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Horse’s Mouth

August 2, 2023

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #247, July 2023)

July 2023 Horses Mouth

“Tell your doctor!  See your doctor!  Ask your doctor!  Blah, blah, blah…”

Ever tried making an appointment?

And now to business!!


Al Moore: Loving the new album Ian. 2 questions.

What made you change the intro on Once Bitten from ‘ello to ‘ello ‘ello ‘ello ‘ello at live gigs. Have you ever wondered what the royalties would have been if you had written All the young dudes? Can’t wait for Defiance 2

IH: Four ‘ello’s seem to fit the groove better. Actually, ‘Roll Away the Stone’ far outsold ‘Dudes’.  ‘Dudes’ came out at a ‘weak’ time of the year, and ‘Roll Away” a much ‘heavier’ time of the year.  ‘Dudes’ became a classic though; it kind of represented that particular, emerging generation.


Robert Rawlings: Ian, really enjoying the new album and noticed no Sir Brian May on there, is he too busy lording it up or is he putting a word in for you?

By the way, I also noticed that Diary of a Rock n Roll Star gets a mention in the recent Duran Duran film Hollywood Highs.

IH: Well, let’s see what happens on ‘Defiance part 2. Dom was up a while back and he told me they were doing a movie loosely based on ‘Diary of a Rock Star’. Guess they did!


John McMillan: Ian, I am usually conservative with my views.

But still love my liberal-minded friends. I am like you. To quote. Don’t want to vote for the left wing. Don’t want to vote for the right. I got to have both to make me fly. So what do you think

It’s going to take for everyone to come together.

This madness of fighting and shouting at each other is just well madness. What do you think?

God bless..

IH: If you turn on CNN – Trump is the antichrist.  If you turn on Fox – Biden is the antichrist. If you don’t turn either of them on – you’ll feel much better. People with brains should know better. They do know better, but money gets in the way.  There are nice people and there are nasty people – we definitely need some grown ups in the media.


Mark F:           Ever met Nick Lowe?

IH: Yes.


David: Revisited Alien Boy quite a bit recently – God has to be the greatest “conversational” song I’ve ever heard. Did you feel as if you were actually having the conversation as you wrote it. Incredible song lyrics.

Ps if you do tour please give them a nudge for Northern Ireland

IH: I think that might have been my joint period.



What ho, Ian!! I canna believe I missed your birthday! I was in Montana and Yellowstone National Park, though, so perhaps Happy Belated Birthday will do? And if you haven’t been, I HIGHLY recommend going! We stayed in Gardiner, Montana, just shy of the park’s North Gate. It was SPECTACULAR. Here in Connecticut, we’re just at the foothills of the Berkshires, whereas the mountains in Montana and Wyoming, well, they’re way larger and much more stunning!! ( A grizzled old man in the armory asked where we were from. We said Connecticut, and he smiled and said, so, how do you like the REAL America?!)

Two weeks was not long enough to see everything we wanted to, but we saw a lot – grizzly bears with their cubs, wolves, bison , and elk EVERYWHERE! (And no, I wasn’t one of those tourons (tourist + moron) who tried to pet one of ’em! LOL!)

Anyway, just wanted to wish you Happy Belated Birthday, and I’m hoping all is well with you, Trudi, and the rest of the clan! Did you manage to get a garden planted this year? We have, and now it’s coneflowers and tomatoes everywhere! Plus some peppers and herbs; I’ll be busy canning come the fall. Oh and congrats on the success of Defiance Part 1! I must say, it hasn’t left my CD player, except when it goes in the CD player in the car! It’s all too brilliant and I can’t wait for Part 2, although I know I must!

Wishing you and yours all the best!


IH: Trudi’s got tomatoes growing and we’re loaded. I go out and pick a few every evening. Little ones – taste great.


Andy: For any of your readers who haven’t seen it, the YouTube channel Guitar Historian launched a show called Lost Bands of Yesteryear last year and featured Mott on its first episode. I thought it was well worth the 20 minutes and I was surprised that I learned some things I didn’t already know. Ian, please let us know if the guy got anything wrong.

 IH: Yeah, he gets a couple of things wrong (everybody does), but I like him – he’s good.


Robert S: Congratulations on Defiance Pt. 1. It’s wonderful to have you still putting out fabulous music after all these years. I’ve been a fan since the first MTH record, and I’ve seen you in Mott and solo many times. The Mott The Hoople ’74 show was a joy, start to finish. Thank you so much!

James Mastro is a friend of my brother, Glenn Mercer of the Feelies. A few years ago at the Sellersville Theater, I asked him if he could get your autograph, along with all of the Rant Band. I kew it was asking a lot, too much, but he graciously followed through, and I am so grateful!!!

I wonder, have you ever heard The Feelies?

Wishing you the best in the years to come! Thank you so much. You’ve enriched my life and so many others.

IH: Appreciated! Sure I’ve heard of the ‘Feelies’.


Pat: Happy Belated, Ian. Came across something you may be interested in. On youtube there is an interview with Bill Lee who pitched for the Red Sox in the 70’s. Interesti ng guy. Anyway, he was 67 in interview and had tinnitus since he was 47. His father had it. His mother had it. He talks about how HE deals with it. Thought you may find it helpful. The interview is “Rockburn presents-Bill Lee.” Thanks for all the great music!!

IH: I can deal with it; it’s been nearly four years – just don’t want it to get worse. It’s so varied – person to person – and there’s no definitive cure.


Craig Nevitt:Man , All I need is TV when I got TREX ????

I appreciate that you didn’t write it Ian, however, do you see that as a compliment or otherwise, often wondered …

IH: David wrote it – I sang it.


Tom McGarry: Defiance 1 is brilliant and has had great critical acclaim but how is it selling compared to your other albums?

IH: No idea. I really have no idea.  I guess I’ll find out at some point.


Janey: I’m not sure if it’s accurate or not, but I liked the Ian Hunter quote Bill Janovitz put in his book about Leon Russell “God knows how many keyboard players I pissed off (especially Chris Stainton) begging them to ‘do a Leon'”. Did you ever hang or jam or record with Leon? Please excuse me if it’s well documented already – and you won’t like this – you’re still so beautiful, npi. (MD&E)

IH: I wanted him to produce me so badly. He couldn’t though because he was in some kind of battle with Shelter Records. I think any money he was making wasn’t getting to him. He reccomended somebody else to me, but I wanted HIM!!!


Brit Fan: About this time next year it`s the 50th anniversary of the last ever Buxton Rock Festival (5th & 6th July 1974). You were there, we were there. Apart from the wind , rain, cold and mud, have you got any memories of the event?

IH: Charles Shaar Murray was there. I was in the middle of telling Stan Tippens that there was no way in hell we were going on in that stormy mess when Charles came up to us and said, “That’s what I like about you guys – you go on no matter what!” So we went on and survived. Incidentally, I had a proud moment recently when I saw a photo of Charles holding ‘Defiance- part 1”. He knows his stuff!!


David Torres: “Defiance, Part 1” is excellent! Too many highlights, but my fave is “I Hate Hate.” Thank you for staying alive and sharing your gift! Can’t think of too many vital musicians in your age group (McCartney, Neil Young) at the top of their game. Question: what is one of your songs that doesn’t get the attention you believe it deserves? Looking forward to part 2! Love to you and Trudi (another way you’re an inspiration – staying married!).

IH: All of ‘em!!!


Jeff: Hello Ian Hunter, I was just wondering if you still have the top hats you use to wear in your concerts back in the early 80’s. I saw you in oct at MI State University and you wearing that top hat and that was cool x 1,000. I still have the ticket stub from that show. As you always put on great shows. Ever see iggy pop?

IH: Yeah, I wore a top hat for a while. Roger Taylor came up to me one day and said, “Ian – take that ‘effin stupid hat off!!”  And so I did.


Barnsley Phil: Tour?

IH: Too early to say – finishing up Part 2.


Michael: Love your new album. My first concert was Mott the Hoople in St Louis back in ’73. My question is: I recently bought the CD Finnish sessions by Corky Laing and you reportedly played on a couple of tunes,. What can tell us about your participation these sessions.


IH: Dunno. I’ve done stuff with Corky over the years, but I’m not sure about these sessions.


Erlan: Thoroughly enjoyed the Kyle Meredith interview the other day. I noticed Your comment discovering Rock&Roll listening to Jerry Lee on Radio Luxembourg. My mates an me heard the Dudes on Radio Luxembourg in 1972 and I have been hooked evner since. Amazing to title an album Defiance at 84, really enjoyed number one, can´t wait for number two. Hope to experience another Oslo/Drammen Concert

IH: Radio Luxenbourg was the thing back then. We actually went there to thank them for playing us.


Dave Gaviota:

Have you tried alternatives for your tinnitus? Dr. Berg’s channel has some suggestions. Check it out,


Wishing you all the best Ian. Enjoying especially the live albums all the time, WTTC and MTH Live 74 and 30th anniversary. Wish I would have known about the Roxy show you recorded with Mick WTTC, which a friend did and then told me afterwards!!! Did get to see your last tour with Mick, and recall you mentioning how beautiful the Ventura Theatre was before leaving the stage, what a class act and nice goodbye nobody else ever mentioned that of the 60 other concerts I saw there. One of a few Art Deco places left. Then years later saw you with Rant band in A goura hills.

IH: There’s so many people on computers offering miracle cures for everything. I’ve tried a few – none work. Always go to the end where they absolve themselves of any blame – covering their asses and making a few bob off people with problems.  Thanks anyway!


Vince C: Hi Ian.

I can’t think of a way to properly thank you for all that you’ve given to your audience over the years. Obviously, I don’t know you personally but it feels like you share a lot of yourself through the music and while that should be commonplace, it doesn’t seem that way. Personally, your music has helped me get through some hard times.

I owe you one. Secondly, I got a message on Instagram from ‘Hunter’ at “official_ianhunterdotcom” With so many scammers out there, I’m thinking it wasn’t you.

Was it?

IH: Not me – sorry!


Dru: I know you don’t like lists but I’ve been listening to The Who exclusively for the last 4 hours. Unquestionably a top 5 rock band of all time.

IH: I saw them at the Roundhouse (Elton opened) and they were ON. I was speechless in the car park afterwards.



IH: Guy Stevens – our first manager.


Ed: The artwork on your debut album is interesting. Is there anything you would be open to sharing about what it means?

IH: It’s an MCEscher treatment of my head. Good isn’t it.


Tom McGarry: Were you tempted on Bed of Roses to use “disco bore” as the lyric rather than “disco store”?

IH: Never thought it. Like singing ‘store’ better, but not a bad idea!


Richard, Sussex: British born and bred, a real Union Jack, but an all-American alien boy, resident and citizen (?). Even on Defiance pt 1, there’s references to the two sides of the Atlantic. Do you still think of yourself as a stranger in a strange land or as “naturalised” or a bastard mix of the two?

IH: I actually don’t think about stuff like that. I guess I’m a bit of both.


Richard Mills: I first heard you on ATYD in 72 and worked backwards, then saw Mott with Queen supporting at Hammersmith in 73 and have bought everything (tickets, records – even Stranded In Reality) since. Was listening to Rant Live 2010 and thinking so much of your material works as acoustic/troubadour folk.

You know through HM that fans want to see/hear you play live. Once Pt 2 is done and out, how about an unplugged tour? You would pack out places like Union Chapel in London. If you need bigger numbers, places like Cambridge Folk Festival? If loud applause is an issue, I’m sure the audience would love you enough to wave their hands rather than clap 👏

IH: It’s still in the works, but I think you’re right – get part 2 done first.


Michael Baseman: Hello there, from a fan since ’74. I was always curious how AB got his wild guitar tone. Sometimes sounding like a banjo! Do you know if he is active in social media or how to post a question to him> Thanks.

IH: AB? The only AB I know is Andy Burton – who’s a great keyboardist.


Rick Graves: Hi Ian! Just curious if you’ve been able to make contact with Derek Trucks to get him to play on Defiance Pt. 2? Take care, Rick

IH: He never came up in the network we have – he is amazing though.


Tim Hewtson: Ian, Something has been puzzling me for a very long time – somewhere near fifty years, come to think of it (I’m a bit slow getting around to things sometimes).

You’ve spoken about your dad, and there have been ‘Ships,’ ’23A Swan Hill,’ and now ‘Gonna Make A Man Out of You.’ It seems pretty clear what kind of man he was – dour, authoritarian, committed to the belief that the only way you make it through is by super-conformance. And you obviously have always had another take: society is unfair and bugger them.

You ostensibly have one song about your mum – ‘Shallow Crystals.’ From what you have said about her, she was pretty much a door mat, with some passive aggression thrown in. Yet, in ‘Shallow Crystals,’ the mother character refrains, “Be cool, be cool, be cool.”

That doesn’t sound remotely like her, nor remotely like what any conventional mother would say to her son in the late 1940s, early 1950s.

What gives?

Obviously, “Be cool” is a modus operandi you have very much adopted to great effect, but did it really come from your mother?

‘Defiance Part 1’ is still stupendous on continual listenings, by the way. Thank you.

IH: My Mum was all for keeping things on an even keel. Unfortunately, the keel was never even!


David Morgan: Have you given any thought to doing an album where you outline anecdotes from your life with appropriate songs you have written ie teenage angst Irene Wilde and Read them and Weep early life in Shrewsbury 23A Swan Hill, life in Northampton Rain your love for Trudi From the Knees of my Heart

IH: These subjects were obviously on my mind at the time I wrote them. Now is a different time.


Peter Jordan: There are a number of us that feel that “There’s nothing like a Hunter ballad!”

Is it fair comment to say that these have morphed over the years from ‘Anguished’ to ‘Grateful’ and is that due to Trudi?

IH: Yeah – we fit!!!


Done and dusted!!


And so to dinner!



The Horse’s Mouth