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Horse’s Mouth

June 10, 2024

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #255, May 2024)


Sorry to be a little late, genuinely ‘ gobsmacked’ with the reaction to  ‘Defiance Part 2’ and all the birthday greetings – so many of them! Thank you all so much – friends, fans and fellow musicians alike!!! Means a lot. 


Jeff S:

Ian! You’ve been expressing my feelings in music for more decades than either of us want to think of, but I never expected to hear one of my bugaboos as a super catchy track on Defiance Pt. 2! Specifically the song “People.” I used to work in advertising and media, but, nowadays, every time I try to tell people that “social media is primarily a marketing platform” somebody yells “Shut up, Boomer!” Well, that’s the times, isn’t it?

IH: Every time I hear ‘ask your doctor…’ I switch immediately. Everytime they up the volume – I switch.  Clowns.




Hey ian hope your doing well do you have a favorite song??

IH: There’s been a few over the years, but I couldn’t pin it down to one.



Pim Kerkwijk:

Hello Ian! I’ve been a fan of you and Mott The Hoople since my early teenage years (I’m 29 now). Defiance Part 1 and 2 are my favourite albums of the 2020s. Thank you so much for all the amazing music throughout the years!


Now, on to my question. You haven’t performed in my country, the Netherlands, in the 21st century. However, you have been here with Mott The Hoople a few times in the seventies, performed here with Mick Ronson in the eighties and did another concert in 1997. What are your memories of the Netherlands? Do you have any particular stories or memories?

IH: Well, it all started for us in the UK with Radio Luxenberg. They were playing rock long before the BBC. The signal varied!



Mike LaFerney:

Any chance the 3 bonus tracks for Record Store day frrm Defiance pert 2 will be availalbe for download or a 3 song cd EP?

I was told due to lack of attention spans, they do things differently now. I think the bonus tracks will come out eventually.



Paul Dunford:

Hi Ian. Trying out ChatGPT I thought I’d ask it to write a song in the style of Ian Hunter. Results are fascinating. Curious what you think of what it has come up with in all of fifteen seconds!

Sure, I’ll create a song in the style of Ian Hunter, capturing his characteristic blend of rock and roll swagger and thoughtful lyricism. Here’s a sample song:


Verse 1:

In the dim glow of the backstreet lights

I’ve been trading my dreams for these restless nights

And the radio’s playing that old song

Takes me back to where I once belonged



Hey there, silver darling, catch the moon

Spin your stories in the neon cocoon

We’re just stars in a runaway scene

Lost somewhere between the might have been


Verse 2:

With a jacket patched and my old jeans tight

I wander the streets into the night

Finding faces in the crowd that look like you

Every laugh and tear that we once knew



Hey there, silver darling, catch the moon

Spin your stories in the neon cocoon

We’re just stars in a runaway scene

Lost somewhere between the might have been



And I remember the promises made

Under the shade of the old arcade

Life spun us on a reckless ride

And I’m still searching for where you hide


Verse 3:

The morning finds me with open eyes

Staring up at the sober skies

But in my heart there’s a burning flame

That sings the chorus of your name



Hey there, silver darling, catch the moon

Spin your stories in the neon cocoon

We’re just stars in a runaway scene

Lost somewhere between the might have been



So I’ll lace my boots and I’ll find my way

Through the songs of then, I’ll make my play

All the young dreams, let them dance, let them roar

Till I find what I’ve been looking for


This song captures a sense of nostalgia, reflection, and the characteristic yearning found in much of Ian Hunter’s music.


All that aside though, love the new album. Been with you ever since the beginning and you’re still irreplaceable. If you want to listen to a great unknown (virtually) band though, give Beaux Gris Gris and the Apocalypse a try. Great live performances and superb vocalist and guitarist.

Cheers Ian. Hope t see you soon in the UK.

IH: Hummmmmm.



Tom McGarry:

Defiance 2 is nothing short of brilliant. Every song is a standout and the lyrics jump out and hit you with the musical hooks impossible to get out of your head. There is a certain rye humour in “People” given that the album was released on the same date as the latest Taylor Swift effort .

The reviews have been unbelievable but some are saying that Lucinda Williams is featured in your first duet. Wasn’t that “Junkman”?

IH: Yeah, ‘Junkman’ with Genya Raven and Ronno.



Charles Sweeney:

Hi Ian,

Hope you and family are well, especially hope the tinnitus is easing with you. Love both of your latest Defiance CD’s. I buy everything you put out. The car doesn’t have a player so I listen on Spotify. You and the Mott are always on autoplay wherever I go. Thanks mate for the soundtrack of my life! The last concert you played a friend of mine Scott M. Of a local band here in my anrea introduced me to you and the Rant band when you played here in Portland, Oregon almost 10 years ago. It was delightful. Would love to see you again. Happy Cinco De Mayo!

High Regards, Charles

IH:  Cheers, Charles



Did you ever have any experiences with Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead? And were you a fan of their music?

IH: An exceedingly posh chap came over to me at an award show and said, ‘Lemmy would like to meet you.’ I’d already had a chat with his band, so I met Lemmy at the bar. The only thing I remember is congratulating him on his book and he growled  “You wrote two!!”  Who was I to argue…


Our wullie:

Wow defiance part 2…amazing

Even better than part 1

You are a genius

IH: Cheers, mate!


Richard Martin:

Hello Ian,

As a longtime fan from the early Mott days I love the diversity in your songs from album to album. I love Defiance part 2 and it gives me the same vibe that I got when I first heard All American Alien Boy. These two albums are probably my two favorites of all time.

My question is when you first heard the new record in its completed form did you get a similar vibe or is every album viewed with a different feeling’

Thanks for your artistry.

IH: You always think they’re great when you do them. Later on, the smoke clears – one way or the other.


Tim Livingston:

Love the new album! Question: do you remember what the first song was that you wrote when you thought to yourself “Hey, I may be on something here”?

IH: Probably, ‘Memphis’.


 Peter Jordan:

Enjoying Defiance part two. We’ve just had local elections in UK and “We know what people want” kept rattling in my head as I listened to the politicians doing their stuff!

Is that your ‘White House’ behind you in the photo that comes with the CD?

Had to smile because you do a lot of piano on the CD and yet you have a guitar with you instead!

I suppose that would have been too much effort ……. but if you’d had a piano placed there it would have been a neat reference to the story about dragging the organ into Island records at the very start of MTH!

Feel a bit like a Hunteraholic having got Defiance part 2 ….. keep shouting for one more!

I guess you gotta have hope?

IH: Dunno – could be! Actually, that photo was an afterthought. It was freezing outside, but it somehow suited the record. Anyway, I was bored with playing the piano.


 Greg Becker:

Good day, Mr. Hunter! Been playing the heck out of the new album and I must say I am very pleased with it! I received it (on vinyl) as a birthday gift from my wife, who told me not to get it as she wanted to present me with it. I was also fortunate enough to get the album on RSD with the extra tunes, and I must say that the extra tunes are not just throwaways! How much input did you have in setting up the RSD version? I was playing the new album out on our patio through Spotify and my wife commented that she can always pick out an “Ian Hunter” song as you have a distinctive song writing style! We started dating in 1976 & I turned her on to your music playing an 8-track version of AAAB in the car, along with the MTH albums I had on 8-track back then! (“8-track machine playing “Half-Moon Bay”?) She had the pleasure of hearing you solo here in Chicago 4 times; I did see Mott here in Chicago in 1974 at the Auditorium Theater (my very first concert) and we were lucky enough to see you & the guys with “Mott ’74” before the ear problem went full blown. I know that due to the hearing issue you have that you are not sure about tours, but did you ever want to go on any television programs to maybe play 1 or 2 songs to promote the album? Thanks for the audible enjoyment that you have supplied over the last 5 decades to us. Your songs, solo & with MTH, have been like an old friend to me in that I know I can always depend on them to put a smile on my face! We will be there again if you decide that you are able to tour. Wishing you more success, great health & further inspiration to make another fine album soon!

IH: Cheers, Greg.  Thanks for hangin’ in.




Hi Ian

Have you seen “Turn and Face the Strange” a show about Mick Ronsons life clips on you tube it’s only been on in Hull at the theatres documents Micks life

Fantastic production worth looking at

IH: There’s a lot going on with Mick – after all these years it’s quite amazing. His star still shines. I see they’re going to do some exhibition across the north – Hull and points east. My best mate, for nigh on 20 years. Still miss him. Helluva talent.


Barry Sokolowski:

With the anniversary of Mick’s passing recently. I watched his last performance. Did Bowie and the guys from Queen know about Mick’s cancer? I read where someone said Bowie begged him to do another song but he wasn’t up to it. That rings a little sketchy to me. Mick certainly looked like he was enjoying playing the two songs he did. What’s not to enjoy doing one last song with his two biggest collaborators in front of the largest crowd ever. Hope your enjoying the release of your latest album.

IH: Everybody knew, but he wanted to do it – so that was it. It was just those three songs. The sequence got changed, but it was always 3.



‘Ello, Mr ‘Unter! I promise I won’t ask you to tour again, you’re really doing well, and I agree it’s more important that you write rather than. tour, you can reach more listeners from recording. And I want to hear all that you have to say! I should thank you for helping me through some real tough times, a bit of respite or just someone who understands. I prefer prose, poems come too easily to me, they can’t be very good. But it is fun playing with words. Everyone’s different, so I should go with what I know, but maybe you know a trick for storing anecdotes, to be put to use -eventually? You must have a standard answer, and I don’t feel driven to write that book, rather just to amuse myself by amusing others. And a mechanism for doing so. Like, I’m practicing economy with words on Facebook, but still prefer to be Queen of the commas! Thanks for making yourself available to us fans.- Mary Margaret ❣️

IH: Lyrics don’t get any easier – I’ve usually got a couple of tunes cemented in my brain and I go there now and again – any time of day – or somebody might say something. Trudi mentioned ‘Pavlov’s Dog’ casually – DING! It fit! Generally speaking, I don’t find lyrics easily. ‘Fiction’ took 3 months!


Laurent Moitrot:

Hello Ian. The French guy here. Long time no see. I was lucky enough to get a copy of the “record store day special” version of “defiance part 2”. Good one monsieur ! Better than “part 1” if you ask me. Some people say there will be a “part 3” is it true ? Will it also be an “all stars party” or back to “the rant band” ? Just in case you feel the need to have a “not a star” guest who plays the guitar with a strong French accent, you can count on me. James Mastro knows where to find me. LOL. I hope he forgives me for writing that. Au revoir.

IH: You never know.


Fergus Cubbage:

Hi Ian. I saw Van Halen open for Black Sabbath in Glasgow back in ‘78 and they sure gave Sabbath a run for their money , was there any support band that you admired to the degree of finding them a challenge to follow up

IH: Not really. I woud only get to the gig during the support bands last few songs. That’s how I knew Queen were so good.


 Alan Shiell:

Hi loving the new albums my Q is…

When’s the deluxe pt 1 & 2 together edition with all the extras coming out?

Santa’s list or later?


IH:  No idea (as of yet).




Going to see Todd the middle of June in Denver. Should I say hello?!!!

IH: Of course – he’s great! Respect!!!



Jim Hingley:

Love your new album I got into your music & Mott The Hoople about 6 years when I heard Joe Elliott’s Down ‘N’ Outz as I’m a massive Def Leppard fan & a Mick Ronson fan (he was the reason I learnt to play the guitar along with Steve Clark & Tony Iommi) I knew about your music but never really listened to it apart from Memphis & Once Bitten Twice Shy I’m glad I did thank you so much.

HI: Spread the word!



Richard Mills:

I’m really enjoying Defiance pt 2, more than pt 1 if that’s possible. I get the sense you’re no fan of marketing 😀

Many happy returns for next month and long may you be the “last man standing”.

I love the new album and it’s getting way more plays than a lot of new albums. Precious is genius. I was listening on headphones last night on the last train home and was playing air keyboards on the table. I love that there’s a love song and Hope is a fabulous closer.

Is the scenario of Third Rail purely imagined? Or is there more you can say about the idea for the song?

IH: I feel buried by it. The weird thing is, I’ve never bought anything on the strength of an ad. It’s always been word of mouth or actually seeing something I need in an actual shop. The ‘doctor and drug’ ads really piss me off – should be banned.



Peter Allen:

Hi Ian!

Just loving Pt2.

You’ve been the soundtrack to my life since hearing ‘Dudes’ and then the songs off the ‘Mott’ album in ‘72/‘73.

Bought all of your albums since then but never saw you live until Sheffield University on the Yui Orta tour in Spring 1990 with Ronny. So pleased I saw you together then.

I would have seen you at Newcastle Mayfair in June ‘77 on the ‘Overnight Angels’ tour but the gig was on a Sunday night and I had an ‘A’- level exam on the Monday morning! Parents were horrified !!

Been to see you countless times since but always dreamed of seeing Mott. Missed the first reunion in ‘09 but when you toured again in ‘13 I got tickets for Newcastle City Hall. I remember waking up that morning thinking that this is the day I get to see Mott The Hoople after 40 years! Also, it was on a Saturday night so it was also a ‘Saturday Gig’!!!

After the concert I got into our taxi and it pulled round to the side of the City Hall. As we were passing the side door I saw you coming out. I asked the taxi driver to stop and I jumped out. I was able to shake your hand and thank you for all the great music you’ve given me.

Subsequently also Mott ‘74 at the Gateshead Sage which was magnificent.

It would be great to see you again so if you can make it back to the North East I’ll be there!

Thanks for 50 years of everything!!!

You’re my hero of all time.

Best wished to you and all of yours,



IH: Thanks, Pete.




Hi Ian: I was listening to Mott recently and, as usual, Andy MacKay’s sax playing on Memphis blew me away-especially when he hits those crazy Junior Walker style high notes. I’m wondering if anyone coached him at all on what to play or did you just let him go for it? Cheers.

IH: Nah.  Andy just came into AIR II and we let him get on with it.



Jem H:

Thank you Ian, for your comment on my question(s) last time. Reading your response made me feel like I did when Stuart Elliott (Cockney Rebel) and I, exchanged emails, during lockdown! Special. It’s kind and generous. Not a question this time, just a comment of my own view/experience. I’ve just read Suzi Ronson’s ‘Me & Mr Jones’, Faber & Faber Ltd. (2024). I read it in under a week because I am interested in her story, which overlaps with some of your own and of course, Mick’s (Ronno). It’s a great read and I felt your own/Trudi’s wisdom through Suzi’s words. If the finest glam rock album triptych was Hunky Dory/ Ziggy Stardust/ Aladdin Sane (Bowie and the Spiders from Mars), I would argue that Mott’s singles triptych of Honaloochie Boogie/ The Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll/ Roll Away the Stone, contend strongly for the finest glam singles (along with three by Sweet, perhaps). Thanks man and continued good health to you both. Tara…

IH: Yeah, I read Suzi’s book in one go – a really good read.



Bill C:

The internet brought me to an interview with Bob Clearmountain. Schitzo is a pretty clean straightforward album but did he have any major impact on final product? (still great and holds up over time) Come to think of it ,Life after Death strikes me as OA hold over but done better.

Again the internet has multiple videos of artist having mishaps during shows. Whats the worse thing to happen to you during a show . (looking for humorous story here). I was there when your lens fell out. I was struck by your concentration and professionalism. I can’t even drink my first cup of coffee with putting my glasses on .

IH: Bob Clearmountain got the best drum sound we’d ever heard in 20 minutes – that’s a good start to one’s day!  The worse thing that happened to me was when I slapped a guy for throwing a bottle at Mick Ralphs (hit his guitar). As I backed up onto the stage the ass of my pants split – from hero to zero in seconds! I crouched like a crab and sidled sideways off the stage. Concentration and professionalism!!



Phil Taylor:

Ian – just a short note to wish you a Very Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one- stay safe and rocking!


IH: Thanks you, sir.



James Rawnsley:

Absolutely loving Defiance Parts 1 & 2. Great to hear so many great musicians playing some great tracks. If you had to pick one album which would you say was your best?


PS you’ve hit the YouTube big time! Robsquad Reactions have finally reacted to Dudes!

IH: Typical!




I’ve listened to a lot of David Sanborn and to my ear he was never better than he is on All American Alien Boy

IH: I was really moved by David Sanborn. In fact, I had a quick cry in the toilet. He charged me single scale when he usually charged triple scale. I asked him why and he said I had complete songs. A lot of the time they would get him po play and his solos would be turned into songs. RIP David Sandborn.



Peter Jordan:

Love the new one!

Been struggling with lyrics of Fiction!

Is it meant to be you creating a fiction or us building one about you?

I’ve settled on the idea is a bit of both?

It set me thinking about a few created personalities.


Cary Grant/ Archie Leech

Henry Morton Stanley/ John Reynolds

Richard Duke of York/ Perkin Warbeck.


Do you think it was easier for them to create a fiction then or has technology/ marketing etc. made it easier to communicate on one’s own terms (creating a fiction) now?

IH: I’m not explaining ‘Fiction’. It’s one for you to figure out – fun!



Gerry Gerber:

Hi Ian – not really a question for the Horse’s Mouth, just trying to catch up – already sent a couple messages thru “contact” on the website ,

anyway, I recorded myself playing guitar along with “I Hate Hate” – just a home recording on my Roland VS-1880, playing along with the CD,

I’d be honored if you’d give it a listen – just tell me where to send it – can e-mail an mp3 (or send a home-made CD thru reg mail).

Not looking for a gig or anything, I’m just a home player nowadays, but hopefully you get a kick out of it…

Lemme know!

Best Regards

& Thanks!


IH: Gerry, perhaps send a mp3 through the Horse’s Mouth?




In 1977 I got about 5 frat brothers to buy you’re never alone with a schizophrenic by playing them Basards , ain’t got a backbone in em is still relevant today, as most of them have officially lost backbones. thanks for the records, got em all first day out. Still kind of living my life by standing in my life, come to Texas, Escovida I bet will show up,

IH: I’ll try!




Hello. You have stated in a couple of interviews a comment to the effect that had you known when you were writing Third Rail that the song was going to be sent to Jeff Beck, you would have left room for him to add a solo. This kind of serves as an ironic example of one of the themes of the song – ie. the finality of death. Along the same line, every time I listen to the song – and in particular the line “they came out of nowhere, and threw her away, like a rag doll” – I get the feeling that a line is missing. This is especially the case at the end of the song. I keep waiting for another line to “finish” the verse. Something like, “nothing more to say”, or “on her last day”. (Or something profound and insightful.) It seems like the verse ends before its time. Was that intentional? That is, the woman’s life ended before its time, and so the verse/song ends before its time. Or, am I just over-thinking it?


IH: To me – the song’s complete. At the time of writing, I didn’t know Jeff or Johnny would be playing on it. It is a little odd – the breaks are a little odd – which is what I like about it. Jeff did it proud (as usual) – I just wish I’d left a break for him to solo. This wasn’t an easy song to find space in – but he did.



Tim Hewtson:

Wishing you a truly Happy Birthday.

And I am truly proud of myself, as should be all the readers of ‘The Horses Mouth.’

I picked you out as the ultimate rock winner in 1969 – the first year I could have picked you out, just after the release of the first Mott the Hoople album. And you weren’t the obvious choice of ultimate rock winner at the time. Indeed, all my friends who had gone for bands like Yes, or The Doors, or TYA, or Jethro Tull variously pitied me or mocked me. But who is laughing now?

I could have gone for Bob Dylan – he has consistently produced good albums throughout his career – but his later albums have been nothing like as good as yours. And, as you may have noticed, you have just released two albums in two years (well, one year, really), and they have both been spectacularly good, as was the one immediately before them, and the ones stretching all the way back 25 years. There were some very fine albums before that too, including the one that nearly did you in.

So all of us who read this blog can congratulate ourselves on having attached ourselves to quite the best songwriter in our lifetimes at such an early stage in the game, and, of course, we all wish you a Very Happy Birthday and the longest possible life.

If only we were as good at picking horses.

IH: What does one say! Lovely! Thanks!



Otto Greenleaf:

Dear Ian: Hello and hope you’re doing fine today. Just finished reading Bill Janovitz’ biography of Leon Russell. Never knew until now you were such a big Leon fan. So cool. Do you have any songs that were directly inspired by Leon besides “Roll Away The Stone”. Thanks and stay well.


Otto, Norwood, Pa.

IH: I honestly didn’t know ‘Roll Away the Stone’. I loved his playing on Delaney and Bonnie’s first album (especially ‘In the Ghetto’) and Bob Dyan’s ‘Watching the River Flow’. The only guy that came near him was Richard Tee.




No real question – just want to let you know how blown away I was with your new release! One powerful record musically and lyrically! Once again, the musicians that you’ve collaborated with are outstanding! The duet with Lucinda Williams is a real tear jerker. Phenomenal stuff, Ian!

IH: Thank you, Victor!


Doug Cameron:

During your Artful Dodger I saw you at the Pavilion in Glasgow. You stated “Come away the Accies!” (my football team) and said you live at Peacock Cross in Hamilton. What school did you attend there?

IH: No. School stared in Wellington, Shropshire when I was 6.



Tom McGarry:

Part 2 gets better and better with each listen but I wanted to compliment you again on still not having any fade outs on it. Just as there is an art to a great intro there must equally be one to crafting the end of tracks and you have nailed it on the album with some great and innovative endings.

IH: The ‘no fade outs’ is Andy’s mantra. I’m easy – but it’s one of his rules!


Debbie Brautman:

What would we do without you?

You don’t have to answer that. Just want you to know how much we all appreciate you. Thanks for all the amazing music and wonderful rockin’ new music!! Hope to see you play live again. Stay well!

IH: Dunno!




On YouTube guy talking about Mott The Hoople held up what he said was the advert you answered to become the lead singer of the group

IH: I saw the ad but Bill Farley at Regent Sound rang me – that’s why I went to the audition.



Jason Jones:

Been a listener since 1976. Thanks so much!!!

Peace, love


IH: Thank you!



Jem H:

P.S. My partner has just downloaded digital recordings of ‘Honaloochie Boogie’ (my favourite Mott single – I love everything about it, some of the chord changes…), ‘ Once Bitten, Twice Shy’ (again the whole song is great – lyrics as always, especially the guitar solo…) and ‘Ripoff’ – for me this song is currently, as relevant as ever; she’s done that, so I can put them on my old Walkman (‘stick’) so I will be listening to you again very frequently…They’re such great melodic rockers, ta Ian.

IH: Spread the word!



Tom Curtis:

Greetings, Ian! I’ve been a major fan since getting the incredible box set and the albums that followed. Your consistency is amazing! It’s gotten hard to even listen to other music anymore. Spoiled!

Anyway, I wanted to address your issues with your tinnitus and problematic logistics of trying to do some kind of tour. Might I suggest simply using a small venue or studio to record one or more “shows” in the controlled environment. The music could be played at a better-moderated volume, even allowing electric instruments to be used at volumes at acoustic levels. One or more concert-length videos (looking like the “When I’m President” video?) could be offered as downloads at a reasonable cost to your fans. You could make money and greatly please your fans, all without the expense, logistics, and stage volume associated with touring. Not to mention, you could reach many more fans than ever could by touring! Something to think about?

IH: (I actually met Tony!) Yeah, it’s being talked about – it’s just a question of health. Sometimes you want to do something, but crap gets in the way.



Mark F:

HB Ian, how did it come about that Johnny Depp did the cover art for D2?

IH: Ross Halfin asked Johnny and he was up for it.  Great stuff!




Regarding “What would I do without you”. As you know, I used the song for a video with my daughter’ civil wedding pics . Some lyrics of this song are about the first time you and Trudi met. Is It the true story? If not, what was the real moment? Still hoping for news of a tour …

IH: Yup, It’s all about Trudles ‘n’ me – she was just out of University!.



Patrick Cairns:

Hey Ian,

Is Ringo a Mott fan?



IH: Dunno – never asked. He must have heard of us or he wouldn’t have rung.



Keith Nickless:

Happy Birthday Rock God, hope you have a wonderful day. I will raise a glass of champagne in your general direction and toast your good health.

I have a question, Defiance part 2 has a real cutting edge to it, there is genuine anger and concern in your lyrics . What needs to happen in the world to make you feel happy and content?

IH: Common sense – from the voters up to the top of government – and less hype/hyperbole.


Derek Warren:

All the best for a great upcoming birthday, Ian!

(I’m moving home to a retirement development in St Annes, Lancashire soon. Call in any time you’re next in the neighbourhood !🏠🙂 👍🏻)

IH: The usual, then!




Hey ian. Happy birthday in advance.

Will you be doing any live shows to support the 2 defiance albums? Nyc awaits your return .

Congratulations on some fantastic work. Love them both.

IH: Not at the moment – stay tuned.



Matt G:

What are your thoughts about the 1960s television show, the Prisoner?

I have visited Portmeirion three times over the years.

Traveling there from London by rail to “The Village” one must change trains in Shrewsbury.

Thanks for all the great songs. You are truly unique, your music the toppermost of the poppermost.

IH: I remember thinking it was great at the time. We’ve visited there too with the family. I do remember Shrewsbury Station.




Hi Ian,

A huge happy birthday from a fellow Gemini – I entered the 70s group last week, lots of mixed feelings!

Loved hearing your story re the writing of Memphis in the latest Guitar magazine.

Really hope you decide to do some acoustic dates at least locally in NY/northeast.

I totally was blown away by the James Mastro/Alejandro Escevedo show at the Boston Winery – they were both superb and the highlight was when the band went into the crowd to do I Wish I was Your Mother.

Hope you have a great birthday and fingers crossed to see you at some point.


IH: Cheers, Hal (and Alejandro and James!)



Per Hellström:

Just finished reading Corky’s “Letters to Sarah”. The Outsider is really magic , could you please tell us some stories from the recording session, and do you still eat chicken breast and salad?

All the best, Per from Sweden

IH: I just watched that video. Corky’s singing the shit out of it. His voice was perfect for that song. Really impressed with his vocal.




Hi Ian,

Massive fan since the early seventies and I have often wondered have did you ever meet Elton John. If so when and where?

IH: Met Elton at  ‘Top of the Pops’ (he liked ‘Roll Away the Stone’) and the Freddie Mercury Memorial gig where he generously roped me into a press photo. Lovely down to earth guy.




Greetings Ian- I was watching some of the concerts that the Alice Cooper Band has put out of their fairly recent efforts. Kind of fun to see Alice back with the boys that shaped my own early musical endeavors. I also watched a pretty decent documentary about the original Alice Cooper Band. In this documentary it showed the rather large house that the boys had bought together to live in. It was in Connecticut. Do you have any idea if any of the original members still own that house in your fair state?

Enjoying the new album. You’ve assembled quite an impressive crew to highlight your rocking opus.

Best- Stonefly

IH: Dunno. I see Dennis and Neil now and again, but they’ve got their own places. I would imagine not.



And that’s about it.  Keep spreading the word to the young uns.

 Again – all the fuss – much appreciated!!!



The Horse’s Mouth