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Horse’s Mouth

May 7, 2024

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #254, April 2024)

And here we are again!


Bob Childs:

Hi Ian – You’ve had the good fortune to work with some great musicians, in particular Mick Ralphs and Mick Ronson. I’m wondering if you considered them to be very different – or somewhat similar – stylistically. I’m just a music fan – not a musician – so I’d love to know your perspective. Thanks (love the new album) Bob C

IH: Both great melodically. Both Micks played what the song needed – neither was a fan of ‘showing off’ – although Ronno knew how to do that too!!



Do you have any memories/thoughts/stories on former labelmate JESS RODEN?

IH: Great singer, but too far back.


Joe D:

I was Listening to some Later Mott LP’s & early Solo LP’s and I realized, a fair amount of your ballads are Very much Like Gospel songs. Were you influenced by Gospel in your writing?

IH: Always loved gospel.


Matthew Nobile:

Following you and the inspiration of your music since ’70, got to see Mott the Hoople – Queen in Hershey or Harrisburg I believe in ’74, caught you with Heart accompanied by Mick R in Wheeling and still you making great music. One of the few of the generation that still REALLY DELIVERS. Those the accompany you is quite an accomplishment and a compliment to you and your music. Was fortunate to find many of the early Mott in the record exchange, Second Time Around when I was attending College at the Univ. of Dayton…and your still rocking I love it. Defiance 1 is another master piece, the guitars were great whether that was by design or simply the talent you attracted. Live On, Enjoy the Journey, I know I have Take Care and God Bless

IH: Cheers, Matthew – I shall endeavor.…..



Listening to Another Side Of Bob Dylan. Bobby is the best.

IH: Oh, yes.


Jem H:

Hi Ian, this is an excellent website. I first got into MTH in 1974 (4A2) when I started ‘gathering’ bands I could identify with, with strong melodies and an interesting approach, along with the already ‘gathered’ Roxy Music and Cockney Rebel. Sweet were/are (my brother and I saw/heard the current band, last December) great too. I bought your more recent CD, Man Overboard, a great album, I thought. My (brief) questions are: 1. Is it safe to assume that you were once a teddy boy, given the period of your formative years, and some of your lyrics? 2. I recall Andy Mackay (Roxy Music) playing with Mott on TOTP’s, in either ’73 or ’74. Was he ever close to becoming a band member (I’m thinking of the Eno ‘fallout’, in 1973)? 3. Was it always going to be music for you, or did you consider anything else, if so, what? Thanks for your attention and all the best.

IH: Teddy Boys were in while I was still at school – used to see them in the billiard hall. That gear cost money – then there was a bit of an Italian craze just after that – we were more into that as money was scarce.  Semi Italian!


Chris Whitfield:

Hi Ian, Mott the Hoople were my favourite band during the early 1970s, and I attended a number of memorable gigs at the Liverpool Stadium. (I vividly recall you playing a brand new song, an epic called ‘The Journey’! ) In my opinion, you are one of the all time great front men, despite being a very different animal to the Jagger archetype. DId you surprise yourself in how you emerged from being the new man with the Silence boys to the band leader who was able to engage and control a crowd at will? Really looking forward to Defiance Part II. ‘Precious’ is a great start. Thanks for all the music and memories, Chris

IH: To be a front man you must take charge of the situation. That was the breakthrough for me. There’s a certain arrogance involved – you must take that chance. I kind of used Jerry Lee Lewis as an intro to ‘center stage’.



Ian, The Midnight Special has a new channel on YouTube. About a month ago they posted Mott The Hoople playing: All the Way from Memphis, Rose and Drivin’ Sister. Awesome video and sound quality. I remember watching this live. Memphis is from October 19, 1973. Check it out. Best, Arthur

IH: Glad you like it.



Rick Goward:

Amazing output. You’re still my rock and roll idol. Hopefully there will be another tour depending on your tinnitus of course. I was wondering if you had a chance to watch the Jerry Lee Lewis documentary titled Trouble in Mind ? It’s directed by Ethan Coen and produced by T Bone Burnett and Mick Jagger amongst others. Anyways, I know The Killer is one of your musical idols and was curious what you thought of it. Hope to see you out on the road soon !!!

IH: Yeah, I saw it!!! He was almost ‘insane’ in the early years!! Crazier than I remembered. What a guy!


Shelby Blackburn:

Hi Ian, Had the insane pleasure of BOWLING with you and Mick in Fort Wayne, Indiana after you played a show at the local Coliseum, you 2 randomly dropped in to bowl!! Do you still like to bowl? Lol

IH: Sorry, Shelby – don’t remember this.


Doug from St. Louis:

Last HM’s had people asking really long questions, so I’ll keep mine short. If you could have dinner with any musician, living or dead, who would it be? How about a non musician?

IH:  Ronno; Mohammed Ali.


Perry Ganter:

Hi Ian, Just wanted to mention some memories. To start with I managed to get a front row center ticket for what turned into Mott the Hoople day in Milwaukee. ( by the way, thanks for coming here so many times ) First time was the Mott the Hoople concert in the 70s. Queen was supposed to open for you but Freddy was sick (hepatitis was the reason given) Kansas took there place. I never was crazy about Kansas, but you guys rocked it. Next time I saw you Ian hunter band at the Uptown Theater with the late Great Mick Ronson . ( I cannot believe he is not in the Rock and Roll hall of Fame) . That night waited out by the exit door and Mick hung out and chatted with us. I stepped foot on your bus and tried to get you to come out, but I think I pissed you off a little. Needless to say that I have been to every concert you have played in my area, and your Rant band is excellent . You guys played a gig at a South Milwaukee high school theatre. It was a small venue. Stands out because the acoustics were amazing, mesmerizing at times. Last thing I will mention is that your Ian Hunter album, I believe it was your first solo album is one of my three favorites of all time. Other two would be , The rise and fall of Ziggy, and the Eagles Desperado. I want to thank you for the memories , You really gave me many smiles and sing alongs in My life. I wish you the best of health, and if you ever come my way again please let me know.

IH: It was Brian who was poorly, not Freddie. Always enjoyed Milwaukee gigs.


Pat Beirne:

Hi ian. I know you love the early rock n’roll records. Did you ever meet any of your heroes?

IH: Nah. I could have, but I was too scared.  I was a regular fan – that was it.


Matthew Lanzarotta:

If invited, would you be healthy enough to play at Glastonbury later this year?

IH: Nah.



Two questions: Do you have any recollection of how Mott ended up playing in the same show with Spirit in the early 70’s? Aerosmith also played!! Second, do you ever get tired of playing Dudes at every show (trust me, I’m glad you do!!)? You are the best, man. Stay well….

IH: Vaguely. Ralpher and Pete were huge Spirit fans.


Janet Kaplan:

Shout out! On The Connors this week Jackie said “if I’d really had a time machine I never would have sold my car to buy those Mott the Hoople tickets”. Although I was mostly comped, it would have been something to think about!

IH: Fame at last!


George Miller:

Did you have any cousins named Patterson in Blantyre just north of Hamilton. I had an Aunt Helen and her Brother John Patterson. Both have passed sadly since I was last there in 2017. Did you ever swim in Hamilton Baths? I was taken there for a swim when I used to spend my Summers in Scotland back in the Mid 60’s. Hoping for a tour. I am in Florida now but Susan and I will travel for a show! Best of Health Ian!

IH: The short answer is – I don’t know. Our lot are spread all over the place. Never swam at the baths. My first memory of Hamilton was being with my Grandma and she caught a bird mid flight!



Greetings Ian- I have been reading along for the past few months enjoying the questions from your fans and your responses. I am writing to find out if you know of this band from the Mongolia-Russian border: Huun-Huur-Tu? These musicians are throat singers and play traditional instruments. Many of their songs are about horses because they are an important part of this tribe’s culture, both in their earthly life and in their spiritual beliefs. One of the musicians has a carved horse head on the headstock of his instrument. Their songs are often not only about horses but the horses’ breath and hoof steps can be heard in these songs as recreated by these musicians. I saw them in a small high school auditorium and was transfixed by their music and their aura. For me, truly life changing. They have collaborated with a few western recording artists and those recordings are often available on various streaming channels. I am providing this link to one of their horse songs titled, “Chyraa-Khoor (Yellow Pacer)” I think I remember you saying that you had horses of your own? I hope that you and others will enjoy these interesting musicians . Best- Stonefly

IH: Thanks for the info. Always loved Norwegian ‘Yoik’.


Ladema Huffman:

You are Mr Cool! I loved your Once Bitten Twice Shy and All You Young Dudes. Your ad-libs make you so likeable. I’m thrilled your career is still going on…huge fan and much respect to you. I hope to someday get to see you live. I hate to bring up the past but I’ve been curious… Did you have anything to do with Ronnos’ Heaven and Hull? The night of the Freddie Mercury concert- what was your thoughts on that whole experience ? Your songs are amazing and congratulations on the FANTASTIC new album!!!

IH: No, Mick did that on his own. He was in the UK and I was in the U.S.  The Freddie Mercury concert was a big one – huge (2 billion watching across the world). We watched the first half from the Queen’s Box! Wasn’t nervous at it – it was thrilling!


Alan in Portlandia:

Ian, at any of the Mott The Hoople reunion shows.was there any known figure, other than Brian May,that showed up and it surprised you as you didn’t know that they were a fan?



Paul Kennett:

Hi Ian, As I send this we are just four days away from THE release, so feeling rather like a late Christmas. Like everybody else, enjoying the two tracks so far released. Just a query on ‘People’ please. What is a CLEO? Very best wishes to you and Trudi as always, Cheers, Paul (Hereford UK)

IH: A ‘Clio’ is an advertising award.



Afternoon guv, myself and the current wife are working our way up the left coast on a road trip and we ended up going to a gig at the Fillmore West. Just before the main act came on they played Michael Picasso, it brought back fond memories and sounded great over the PA. I hope you and Trudie are well and hopefully we’ll cross paths soon, cheers Cuddeford P off of the Boomtown Rats x

IH: Still at the same number? Miss you, mate! Pre-rats – we had fun!



Listening to Rant You write real good songs for people who can’t write them

IH: Cheers, Dru.


Wayne Page:

Hi Ian, A mate of mine lives in Shrewsbury (on The Mount) and does an open mic night in a pub on Castle Street, and when i went i was amazed at how many young players appear to be into blues, 12 bar, 50’s rock n roll, and knowing all the classic walking bass lines, guitar licks etc. Great to hear it alive and kicking in your home town! Were there any gigs you went to in Shrewsbury, and where, that were particularly memorable? Or any gigs you played there that were? Me and my daughter visited Shrews recently (were from Brum) and i took a photo of her outside 23A Swan Hill. I angled the photo to capture the lantern outside the police station, and was surprised how much the shot reminded me of the Ziggy Stardust cover. Quite a coinicidence i thought! All the best Ian, and hope to see you play Brum town hall again one day! Wayne.

IH: It’s weird – my Grandson, Jamie, showed me around. Shrewsbury used to be really drab – It’s cheered up so much! There were no gigs when I live there except an occasional big one at the Music Hall (The Checkmates) or the Granada (Cliff Richard, etc).




Hello Sir (if Brian May has to be called Sir, then you should too, I’m sure he would agree), Do you get anxious about dropping a new album these days or are you past that now? I’m looking forward to the new tunes and wish you and the family (real and musical) the best. Thanks for being there for me all these years! Cheers

IH: Well, this one’s been in the can for a while – I’m always concentrating on what’s next. I’m very happy with this one though. Great that all these amazing people would take the time!!



Ian how old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?  Ian watching a lot about mick. God 46 is so young to have passed I think he would have done such great things.

IH: 32. I can only agree with you about Mick.



Alan From The Tyne:

Ian love the new album especially Fiction forget the rockin roll hall of fame they should be begging you to be on defiance part 3 or any thing you touch

IH: Why?


John Channing:

Got Defiance Part 2 – Fiction at lunch time today (19/3/24) and already listened to it twice !!, an absolutely stunning release, incredible songs by you and the performances by all are amazing, you have never sounded better and the writing is top notch yet again. Love the more political/social themes in part 2, lyrically spot on about the state of things at the moment, a massive well done to you on writing these special songs, you’ve still got it Mr Hunter 🙂 Love the cheeky “Horses Mouth” reference in the lyrics on ‘This Ain’t Rock & Roll ‘ 🙂 You’ve kept the faith with us and we have kept our faith in you, long may it continue 🙂 All the best Ian I look forward to Part 3 ha ha :p

IH: Glad you are enjoying.



Just finished my first listen to the new record. RSD vinyl should be in my hands and turntable next week, CD only on May, 10th, but I couldn’t wait all this time so I’ve bought MP3 version from Amazon Italy. Need to say (really need to say It?) that’s another jewel. Love every single song. You will never cease to amaze your fans. Thank God for Ian Hunter. And Thank God for his lifetime inspiration Trudi, too.

IH: Cheers, Pasquale! (And you are so right about Trudi!)


Craig Nevitt:

Opened my Amazon package today to find Defiance Pt 2, and was delighted to have it , love it. Also inside the order were 10 sachets of assorted flavors of blamange and a rabbit jelly mould. Crossed my mind , wonder if Ian likes blamache ????

IH: Who knows? I’ve never had it!



I am so incredibly delighted to have seen you perform in recent years in CT!! My siblings and I grew up playing your albums. You were so so  ! I only wish I had seen you perform more and know down deep that I really need to go to at least a few more shows! Begging here!  Thank you, love you and wish you all the best! Paula

IH: We’ll see!


Tim Hewston:

Ian, you’ve been taking those Debbie Downer political pills again for the first time since ‘Rant.’ Which makes this a superb follow up to an iconic album, stateside this time. I hope it won’t persuade you to return to the UK full-time. Liz Truss could still make a comeback. I love so many songs on this album. I may need medical assistance. Now a question, and not from 1922: ‘3rd Rail’ appears to be about a woman being thrown on the tracks in a subway station. Do you have a personal connection to this story? Given the background to ‘Twisted Steel,’ I’m guessing you do. And ‘What would I do without you?’ has some passing resemblances to ‘Avalanche,’ so I’m guessing you haven’t forgotten it after all. Is it too early to ask when Part 3 is coming out? Yeah, of course it is, but you have left this member of your audience craving more. I’m just a hapless addict. I might start up Ian Hunter Anonymous with its own 10-step / one whole album program.

IH: I can’t remember ‘Avalanche’ – so you may (or may not) have a point.  ‘The 3rd Rail’ is not about anyone in specific.



Hello Ian, Just one copy of Defiance 2 came to a local store in Prague and I was the lucky one to get it. I love it, it is your another masterpiece! I saw you playing live last time in 2016 and I still hope it was not for the last time! Take care, do not stop making new music, what would I do without you? Ivo

IH: All the way from Bohemia! Spread the word!


Phil Taylor:

Ian- Thankyou for Defiance Part 2; as with all your albums, it’s great. Love everything on it, especially “What would I do without you”. It’s obvious this is personal to you, but it very much touched a nerve with me and really made we well up when I first heard it. That’s a real talent you have for expressing thoughts and feelings that I empathise with, so a huge Thank you!! Take care- best to you and yours! Phil

IH: Thank you!


Gavin Wordsworth:

Hi sir Just got part two cd Thank you again for great music Will you come to uk once more at all I was at Bingly hall that Sunday night What a night that was Probably best gig we done apart from few Bowie gigs You and band were on that night Hope to see you in U.K. stay well

IH: Cheers, Gavin.


Bill C:

Great new album. You were wrong. I like it as much if not more than than D1., on first listen. Cheers to all involved

IH: Glad to be wrong.


Kevin Aasgaard:

Hi Ian I would love to hear a great snippet about Buffin. Something you could share that always makes you smile when you think of him. Thanks! Kevin

IH: Buff loved MTH – probably more than the rest of us!


Jim McConnell:

Hi Ian – new album is amazing.You have talked about a q and a but it wouldn’t be the same without the full Rant Band.Can you not bring them all along too? We miss the lot of you.So many great memories

IH: We’re still together in spirit. It just so happens that sometimes things get in the way.


Donald Mease:

Yesterday the radio told of a promising new treatment for tinnitus involving the application of electric shocks equivalent to a 9v battery to the tongue for an hour a day over twelve weeks. Twelve weeks seems cumbersome, so Gunner suggested we become Tic-Tok sensations by filming me licking the positive terminal of the car’s battery in search of an expedited regimen. We had the hood up and the camera in place, debating whether or not the engine should be running, when the UPS man pulled up to deliver your new record. After hearing the song, ‘Fiction man’, lyrics from the song, ‘Death May Be Your Santa Claus’ off of, ‘Brain Capers’, where you sing, ‘feel neglected feel neglected living in the wrong time …’ came to mind and I wonder if you get the sense, too, that we lived through an upswing of the pendulum of history (who knew it was as good as it gets?) and that the Fiction Man would likely fling the pendulum backward again, leaving it to the next generation to get it moving back in the right direction?


I’m not sure as to the effectiveness of my car battery tinnitus treatment as the smoke roiling from my ear canals may be muffling the ringing sound, but it jarred my memory and I realize I should have cited ‘The Wheel of the Quivering Meat Conception’ as the source of your lyrics. Incidentally, the song, ‘Third Rail’ on your new record has inspired Gunner’s new scheme for an expedited tinnitus treatment. I told him, okay, so long as I work the camera and he does the licking, this time. (Once Bitten Twice Shy). So, how is your own tinnitus coming along, have you tried plugging in your electric guitar and using your tongue for a plectrum? It usually takes three listens for a new record to sink in, but at this juncture I can report that I’m looking forward to the third installment. Best Regards, Smokey Bear Remember, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your fans.

IH: Well, that’s a mouthful!! Regards to you and Gunner!


Marty G:

Hey Ian- I have been listening to your music since 1969–a lifelong fan of Mott The Hoople and yourself. I have seen you many times, and went to the UK for both sets of reunion shows. After all of these years, and so many songs, Defiance Part II did something new for me, that you music has never done before. ….”What Would I Do Without You’ moved me to tears. I played it for my wife of almost 40 years (who does not share, but tolerates my lifelong MTH/ Ian obsession….it was part of the package when she got me in 1983) and she had the same reaction. That song says it all about a long term relationship!! Once I recovered from that, I listened to the rest of the album. You have done it again. Somehow you always manage to put out music better then the last, which I always swear is the best thing you’ve ever done!!! Thank you so much for being such an important part of my life!! Marty G. Upstate Ny

IH: That’s all I need. Thanks, Marty!



Ian, I can’t even begin to express how much I am enjoying Defiance Part 2. It is rare when I fall in love with an album on first listen and there is not one song on there that I would consider “filler”. I cannot even begin to pick a favorite yet. I love the fact that you have mentioned things from your career, such as Mott, Horses Mouth and YuiOrta. I am probably missing a few things as I delve into the lyrics more closely. All in all, it’s hard to compare, but this surpasses Defiance 1 in my opinion. I’m spreading the word on this album to friends and relatives day and night! Been a huge fan since the first Mott the Hoople album and I rate this one right up with there with Schizophrenic, in terms of the joy it’s giving. Any more thoughts about a possible acoustic tour/Q&A sessions that you have mentioned previously? Stay well and thanks again for this superb album – you have made my spring and summer delightful! Hal

IH: Thanks, Hal! An acoustic tour was in the works, but then something came up, so we’ve had to postpone for now. Anyway, if you guys want part 3 – I can’t write when I’m touring.


Mick McKenzie:

I always have high expectations of a new IH album, and as per, this one is right up there with the very best. You seem to be ageing well, like a fine wine, so here’s raising a glass to you while I have another listen. Cheers.

IH: I’ll that this, Mick.


Paul Saunders:

Hi Ian I was chatting with Mick Smith and his new book Ian Hunter Every Album Ever Song – and I have a couple of questions – first, can you tell me what made you become a songwriter? I run a newsletter called the AMP which is seeking to help singer songwriters build their careers by focusing on building their Truefans – I would love to have a chat with you and I have an idea for a way to bring the music to more people – do a show that is a mix between concert and interview with you taking questions from the audience I did such a show with Ian Anderson in Denver some years ago and it was a lot of fun as a way to make it special – the other idea that comes to might is to do a series of exclusive house concerts playing in the living room or backyard of some of your fans homes around the country that could be a fun tour – Love to chat with you Ian and love you to subscribe to my newsletter – Until we talk again… Paul Saunders – New Music Lives Founder

IH: I was good at English Lit at school – wrote a bit of poetry etc. – then got caught up in Rock ‘n’ Roll (as a fan). Took a while, but I ended up doing it for a living.


Tom Greff:

Hi Ian. I’m enjoying Defiance Part 2 Fiction. I read that you’re already working on Part 3. Keep them coming! Any updates on how Morgan Fisher, Luther (The Great Ariel Bender) Grosvenor and Mick Ralph’s are doing? Well I hope. All the best to you and Trudi! “Let ‘em smoke weed!” Tom

IH: Morgan’s fine – T.G.A.B. is fine – Mick’s about the same.


Rich Burkinshaw:

Hope you’re doing well sir. Just wanted to say thanks for all the music down the years. We’re getting married next month and These Feelings is going to be our “first dance” song. Your songs have been an inspiration and joy over the years so we’re thrilled to include one of them on the big day.

IH: I’d completely forgotten this one. Congratulations! Have a great day!


Phil Grant:

Hi Ian. I just wanted to say that I had my 71st birthday on April 6th and just about 2 weeks later like clockwork Defiance part 2 arrived. Wonderful how you planned that. What a great gift. Seriously I’m sure you’ve heard this already but part one was amazing and if anything part 2 is as good or better. The songs are insightful and they Rock. That’s a heck of a combination these days. All the network news shows should be forced to play PEOPLE with lyrics for those that are hard of hearing or just hard of thinking. Anyhow, been a fan since the first album and remain as such. Thank you sir. Love & Mercy.

IH: Thanks, Phil!


Stefan Harary:

Dear Ian…hope you are well and congratulations on your newest album release which is powerful impactful and fantastic .We corresponded several times in the last five years. April 30th 2024 marks the 53 year anniversary of the Mott the Hoople’s concert at my high school in Woodbury Heights Nj. ((1971) My high school friend and I promoted the event. I was 17 years old and now I will be 71 in August. The last thing you said from the stage was .. thank you Woodbury Heights don’t forget us..we will never forget you. ..I’ve been thinking about the strange possibility of you’re having a concert at the same high school which isn’t far from Philadelphia. I know it sounds crazy but I thought I’d mention it. Also my co promoter at the our high school event is Stephen Starr the restauranteur who has many restaurants in New York Philadelphia Miami and DC. I wrote about meeting with you at one his nyc restaurants in the last few years and maybe that’s something we could arrange if you’re available. I finally remembered I saw you first and Mott the Hoople July 4th 1970 at Asbury park nj convention hall . You opened for 10 Years After. Here we are now 53 years after and I hope to see you again someday soon. Best regards .. stefan

IH: Sounds good, but we’ve got stuff going on at the moment. Glad you like the record.


Dan Hartmann:

You never cease to amaze me. Defiance Part 2 is just as strong as Part 1. Incredible songwriting once again and great supporting musicians to play the songs. It’s easy to see where your priorities lie. Meanwhile, your contemporaries have different priorities. How many times is Roger Waters going to tour with The Wall? Townshend said he is only in it for the money. Neither have written a decent song in decades. If there is going to be a Defiance Part 3, remember Robert Fripp (Morgan Fisher has his contact info.) is next in line of former Bowie guitarists after Earl Slick. Fripp did a great job on Heroes. Your new release helped me find a use for algebra. On your All The Good Ones Are Taken LP, we learned That Girl is Rock N Roll. On your latest release, we learned This Ain’t Rock N Roll. So, if That Girl = Rock N Roll, then we can substitute it into your current song and get This Ain’t That Girl. We also know that Marlo Thomas is That Girl, so the new song is also This Ain’t Marlo Thomas. Glad I paid attention in math class!

IH: Townsend said he’s only in it for the money?  He might have said it, but I don’t believe him.


Tim Hewston:

Ian, A couple of horses back, someone asked a question about ‘On Track,’ and you didn’t know what it was. Well, apparently it is a series where people explain “every album, every track” of a particular artist, and a guy called (Prof.) Mike Smith has just written one on you (released April 26, 2024).  I haven’t read it (yet), but it covers every studio-recorded song you have written from ‘Ian Hunter’ to ‘Defiance Part 1.” And the guy is a big fan of yours and seems pretty knowledgeable. I heard about it when he and Michael Butler (the Rock n Roll Geek) discussed every track on ‘Defiance Part 2: Fiction’ for 1.5 hours, both giving you 9.5/10 for the album:  Michael Butler also has a three-hour in-depth podcast on ‘The Greatness of Ian Hunter,’ where he got people to advise him on your greatest songs while he goes, “Wow! This is the greatest song ever. Ian Hunter is a treasure etc.” I think he nominated you for God at some point, and reflecting on it, we could do worse.  There have also been some great 1.5 hour each Mott interviews – you, Verden Allen and Morgan Fisher – on Obviously, you know about yours, which had quite a lot of stories I had never heard before. Anyway, you probably don’t care, but I think a few of your devoted horsey readers might.

IH: OK, thanks for all this, Tim. My memory is not great, but didn’t Campbell Devine do this?


Mike Costanzo:

I understand you once got into Studio 54. Was it easy getting past the velvet rope, whom ddi you go along with, and how long (or short) did you stay? Also, anything memorable aside from the typical decadence? Please elaborate.

IH: We went to ’54 a couple of times (once with Billy and Lisa Cross). It was underwhelming – disco, accountants etc. Many more people outside than there were inside! Good place to ‘pose’ perhaps. Stayed maybe an hour. Celebrity Ville.


Robert Rawlings:

Ian Next year marks 50 years since your first solo album, are there plans to celebrate this milestone? Frightening to think I saw you at Hammersmith on that tour as a 15 year old kid and ever since! Enjoying new release.

IH: God, is it that long? Scares the shit outa me.


Philip Holbrook:

Hi Ian For the last 50 years (on and off), I’ve been wondering what an ‘Automobeat’ is. This was mentioned in the lyrics for Drivin’ Sister and ‘Honaloochie Boogie’ Hope you can put me out of my misery! Love the new album- you never disappoint. Thanks Ian.

IH: Hey Phil – it’s a car/bloke. A.I.


And that, Ladies and Gents – is it – for this month. I’m so happy with the reception for Part II. Andy York had so much to do with this record (and the last) as did James Frazee – our fab engineer (who just won his first Grammy!).



The Horse’s Mouth


p.s.  Spread the word!!!