Johnny Walker, who out of all the radio dj’s has given you the most support over the years.

IH: I’ve had a lot of good will from radio DJ’s over the years (and not the stupid ones – the good ones). Always a pleasure with Johnny Walker; he knows his stuff.


Craig Nevitt: Be Bop Deluxe “Live In The Air Age” and Thin Lizzy “Live and Dangerous” albums have been recently released as expanded editions with all recorded shows from the tour released as a box set. Are there any resources to do something along those lines with any recordings archived from the “Mott The Hoople Live” tour? , we’re more shows recorded that could follow this type of release?

IH: Not my department.


Craig Nevitt: Listening to lots of great live stuff lately , Johnny Cash at Foulsham Prison and San Quintin being two. Have you ever played gigs in any unconventional places like this Ian ?

IH: Not unless you count a gas tank.


Rory Musil: Dear Ian, I’ve been had the 2nd Campbell Devine book on my side-table with a bookmark at the start of the final chapter since April 2021. I just didn’t want to wrap it up until there was something new on the immediate horizon to get excited about. With Defiance Pt. 1 right around the corner, I finished it today . And what a chapter it is! All the things I’ve never been able to articulate about you and your work are summed up perfectly. Read page 498 if you’re ever feeling down!

Defiance, based on the first three tracks, will be a classic. Another opportunity to make me think & feel a little deeper than any other writer does. Thanks in advance!

I have no questions, no requests, no demands. Just keep moving forward as you always do.



IH: Cheers, Rory.


Jon Norfolk: Hi Ian, although coming from England originally and following MTH through my teens and throughout you musical journey I never had the opportunity to see you live. I’m now settled in New Zealand and I’m sure you are aware of a FB Fanclub site called The Ian Hunter To Tour Down Under Campaign Group. I cannot quantify how many members they have, but like me we all have wondered if you have thought about touring Australia and (hopefully) NZ? I look forward to your comments.

IH: No problem at all with Australia and New Zealand – never been. Andy York has and he says it’s great. Just a couple of things in the way at the moment.


Habiba: Have you ever wished to take part in a soundtrack for a movie or a show ? If so, which movie(s)?

IH: ‘Teachers’; ‘Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore’; ‘Cleveland Rocks’ to name a few.


Liz K: Just realized that the new album will be out in a week or so. Looking forward to hearing all of it. The fist three songs are terrific. Also really enjoying your podcast with the Rockenteurs , (all of you sounded like you were having lots of fun).

I’m really curious about the room/studio in your song Ghosts. What did it feel like? Was it like a presence or a vibe? How would you describe it?

Hope you and Trudi are having a lovely spring.

All the best,


IH: To me – it’s haunted. Could be me; could be the room.


John: Have you ever changed an early song lyric at your wife’s “suggestion” or “objection”?

IH: No, she leaves me to it. It’s what we do. Obviously, it’s a plus if she ‘hears it’ in the early stages and mentions it.


Steve Parsons: Hi Ian and all at Hunter Towers. I’ve just watched a dreadful film called “Every Day is a Holiday”, typical 60’s rom com based around a Butlins holiday camp.

And half way through the film the young starlet sings a song Second time shy, was this inspiration for Once Bitten?

Good luck with the new release.


IH: God knows.


Steve Layton: While recuperating from illness I recently compiled some of your old songs in an acoustic style. Consider them tributes not cover versions. I recovered completely. I think revisiting old Mott helped. Thanks for being the soundtrack to my life.

IH: Glad you’re over it and up to speed.



John Kenwell: Thank you for all your great music and the fabulous live shows that I have been fortunate to have experienced: Ryerson (Toronto), Clifton Hotel with Roy Young (Barrie), Rama (Ringo’s All Stars), and October 2009 Hammersmith( London). Many rock bands and stars are worshipped . You, Ian, are truly loved; I read Horse’s Mouth and everyone who writes to you clearly adores you. Thank you for signing my Mott album and the photo with Roy Young; I treasure both. If you could ask for anything more in your life, what would it be?

IH: No tinnitus!!!


Rob D: REALLY love Bed of Roses… If we put together the stories that are in your songs, could we listeners write a reasonable Ian Hunter biography?

IH: Go for it!


Ernie Dewing: Just wanted to say thank you for continuing to rock, & write powerful songs. Looking forward feels better than looking back. After reading some press the on the new record, I can’t wait to buy it. Happy to have picked you as a most important influence & inspiration with my own songwriting. I’m trying to put together some new songs here on Chappaquiddick Island, where I have a small studio & take care of Mom. The community here has been so generous, gifting all kinds of guitars, amps, & a restored Mason & Hamblin Grand piano that now sits in the living room. Luckily David Stanwood incorporated his piano action, with new strings in the 120 year old case. He’s been teaching me a lot about pianos, & has offered to play on a few tracks. I shot a zoom lecture for him, for the Piano Congress in Warsaw last winter from his workshop on the Vineyard. I live in a 600 sq ft home next to my Mom. Last winter we got rid of the couch & put the mixer there. My hope is in 20 years, when I’m your age, music will still be being made here. My kids, now adults play, as well as the 3 grandchildren. Every day is a gift.

Thanks Ian

what a ride so far…

IH: Nice one, Ernie.


Colin Powell: Hi Ian,

We all know the origins of the ‘Memphis’ single but did you watch the latest Elvis the Movie from 2022? (Tom Hanks cast as Colonel Tom Parker) , personally im not an Elvis fan (i was Born Late ’58), but was very impressed with the movie and worth a watch (ah haa haa, oh yeah).

Howay the Lads and Lasses!

IH: It’s OK – wasn’t too impressed with Tom Hanks.


Jeffko: Well, we are at T Minus 2 days until we can hear the “Rest of the Story”. It has been amazing finding new information about Defiance Part 1 every day, We choke out of google what’s new from the past 24 hours, like Otis Gibbs, with a morning Cuppa. Otis would be sublime as a chronicaler of the release dates intensities and curiosites. Otis has had brief interviews with Dave Rowe, and he has complete 102 saturdays in a row. Your Visit to The Hotel is still amazing to listen to. It was his eighth show on the YouTube. Well hopefully you are having great fun through this too. I am just glad I made it out of heart surgery last week. This was a major goal, to wake up and not misss this release date, and now Lucinda and cHeAp tRiCk on part 2…

IH: Yeah – I like Otis – extremely nice guy and good performer. Congrats on the heart stuff.


Stonefly: “Like a river full of gravity…Grammatical bacteria.”

“Words” Do they always just flow out in the moment as you are writing?

Or, do you jot down phrases as you navigate your day?

I have my pre-order in! Only two more days- well, maybe more factoring in delivery time. Can’t wait- but, guess I’ll have to. Ian, I can’t remember- are pre-orders signed by you?



IH: If I think of something I jot it down – the basement’s a mess with bits of paper. Now and again I go down and sort it out. I did a zoom show where I signed a lot of stuff, but I think they sold old. Then they sent more and I signed more. Perhaps that’s why people are having to wait.  Sorry bout that.


Jerome Preisler: Well, took me a minute to navigate the new-old Horse’s Mouth but here I am, and here are you back with Defiance Part 1, and I can stop holding my breath. Congratulations, and thank you. Now to listen to everyhing about 10,000 times. Guernica is a work of art (gah, sorry). Never stop.

IH: Yeah thanks to Megan at CSM helping us out (Trudi’s very happy).


Dru: I feel like I’m finally getting it through my big fat stupid head that publicists rule the music world

IH: Nah – money.


Gavin Wordsworth: Just got the new lp it’s amazing Ian

I was at Bingly all those years ago on a Sunday night

What a place for such a star to play

One of best gigs in 63 years

Keep rolling Ian love the lp

IH: Cheers, Gavin.


Fred Burkhardt: Purchased Defiance Part 1 . Thank you for rock n roll music with grit, sentimentality, meaningful words and great rocking beats. I miss those days. Your All-Star band and your piano playing are outstanding. As a fan I cannot get enough. Thanks again for all you do to keep rock music alive. Stay healthy and keep those creative juices flowing. Fred

IH: Cheers, Fred.


Dave Hermon Just received my copy of Defiance , two words..:Bloody brilliant .. you never disappoint

IH: Cheers, Dave.


Dave Rowe: All I can say is thank you for Defiance part 1, Keep on burning

IH: You are very welcome, Dave.


Tim Hewtson: Just listened to the whole album. It has that frisson all your albums have had since ‘Rant’ (I’d say since ‘The Artful Dodger,’ as I love that album too). One word for the new album? Fresh!


It sounds so good on first listening. Not a single weak track. All the songs are in the Ian Hunter tradition, but in a tangential new direction – an approach which characterizes almost everything you have ever done and which we all love you for.


A fifty years of thank yous, and ecstatic congratulations!

IH: Back onto cheers, Tim.



Paul Kennett: Hello Ian,

Like everybody really enjoying the new album (cannot tell you how much😉). So pleasing to see you getting the recognition from all quarters.

Just a question though please. Wondering why you decided not to print the lyrics (as you usually have done) in the booklet this time. Personally I love to have them there to refer to.

All the very best to you and Trudi,

Cheers and thanks,

Paul Kennett (Hereford)

IH: Andy said to leave them out – there were so many people we wanted to credit – and there is a kind of mystique about lyrics. When they’re harder to get at than just reading a sleeve. I was fine with that



David morgan: I have just received your latest album what a treat. I have everything you have recorded and in my opinion this album rates as equal best to you first solo album . Can’t wait for part 2. You are like a great wine you improve with age.

IH: Thank you.


Oour Wullie: Just listened to the new album for the first time.

FANDABBYDOZY. Possibly could be best yet on first listen and I have a feeling it will be a grower…..genius at its finest. What a line up.

The stand out track for Mr so far is Guernica a real classic.

I so hope you can tour it

Aurabest to You, Trudi and the Ranters

IH: (bin with us since ‘No Wheels to Ride’) – cheers, Wullie.



Gary P: wow Keep it up dear boy !

IH: I will try.


Matt Nojonen: Dear Mr. Hunter,

Do you remember the first Elvis song you heard, or the one that made the greatest impression? I used to play Elvis 45s on the jukebox at my great uncle Roy’s tavern. “Treat Me Right” is the one I remember best.

IH: ‘Heartbreak Hotel’.


Matt Parish: Hey Ian – Got Defiance Pt1 yesterday and man is it just a true piece of work.


So many moments of tearing off the band aid pain and joyous revelation….incredible.

How can you write so many songs that make me laugh and cry from verse to verse?

Genius… that’s how.

“Bed of Roses” is one of these sentimental recollections of youth that hits so hard I should call a lawyer.

Thank you again…just brilliant Ian…congrats…

IH: Thanks, Matt.



Julian Richards: New album is brilliant but Any chance of the words on the website. My hearing is not the best and don’t want to sing along to the wrong words for the rest of my life.

Looking forward to part 2

IH: Aah – just sing along till it makes sense.


David morgan: I have just received your latest album what a treat. I have everything you have recorded and in my opinion this album rates as equal best to you first solo album . Can’t wait for part 2. You are like a great wine you improve with age.

IH: I’m getting all the credit here – what about the help!!!


Dani Vaucher: Hey Ian. No surprise, I love the new songs. Congratulations on a fabulous album. I can’t stop listening to Guernica and No hard feelings. Will we see a part II soon? Or do we have to wait 7 years again?

We saw you live a few years back in the Mühle Hunziken, Switzerland, what would I give for another concert!! Do you have fond memories of this strange, special concert location, or was it like any other to you?

Best regards from Dani

IH– A bit of a blur, Dani. Was it some kind of artist workshop place?


Tom McGarry: Quite simply Defiance 1 is brilliant. The fast tracks swagger and Rick while the slower ones are both beautiful and touching. I absolutely love “No Hard Feelings” as I was born and raised near Hamilton so appreciate the references.


Andreas Waespi: Dear Ian

As a long time fan of your music from Switzerland . I would like to say Defiance Part 1 is absolutely brilliant. Congratulations.

What is also brilliant is the cover painting from Alan Bull. I would suggest to support you and Alan as artists that you come up with a lithograph for instance 1/100 signed by you and Alan.

I would be the first to buy the No. 1 and I would even buy the original if it’s affordable. What do you think about my idea?

Glad to hear from you. All the best, Andy

IH: Actually, Alan took exactly 20 minutes to do this cover. Great artist.


Jerry Marr: I know you don’t like to have to pick your favorite song you wrote (as they are like your children), but what are your favorites songs that Mick Ralphs wrote, with Mott and after?

IH: ‘Till I’m Gone’ = brilliant song.


Roy: Well the new release showed up yesterday…. it was listened to 1,2,3,4 times…. yeah stuck in the cd player…lol you are a amazing song writer on a roll for your whole career.. thanks for this,and everything else… cheers to Trudy and You! Hope to see and hear you out on the road……. rock on!!!

IH: Ta.


Matthew Zuckerman: I love the new album. Guernica is as good as anything you’ve written, and brave as anything I’ve heard. My question is about the Weeley Festival back in the summer of 1971. I was there and as I recall, you were due to go on at midnight and didn’t actually appear until dawn the next day. Is that right, and do you have any memories of the festival?

IH: Yeah, dawn the next day; hate festivals.


Pasquale: This morning someone from the most famous web-only news site in my county has discovered that in the “I hate hate” video there’s a clip of someone wearing the local football team t-shirt. Our football team won the third division championship this year scoring a lot of record breaking and now we’re back in the second division after 20 years. Catanzaro is a team who was in first division (Serie A) in the seventies and in the eighties, so It has many supporters all over Italy. So the video jumped from 81k to 90k visualizations in about seven hours… This Is the link to the article (lots of sharing, too)

I think you should cry “Forza Catanzaro” other than “Go Shrewsbury, go”….

The record Is fantastic, as usual and as expected. Hope to see and hear the songs on stage somewhere!! Ciao!!

IH: I think you’re right! The ‘Shrews’ have dramatically dipped of late. Still got Northampton though. Looks like automatic promo this year.


Thomas Brecht: Congratulations on this excellent album! The list of participating artists suggested great things, but even the wildest expectations were exceeded.

I wish the album the fame it deserves.

IH: Thank you, sir. Unfortunately, commercial radio is pop, country or rap – so expectations are ‘rational’.


Tony: You are living proof that Rock N Roll is not an age but an attitude. Your new CD Defiance part 1 is just fabulous. A 50 year fan who has enjoyed the ride with you.

IH: Cheers, Tony.


Keith Nickless: Well the new album has been played several times and I have been hit by several questions most of them petty but the biggest one is; your new manager has got an efficient or machine going getting you some great publicity why didn’t you use him before?


All of tracks make me want to dance or weep they are that good. If you don’t get Grammy nominations then you’re the most cheated man in history.

Thank you for the album keep on doing it because you’re bloody good at it 👍

IH: My new manager, bless him, never asked me before!  (


Gary Dedoussis: The main stage at the Winery isn’t booked for June 3rd. Should we be hopeful?

IH: Nah.


Peter Piddock: Hi Ian, Will you be touring the new album now it’s been released?



IH: At the moment we’re concentrating on Part 2 and the participants therein. I’m sure I’ll be out there at some point.  We shall see……


A belated Happy Birthday to Jemma Cobb’s Dad!


Glad you all are happy with Defiance Part 1. 


You’re the reason I’m still doing it.


Love ‘n’ kisses