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Horse’s Mouth

June 5, 2023

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #245, May 2023)

May 2023 Horses Mouth


Here we go again…….

Jon Fazzone: As a Fan since Schizophrenic then worked my way back to Mott & the Solo Albums before Schizophrenic, Special Thank You for all the Years of Wonderful Music. With Defiance Part 1 released (Its Absolutely Amazing) Is there room for some musicians you worked with previously ? Ricky Byrd ,Cuddleford, Earl Slick ? And if you need a Sax player, Michael Monroe? PS. Thanks for this Wonderful Treat that Defiance Part 1 is !!!

IH:  Pretty full at the moment, Jon.


Roy n Pat Dawson: Hi Ian.
Thanks for defiance, definitely worth the wait and already looking forward to defiance 2.
My question is, given that you’ve given pleasure to millions of people, do you ever kick back on a Saturday night , open a bottle of wine and enjoy listening to your own stuff ?
Also we’ve been looking forward to bringing a 3rd generation fan to a live show.
Will she get the opportunity ?
Thanks Ian you have been the soundtrack to our lives.

IH: Nah, but songs come into my head.  I thought ‘Fingers Crossed’ was pretty good.


George Niller: I got the New Album. Great Job. Will Steve , MJ and Jimmy be on the tour??

IH: Cheers.


Joe: Hi, Ian: I had tickets to see the Mott 74 show in Austin, too bad it was cancelled. Any plans to revive the show and tour the US again? I’m a longtime fan and saw MTH in 1974 – Queen had to cancel as your opener; Kansas filled in. Thanks, sir!
IH: Sorry about that, Joe – ear problems.



Dear Ian,
I have been out of commision for a bit. (Bout with cancer, doing better now). Please forgive me if I am asking you to repeat, but how are you doing overall and with the tinnitus?
Many thanks for all the years of amazing music.
Karen in Nashville (Please do a repeat of City Winery depending on your health. We love you in Music City.)
IH: Glad you’re on the mend.  Tinnitus is pretty steady; we’ll see.


Conrad Bibens: Defiance Part 1 is great. You’re having a really good 21st century. I’d have played it louder, but I also have tinnitus. Giving up caffeine seems to help me. Good luck, sir. CB, Houston TX.
IH: Glad you’re enjoying it. Tell your mates!


Uncle Salty: hi IH! I’m loving Defiance Part 1 and I’m looking forward to Part 2.


Any plans to play with “the great Ariel Bender” in the future? I was hoping both Ariel and Morgan would be on the new album.

All the best to you and Trudy.

IH: Not at the moment.


Ian Lowes: Ian – Hello from Newcastle , bought Defiance last Friday ( 21/4) from H M V in Newcastle , the guy said it was best selling album of the new releases that day – congratulations from all here – Howay The Lads
IH: Brilliant!  Just what I want to hear!


Seth Margolies: Every record seems to be better than the last. Defiance Pt 1 is among your best. What keeps you motivated to keep outdoing yourself young man?


Seth: Ian I have been waiting almost seven years for this record I’m not 83 but I’m getting there, and my hearing isn’t what it once was, but my eyes are that of a twenty-year-old so to get out my scalpel and dissect your lyrics I have to ask Ian where the heck are they.
IH: Dunno. Different things come up – I guess this one’s because of the guests that inspired me. Same with the next one. It’s good to be put in a different situation now and again. I love the Ranters, but we did 20 years!!


Liz K: I just want to say… what an incredible and beautiful gift you have given us with Defiance Pt. 1 I knew it would be great but you knocked this one out of the stadium. Thank you so much. I don’t have a favorite song, though Angel and Guernica move me to tears. The line about Cezanne had me going back to my art history books. The black I got but the violent puzzled me. Went back and looked and sure enough… his early work; like The Murder. I had forgotten about that. Boy do you do your research. The entire album is an absolute masterpiece. I can’t stop listening to it. Also, thank you for including us fans with the opportunity to be in your I Hate Hate video. What a cool thing to do. I’d say I can’t wait for Pt. 2, but I can. I want to savor and enjoy this for as long as possible. Glad you are getting well deserved attention and accolades for this wonderful recording. Thank you so much. You are The Best.

IH: Thanks, Liz – much appreciated.


Nightchief: So nice to hear your new album, you still rock!
Are there upsides and/or downsides of getting to your age in the music business?

IH: Downside – Well, ageism comes to the party now and again – which is stupid. What can one do!    Upsides – who gets a fantastic new manager and record deal at my age. Unprecedented, I would think! So, on the whole – upside wins!!


Shug Laverty: Hi Ian,
Hope all is well. The new album is simply outstanding. Fantastic guitar work by all your amazing guests, but they could only be inspired to greatness by your brilliant songs !
The track about your dad is so moving, possibly the most bittersweet ever. I’ve said this before, but despite your difficult relationship I know he would have been immensely proud of your achievements. It was the Scottish way not to show emotion but maybe we’re getting better on this now ! No hard feelings kinda seals the deal !

Hopefully the album gets the plaudits it deserves. Keep on rockin’ ! All the best to you, Trudi and family.
IH: Actually, my Dad wasn’t all that ‘opposite’. I have pictures he painted and they’re really good. It was just the times he lived in – two World Wars – the depression – not a great time to have a fun life.


Andreas Waespi: Thank you for your answer of the cover painting from Alan Bull for the 20 minutes painting. I still like to have the originial signed by you. If it’s Ok for you I will pay 1’000 Pounds before delivery. Let me know about the account details. Here is my address: Andreas Waespi, Im Kirsgarten 21, 4106 Therwil, Switzerland.

The painting means a lot to me and I hope you will agree. All the best, Andy
IH: Not my purview. 


Stonefly: Congrats Ian- such a positive response from your fans- no surprise. Defiance 2 sounds like it will shape up to be another rewarding round for those of us that eagerly await. One message on, “The Horse’s Mouth” from the gentleman who had recorded acoustic versions of your tunes reminded me of an amazing soundtrack from , “The Life Aquatic”. I didn’t care for the movie all that much. However, a Brazilian artist, Seu Jorge, reworked numerous David Bowie songs, as well as a Stooges and Devo song on acoustic guitar- all instrumental, no accompaniment. Brilliant- I often play it out camping when settling in next to the fire. Have you watched the movie and/or heard the soundtrack?
Take Care
IH: Nope, not so far.


James Rawnsley: Hi Ian, you probably won’t remember meeting me in Cardiff on the Acoustic tour when you were supported by Amy Speace. Phally took me back stage to say hello whilst all your fans were trying to persuade your brother to take them back stage. They all went quiet when Verden came over and said to me “I thought you wanted to meet Ian”. Anyway, since then I met Tracie in Monmouth before the show and thanks to a relative of Buffin I have a poster signed by you all from the London shows. I got to see you again last time you were in Cardiff (2016 I think) I was fortunate to get to the front. The lead singer of Sittin’ Pretty seemed to like me as he kept talking to me in between songs. I was lucky to get some great photos of you and the band in Cardiff. Shots I’m proud of including one of two of you on stage! Anyway, ramble over, will we be seeing you over here again? I made the mistake of leaving my camera with my (ex) father in law and (ex) brother in law. I’d love to have just one opportunity to correct that oversight and get a photo with you! I’m sure you get asked all the time so I won’t hold my breath but I can live in hope.

PS did you think when you wrote Rant all those years ago that it would still be 100% current in 2023?
IH: Yeah, ‘Rant’ was in 2001 – my first with Andy York – and here we are again!


Craig Nevitt: Having seen you live throughout much of my life I am so grateful for the early introductions to Queen and Jesse Malin, are there any other wonderful acts like these that I may have missed and can pick up on now ? Any more names that have supported you on tour that

When you’re down, remember that
It’s all water off a duck’s back
And laugh because it’s only life
At what point in your life did you get to this stage Ian and do you maintain this philosophy well ?

IH: Always had quality support acts whenever possible; gives the fan a better night out. Sometimes the ball wasn’t in our court, but we always wanted it to be a good show – top to bottom. As for the second part of your question, you can’t do much about it, so why worry. Lot o money made outa that!


Mike Hummel: God bless you for taking care of yourself and sharing your musical gift-since the 70’s! Defiance, take a bow. Becks guitar on ‘no hard feelings’ brings a guy to tears but Your voice, lyrics – your music- reveals so much of you and hints at why your fans , at least me, are so loyal thru the years. Conflict with a military “pops”.

st francis had same issue. Music comes from the conflict. Please come to Minneapolis.
IH: Cheers, Mike


Glen MacLeod: I had a moment this morning.
Honestly, I thought I preordered a cd never caring but in my enthusiasm got a vinyl. I have a record player in my garage where I hobby and build birdhouses so no big deal. I lifted up the lid and a Beatles white, white vinyl album was there, and I pealed it off and replaced it with Defiance. As I was about to drop the needle I paused and thought how many great and lucky things had to happen to bring us to this moment in 2023. I just laughed and smiled and dropped the needle. I could say more but that’s perfect paragraph. Regards to the Ranters
IH: How lovely!


Glen: Hello Ian,
Guernica is simply an astounding achievement. I honestly can’t think of any songs that are so multi-layered, playing with time and history in such a bang-on first person narrative style. Whew, what a mouthful! Seriously, as a life-long fan, I think this may be one of your greatest pieces. I hope you are suitably proud of it. Your writing is always of the very highest order but this one is a next-level banger as they say! Congratulations on the whole new album and the obviously amazing experience of making it with such a stellar cast.
Thank you for continuing to still kill ’em all!
IH: Cheers, Glen


Mike Bruce: I recently bought a John Lennon anthology that approaches his work thematically rather than chronologically under the headings Working Class Hero, Woman, Borrowed Time and Roots. If you were to do something similar, what headings would you choose?
Also, the new album is great!

IH: Too complicated.


John Channing: Been playing DEFIANCE Part 1 continuously for a week or so since release day, brilliant songs played and sang perfectly, the extraordinary guests play perfectly on he tunes allowing the material to shine and not trying to overshadow the songs, congrats to all involved and a special thanks to you for the quality of your writing, some of your best ever in my opinion and now a couple of questions !!

Guernica (my favourite track) – what inspired you to write about the Picasso painting, did you see it or did you read about it’s creation process and the story of the Basque bombings ?

Has your tinnitus affected how your singing in any way ?

Congratulations on the album, it’s special and keep doing what you are doing because after all that’s what you are here for !!

Thanks John

IH: (i) I saw it in Madrid; looked at it for 45 minutes. (ii) I don’t think tinnitus has affected the singing – you slowly go lower with age. I like the vocals on ‘Defiance’ because they’re ‘in’ the tracks – rather than on top of them.


Edvard Halgunset Hi Ian
Life is great – my favorite artists Bob Dylan and Ian Hunter write songs like False Prophet and Bed Of Roses! If you were on stage with Dylan to perform two songs together – one of his, one of yours – which two songs would you like it to be?
IH:  ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ and ‘I Wish I was Your Mother’. I don’t know – these two came to mind.


Royboy: Wouldn’t be great if we ran out of hate???

IH: Exactly. ‘Cos hate’s outa date…..’


Alan in Portlandia: I noticed that the Mott The Hoople equipment was very well marked for ownership throughout the entire 1969-74 & I use this example for myself and my friend dj “e” who is making Her way through the dj world with the responsibility for expensive equipment that isn’t easily or quickly replaced. The same time period has pictures of LED Zeppelin equipment marked well too. The stories of Sex Pistols using nicked equipment makes me think that maybe equipment theft has always been a problem then and now with $2000 Les Pauls worth $50000. I think though that theft was worst then as it wasn’t easily traced and alot of musicians now of days travel with inexpensive guitars. What is your 50+ years in the business take

IH: Yeah, it’s a shame all those amazing instruments are sitting in storage or hangin’ on walls. There are people out there who like stealing stuff – for a variety of reasons. Look at all the merch rip offs. Get a life, for Pete’s sake.


Michael B.: Listening to Defiance Part 1 has been a great pleasure, looking forward to Part 2. My favorite cut is “This is What I’m Here For.” I was surprised when that song on my CD ended after 31⁄2 minutes and a full alternate version of “I Hate Hate” fired up in the same track. I suppose it must have been intentional (a hidden track?), but I never saw any comments about it.

Great stuff all around, Ian, thanks as always for sharing your epic talents with us. “Might as well enjoy it!”
IH: Indeed!


Bobby Joyce: Hi Ian, As it’s 30 years since Mick passed we are bringing Turn And Face The Strange back for 2 nights at Hull New Theatre 8/9 December. Maggi, David, Suzi, plus two of his children – Nick and Joakim – have now seen it. Hopefully we can get Lisa to these shows and would be thrilled if you can come? I’ll be honest I’d be shitting myself singing Michael Picasso in front of you but you really should see it if you can. Fingers, toes, and anything else crossable is crossed

IH: It’s geography. If I’m anywhere near, I’ll pop by.


Garry Whittaker: Ian, I was 13 when Dudes came out and been with you ever since, got everything. Latest album is outstanding, great riff on Hate, Angel I also like a lot.
Your guests don’t get in the way if that makes sense, and they must have great respect for you to do it. You can tell its Jeff Beck a mile away!
Great album, great songs, great playing.
Love from Garry (and Deborah) x
IH: If the world was composed of musicians, it might be a better place to live. There would still be a few A-holes, but – on the whole – less!


Graham: Hi Ian, do you remember back on 4th June ‘77 , Doncaster Gaumont UK with the Vibrators ? you lost your S ring during the encore ? It flew off your finger and off the stage ! I was the lad (lad back then) who found it . No doubt the security lad I gave it to took the plaudits for finding it ! . If I hadn’t got it back to you that night , I was going to get it to you at the next gig ! Which unfortunately would have been 40 yrs later at Holmfirth Picturedrome UK , you were playing the piano and my partner and I were nearly next to you , and I thought back to that incident and thought , wow , just slipping the ring into your hand after all those years would have been tear jerking. Anyway I got it back to you on the same night , credit to security , he did say Ian will be really chuffed ! Thanks for everything you’ve ever done , and Rock on . Oh and the reason it would have been 40 yrs is I couldn’t get near enough at the other gigs we saw you at !!!! Regards , Graham or Hank Muldoon (google The Muldoon Brothers , you might like the music we did in the ‘90s too )

IH: That’s what I’ve always liked about you lot. If a ring slipped off – I always got it back. I even tried to give a guitar away – and got it back. So, I gave it away again. And, of course, you help with the words (when I forget them) – always indispensable!!


Fiona McKeown (Fiona from Glasgow): Hello Ian, I am not sure if you will remember me. Fiona from Glasgow? My goodness this takes me back to times of extreme excitement knowing you were coming to my town to play and the possibility of meeting you at the end of the night. You never being around in the afternoon due to being away getting chips from you favourite fish and chips shop. The buzz of you and Mick Ralph’s banter on stage, the beauty of hearing Michael Picasso straight from your heart and the inspiration of watching you rock! My and every single member of the audience’s love and admiration for you growing each and every time you played. Just sensational. Thank you. Well you just don’t stop! I received the new album, put it on and it was like an huge hug from an old friend who had come to visit. You are one mind blowing 🤣🤣 man, hey you know that already! The pleasure and pride I have for being included in the I Hate Hate video is enjoyed each day!!! A dream come true!! What a song! Thank you so much. We stayed up one night to 4am watching all your utube videos and I went to bed with a full heart and smile from one ear to the next. I just want to send my love to you and Trudi and thank you for these sensational memories. I do adore you for you and your amazing music. Much love Fiona x P.s Looking forward to part two!!!

IH: How lovely!! Thank you!


Gary Sawruk: Like a fine wine you come up with another brillent album. Your a great song writer and your lyrics resonate on everyday life. LOMG LIVE IAN!!!!
IH: The ‘old fine wine’ bit. Cheers, mate.


Ian: Ian, are you ever coming back to play in Shrewsbury? I know it’s been a few years, but I’d love to see you play an ‘intimate’ gig on the car park of the old Priory Boys Car park purely as an ex-Priorian who got disillusioned with school .It would truly be a total act of Defiance and redemption!!

IH:  Not a bad idea!

Betty L: What are your 2 favorite guitars ?

IH: A ’66 Strat that I rarely play and Joe Elliott’s Maltese Cross – which plays amazingly – so much better than the original – and, for that matter, a Les Paul Junior (I have a few of them).


Paul Dorman: Love Defiance Part 1. Clever move with the “hidden” alt. version of I Hate Hate added on to track 10 on the cd. Very “Stones” like mix IMHO. Does Defiance Part 2 follow the same format of special guests? If so, who can we expect to take part? Cheers! Keep up the fine work.

IH: Same format – details later.


Wade: Hello Ian,
I’m going to be brief. Thanks for the new tunes, I think they are all great, Defiance stands out to me and Guernica is sublime.!
Thanks for including both versions of I Hate Hate. I like them both so much. That simple Piano Riff is so good, and then you hear it played on guitars and it’s also so good. Glad to have them both!
Question #1: Sometime in the future do you think your “Demo ” tracks that you sent to your collaborators will ever be released? I would love to her them.
Question #2: Do you consider Defiance to be one album or two?
Question #3: Will you ever put out audio of you reading your Poem for Guy Stevens? I haven’t asked in a while so I thought I’d throw that in.
Thanks for doing what you do! All the best to the family, actual and musical.
IH: (i) An obvious possibility. (ii) They were written all at the same time – I was on a streak during covid. Dead as a doornail now! (iii) I’d probably do it if somebody in that business asked me.


Scott: So how is it that you keep getting better? Your voice sounds amazing and the lyrics keep me thinking which at my age is important!! I was just wondering where the Arthurian lyrics came

from. Do you read Arthurian literature or did you just know parts of the story? The Lady Shallot portion is impressive!! Great album….keep them coming!!!
IH: Dunno – I was jamming one day – had the melody -and it just came out. Strange isn’t it?


Laurent Moitrot: Hi ian. The French guy again. Been listening to “Defiance part 1” twice a day since I received my copy. As I was listening to “No Hard Feelings” for the second time in a row it suddenly occurred to me that Beck’s guitar solo reminded me of Ronno’s stellar solo on “Death And Glory Boys”. I reckon our Ronno, being the Beck fan he was, would’ve been happy to see (hear) Jeff Beck “walking in his footsteps”. Would you think so too?

IH: Jeff was Mick’s idol. He also like Roy Buchanan and Hank Marvin, but Jeff was the man.


Keith Hollinshed: Another one loving pt1 and awaiting pt2. Will we see more Ranters on pt2? I am missing Mark and Steve.
Could Andy get John M in for a duet?
Finally, and cheekily, I’m watching a bit of the coronation. Did you watch the last one?

All the best.

IH: Mark and Steve will be on Part 2, as will others if there’s something that suits. I watched the last coronation but gave this one a miss.


Eddy Pearce: A’noon Guvnor,
We were recently in Montreux, visited all the music related places(Zappa/Queen /Deep Purple etc), just wondered if you ever graced the boards or Mountain Studios there?
Stay safe,
IH: Nah…


Wayne Laverack: Great to hear Mott’s intro music used at King Charles III coronation! Loving Defiance Pt 1 and hope to see you in the UK sometime soon.
IH: Thieving’ baskets!


Kevin McKeon: I gotta say, Ian, I love it when you rock out. ‘Pavlov’s Dog’ has quickly become one of my all-time loud volume favorites, along with ‘Women’s Intuition,’ the Mott and Ronson version of ‘Lounge Lizard,’ and (you’re going to hate this) ‘Golden Opportunity.’ Not that I’m a complete cretin, as I also relish your softer songs like ‘Dead Man Walking,’ ‘Michael Picasso,’ ‘3,000 Miles from Here.’ Not sure quite how to categorize ‘All American Alien Boy’ but I could listen to the album version of that on repeat for just about ever. My only complaint about the new record is that there are too many eagworms on it! I can’t get ‘I Hate Hate’ out of my head! I have to sleep at night, you know? And while I’m here, when people ask me why I’m a fan of your work I answer them back “because of the audacity.” It was clear to me when I first heard ‘…Memphis’ back in ’74. Who would pound on a chord like that for that long to launch a record? Then the song kicked in and I’ve been listening, mouth agape, ever since: ‘Violence,’ ‘Marionette,’ ‘ You Nearly Did Me In,’ ‘Standin’ in my Light,’ ‘Wash Us Away’ (maybe my all-time favorite), and now we have ‘This is What I’m Here For’ wherein you’re not listening to the prophets of doom because the volume knob needs turning up. Well, I’ll keep turning it up too. Thanks for it all, Ian. IH: You’re welcome, Kevin!


Larry Woodside: Just wanted to drop by and say hello to you and Trudi. I hope your health is improving. Q Any shows planned for the L.A. area? Hope to see you soon.
IH: Hi Larry, nothing yet.


JJS: What brand of hats do you wear? What brand of shades?
IH: Any hat that fits!  Cazal sunglasses.


Paul: I’m currently reading Leon Russell’s bio written by Bill Janovitz. I know that you are a fan of both Leon and Jerry Lee Lewis, however I wonder if you are aware that Jerry Lee apparently made racist comments about Leon’s then wife Mary McCready.
IH: It was the sheer wildness of Jerry Lee that got to me. Leon Russell was in a class of his own – my all time favourite pianist. Just listen to ‘In the Ghetto’ on Bonnie ‘n’ Delaney’s first album – or Dylan’s ‘Watchin’ the River Flow’. As for Jerry making racist comments – he was crazy. I wasn’t there – I don’t know .


WInk Hi Ian….hoping all is well. How did you meet and end up with Steve Holley in your band? Cheers
IH: I can’t remember how we first met, but Steve was pivotal in getting me out of the house when I’d basically called it a day. He was in the band with Ronno and me way back. Then, I kind of retired for a while, but he took me to a gig one night in NY where I met Andy York. Next stop ‘Rant’. Originally Steve left the band with Ronson because of Joe Cocker’s offer. Then we played for a bunch of years after Joe passed. It’s been a journey.


Claire: I have always wondered what was on your mind when you wrote, in The Ballad of Mott The Hoople, “Still I feel, somehow, we let you down. We went off somewhere on the way and now I see we have to pay.” Did you really feel like you let the fans down in some way? I’ve been a fan since the early 70s, and you’ve always produced the best music and outstanding lyrics (you have a poet’s soul), so I can’t imagine why you would have felt that you let any of us down. IH: Probably written for the original fans of the band before we had hits.


Pete Stavrakoglou: I can’t stop playing “Defiance Pt 1”. It really is a brilliant album. “Bed of Roses” is addicting. But “Guernica” is the real masterpiece just like the painting. I know that calling something a masterpiece is thrown around a lot but it really does apply. The emotion is in the song like in the painting. I didn’t know anything about the painting other than it’s a Picasso. But you gave me a real history lesson as I read into the history of the painting as a result. It’s just like with “Bow Street Runners”. I never heard of them before and then read up on them after hearing your song and learned a whole lot. Who said rock n’ roll isn’t educational?

IH: It’s fun to go off the beaten track occasionally.


Philip Tremayne: Being a MTHfan from Day 1, and subsequently a huge Ian Hunter fan to this day, there’s a question I’ve always wanted to ask. All The Young Dudes was effectively the last hurrah for the original MTH, a band I loved so much. In hindsight was taking on the Bowie number ever regretted? Although good, and did put the band on the map, it was certainly no better than the catalogue of superb snumbers written by you Ian ever since. What do you think over 50 years down the line?

IH: I really don’t think we’d have survived if it hadn’t been for ‘Dudes’. We had to up the level, and here was the vehicle. Just my opinion.


Mark Hilton: Just wondering why the UK CD only has 10 tracks and does not include the alternative version of I Hate Hate?
IH: No idea – the first I’ve heard of it.Is it on the Virgin label? It’s a great track.


Doug Mathews: Ian, do recall ever playing a show in Alabama either with Mott the Hoople or later without? I ask because I grew up there in the 70s & 80s and don’t have any recollection of you playing there. If you did play in Alabama, do you have any recollections of where and when? LUV your new record & have enjoyed seeing you play several times over the past 15 years in DC and NYC. All the way from Mobile — Doug

IH: Sorry, I don’t think we ever did.


Craig: If you do decide to tour, I’d like to throw my card into the hat for one stop to be the Twin Cities.
IH: We’ll try.


Mark F: Kudos on D1, looking forward to Part 2. Settle a bet, when you toured to support Shrunken Heads was When The World Was Round part of the setlist ?
IH:  Can’t remember.


Gary Battista: Love the new album, but the cd mastering & sound quality are atrocious. Why is it so loud and compressed sounding? Very disappointed.
IH: Andy and James had it remastered twice and we were then happy with it. What happened after that is anyones guess. You seem to be relatively alone in your estimation. This iis no longer my area of expertise (ears); I just write ‘em.


Peter Jordan: I just wanted to say thank you for Defiance part 1.
I think Guernica is one of the best things that you have ever written and that’s saying something! So proud that you keep sticking at it and love the way the last track is always on an upswing! We debated ‘Still the same’ 20 years ago and ever since the last track has always been an ‘up’ track.
Delusional I know but I always give myself credit for this!!
Thanks again!
IH: Cheers, Peter


Dru: I picked up a used vinyl Atlantic distributed copy of the first Mott record recently and I love how huge it sounds as everything is up in the mix. Was that because of the way Andy Johns recorded it?
IH: No idea – but could be. Andy (and Glyn) were great producer/engineers back then.


B.Ware: Hello Ian,
I am looking for a songbook or at least a lyric sheet for the new album. Any plans?
If not just email me the lyrics…haha
Your fan forever,
IH: I’m sure they’ll appear somewhere, sometime. We just didn’t have room for them with all the additional credits.


Greg Becker: I remember hearing back when that The Stones were considering Mick Ronson as a replacement for Mick Taylor when he left. Is there any truth to that? If that had happened I think both your career and his would have really been different!

IH: Dunno – there were a lot of names passed around at the time. Ron Wood was (and is) a great fit.


Jonathan Pearman: A bit odd maybe but I came to your music by reading “Diary of A Rock n Roll Star” in ’76. The cover of you in shades and curls looked awesome.The book was, and remains a great read. After reading I then started listening and buying all your albums and haven’t stopped. Nevertheless I missed out on your “Stranded in Reality” box set due to illness and operations. So my question is, will there be a reissue of this box set, perhaps in a smaller format or is this it?

Anyway, thanks for all the great music you’ve produced and concerts I’ve seen you at (in Sweden). Take care / Jonathan
IH: That’s down to Proper Records. They never went the Amazon route, so check out their website.


Alan Graham: Hi Ian, Just as a heads up I thought you should know that the BBC showed a new drama last night. Called
‘Steeltown Murders’ it is one of those dramas
riddled with flashbacks. At one point they flash

back to 1973 as two girls are getting ready to go out on the town and the music used is “Roll Away the Stone” I hope you get royalties!
Cheers mate.


Eisha: Hello, Hope you are doing well Ian. This is a bit of an odd thing to ask but I noticed your album YUI Orta isn’t available on Spotify and iTunes sadly I think it’s really odd considering its a great album!! Just think its a crime that album isn’t available to stream on Spotify unfortunately PLEASE, justice for YUI Orta to be put on there!! It’s literally amazing!! Have a good day Rock on

IH: Didn’t know, we’ll check it out.


Steve Hussey: Any plans for an east coast American tour this year?

IH: Not so far.


Tim Livingston: I bought Defiance digitally as soon as it came out, but just got my I vinyl copy today from my local record store. Trying to show him some support. Love the album also just replaced my copy of rock ‘n’ roll sweepstakes volume 2 that was lost in the hurricane Ian before I coul finish reading it, you can thank Campbell divine for answering. so many of the questions I would’ve otherwise wasted your time asking you here. However of course I do have one.. Mick Ronson as an arranger legendary. Have heard the stories of his work with Lou , Mellencamp and I’m sure He was much more instrumental in arranging the Bowie albums then perhaps given credit for. My question to you can you give one example of one of your songs that his arrangement made all the difference?

IH: I forgot the groove for ‘Just Another Night’ and he reminded me. With me, it was different than with Bowie. Don’t get me wrong – he co-produced with me and took care of the smallest of details – besides enriching anything he ever played on. However, he didn’t really change what I was writing at all. My stuff came ready to go. With David, I think they created the overall thing between the two of them, and it was the ‘beginning’ for both of them. Having said that, I’ve no doubt David wrote the songs. I just think Mick had a lot to do with the ‘converting’ of them. Opinions, opinions! Did a nice string arrangement on the ‘Dudes’ album.


Pontiac Jack: G’day Ian,I was pleasantly surprised to hear Whizz Kid used in the closing credits of the Prime/Amazon spy series “Citadel” (S1/Ep.2).
Great to know that shows producers recognise quality. Are you or the publishers contacted when this happens? Cheers mate,PJ

IH: I hope so!


Joanne: Can you tell me about “Leave Me Alone”? I remember, do you?
IH: Too far back.


Greg: Hello Ian..geez its been 20 yrs since i saw u live..tangiers in akron ohio i believe..what a wonderful show.!!! Any chance of doing a tour ? Id go to the ends of the earth .. Gregg ..north ridgeville ohio…
IH: Not at the moment.


Bob: Loving Defiance Part 1, especially when driving with the windows down and the volume up! When can we expect Part 2?
Bob Swansea

IH: Late this year or early next.


Scott Smith: Got to see you and mick Ronson in Birmingham, Alabama late 70s or very early 80s. Lifetime fan since then! Thanks
IH: Hey Doug Mathews! Apparently, we did – thanks Scott.



Matt Parish: Hey Ian…have you ever thought about or actually did re-record an earlier MTH song that you thought was not done/mixed right the first time around? Or is it a case of “just let the bones lie” scenario?

Forgot to add…freakin’ loving the new record. …Def1
Everytime I hear your voice I’m 17 again…but now that I’m 64 your thoughts and passion resonate so much more.
MOTT is EASILY in my top 10 all time FAVS…
IH: Once they’re done – they’re done.


Robin Bell: Hi Ian, could you please wish me a happy birthday on the 3rd of June, and have a good one yourself, loving the Defiance Part 1, cheers, Robin..
IH: Happy Birthday Robin – you – and me. All the best.


Dave Hancox: Man, I love Defiance part 1. It is great. As much as the rockers are great, it is a couple of the ballads that really stick out for me. Guernica (you are the only person in the world who could write that), Angel (ditto), and No Hard Feelings are the best. With respect to No Hard Feelings – there was a chat about this song. The concept of forgiveness came up in the discussion. Someone said that there are just some things/people that can’t be forgiven – particularly in the father/son context. I dunno – carrying the sins of somebody else can be a heavy burden. When we forgive someone we cut the chains that bind us to them. When we forgive someone we free a prisoner and we often find that the prisoner is ourselves. Anyway, what do you think – is it possible to forgive others and does the title suggest that you have forgiven your father.

From a song about parents perspective, is Shallow Crystals based on anyone, or is it just made up (man, I hope it is the latter.)
Thanks so much for continuing to defy (and thanks for another penny-dreadful reference. Again, only you.)

Blessings Dave
IH: Never thought of it in terms of forgiveness. He was a good Dad – we just didn’t get on (mainly because I was being an idiot). He messed with my confidence, but it was unintentional and well meant. We were just different. He was on shift work with the police most of the time and that messes with your sleep patterns. Plus being a cop – he saw the ass end of everything.


Tina Earl: Gawd, I hope I don’t give offense ‘cos none’s intended… but I had a brain fart and I’m just wondering… was the Guess Who the Mott of Canada? Ever meet ’em?
IH: Don’t think so.


And that – is that.

So happy you like what’s going on.

Thanks to Andy and ‘The team’ and Trudles.


IH – The Horse’s Mouth